This Weather Sucks

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”

~Arthur Conan Doyle

This will never ever ever be me!!!!!
I wanted to bike so bad today it was all I could think about…but I am starting to think that Mondays are rainforest days. I get all excited and it is so nice during the day, but then I get out of work and boom…it is raining. I stayed a little late at work so I am sort of hitting myself for not getting on the bike but after being out last week I had to catch up on some work and with my friends.

Last year I biked into the Adirondack Park. This year I have some crazy goals. I would love to be able to bike into the Adirondack Park and camp for the night. My other crazy idea is to bike to a different state. Maybe I would go to Vermont. I do not know. This weather is a downer though. After being sick all last week and the rain today, I feel like I am definitely one of those has been runners and bikers. It is depressing.

So this weekend starts my big quest of five weekends in a row of racing. You might wondering how and why I am pulling this off.

Good Question!!!!!

Us teachers get this thing called Spring break!!!!!!!! I go on break this week and I am sort of sad to have missed out on the 5 half marathons in 5 days in 5 states…but maybe another year it will work out. I hope my friends are having fun. So this weekend I am hopefully not going to die in the Mercersburg Half Marathon. Then the weekend of the 26th, I have the duathlon if it isn’t snowing ha ha haha…and then I have the Flower City half marathon the day after. Since I share vacations with my ex husband when it comes to Lilly, I do not have her the following weekend. I will be doing The Binghamton Bridge half marathon. The weekend of May 11, there is a 5k I am going to do for my sister. She went to school with a girl who was murdered so this race is in memory of her. I am glad it is a 5k. The following weekend I will have two half marathons. I am really excited about that weekend. I will get to do the St. Michael’s Half Marathon and that is supposed to be really fast. Then on Sunday I cannot wait for the Marine Corps Half Marathon. I know this will be a little teaser to the Marine Corps Full Marathon. I also put my name into the lottery for the Paris Half Marathon.

I took 14 years of French and I lived in France in college. I would love to run a marathon there and go see London!!!! I hope I get in and maybe to the London Marathon….cannot wait!

Feeling bla….so so sick of this weather.

Confessions of a Strava – Holic

“My first time riding a bike, I rode right into a pool on my pink bike.” -True story

“I do believe in love at first sight..Its when you get this fluttering feeling from deep down inside…Its when all you do is think about that special program and all you do is smile…Love at first sight is really true in this world…you just have to find the perfect gps program.”

After dealing with garmin connect and map my run for ages, Strava is my love at first sight. I do not think I could ask for a better program! Today has been a great day despite all odds at hand.

Here is my strava romance for today:
It was noon and the sun was out. The temperature read 82 degrees and Lilly was at the zoo for a birthday party. The felt called and wanted me to ride into the sun and towards the crazy strong wind. So I hooked up my strava and went for a ride. I never forget to bring my strava. I decided that the Pompey Rod and Gun Club is not the safest road for a biker. So I took to route 92 all the way around to Chittenango, NY. I rode up to the Fall. How beautiful they are.

I wanted to stop and stay for a while, but strava told me, “keep going because you are so slow and you will never be home by night fall.” I passed about thirty bikers. It was a club, no doubt. I wished I were with them, but I would rather be on the quiet hills. They all looked at me crazy with my half top. Yes, I am burned to a crisp.

So I continued along route 13 and past the gorge. I went into the village of Cazenovia. Last year I was nearly hit on my bike so I slowed down and took some detours and strava slowed down.

I kept going and going and realized I was so concerned about strava, I forgot my shot bloks. I hadn’t eaten lunch and I was starving as I went by the restaurants. I am such an idiot, I never put my emergency money in my kit. So many dos and so many don’ts at least my strava was at my side and my iphone. By mile 25 I wanted to jump into Cazenovia Lake, but I saw a sign that said, “Manlius is only 10 miles you lazy fool!”

I pushed and I pedaled with my dumb shimano shoes. I know I need new ones…this week will do just fine. My mile 30, a lady passed me on the bike and I tried to race her. I did not catch her, but I saw my home too. Ahhhhh home. In just 32 miles, I found my home. Then I went inside and said to myself, “there is noooooo chance I am going to go for a run now.”

This was a great ride, but I still have a lot to remember and learn about my bike. I was not smart to forget energy candy. I was not smart to forget vitamin water, but thank goodness I grabbed my second water bottle. It was soooooooooo hot today!

I am not 100% back to life yet, but after being out of work for four days, I am nervous about getting back to work and being too tired. This liver infection and strep took the life out of me!!!!

Here is my race schedule right now (I am hoping to get a coach so I might have to change this a bit):

APril 19- Flannery Pub Run Half Marathon- Mercersburg PA (I do not drink)
April 26- Flower City Duathlon 3.1 run 20 miles bike 3.1 mile run Rochester, NY
April 27- Flower City Challenge Half Marathon- Rochester, NY
May 4- Binghamton, NY Bridge 1/2 Marathon
May 11- Stiletto Stampede 5k Onondaga Lake Park NY
May 17- St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon- St. Michaels Maryland
May 18- Marine Corps Half Marathon- Fredricksburg, VA (I am going to die of heat exhaustion)
May 31- June 1- Patriot’s Challenge 8k and Half Marathon Williamsburg Virginia
June 13- 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon Philadelphia, PA
June 14- New Paltz 1/2 Marathon New Paltz, NY
June 22- Ironman Relay -1/2 Marathon leg Jamesville, NY
June 29?? Catamount 1/2 Marathon Brattleboro, VT
July 13 – Portland Old Shipyard Half Marathon 2:15 Pacer
July 26-27??? Rock the Canyon 1/2 Marathon and Marathon PA Grand Canyon, PA
September 6- Bird in Hand Half Marathon Bird in Hand, PA
October 6- Wineglass Full Marathon- Campbell, NY
October 26- Marine Corps Full Marathon Fredricksburg, VA
February 6-7 Ragnar Relays Sarasota Florida to Key West Florida (sounds warm)


Confession Friday- Lost On The Map

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

Loretta Young


I feel like I have been lost this week. I have been out of work for four days. I took Lilly to Pratt’s Falls yesterday and sat on the bench while she played. I felt bad because I guess I did not realize there is no playground but we had fun.
She thought she was fishing and I did not have the heart to spoil her make believe adventure. I was even astonished when she thought she had caught a fish. It turns out there was a dead fish in the water. I said, “good job! Please do not pick it up!”

I have been thinking a lot about the marathon this week since I have had some health issues. I want to run Boston, but if I never do, at least I cannot say I didn’t try. I cannot say I gave up. I think that a marathon is a battle to find out what guts you really have. I need to tell the marathon to shove it! I also need to train better. I need to do more cross training and have more good miles than crap miles. I am hoping things work out. We will see….


This is my dog Indy…well he was more my brother’s dog but I loved walking with him. I miss running with dogs and I think it actually helped. The dog was happy and I was…except when the dog had to stop 80 times to go to the bathroom or saw that fuzzy rabbit it wanted. I would love to run with a dog but I travel too much to have my own right now….so if anyone wants to loan me a dog I promise to tire it out!!!!!

Confession??? I found out at the doctor’s office that I gained weight…This will not do!!!!! I have been eating so healthy and running so much that I am annoyed instead of dropping weight I gained a 5 pound piece of ham on my ass!!!!!!! Whattttttt the heck. My goal weight is 112 for running purposes, which means I now have to lose 10 pounds instead of 5…I am just agitated. I am not fat by any means but I want to run fast…now wonder I have felt slow. So confession??? Today I was making Lilly’s birthday cake and I decided to sample the frosting…it was amazing. I miss these sort of goodies…I also cheated and had Ben and Jerry’s….I was going to go all vegan and that was the best ice cream ever. I think that once you give up something for a long time, you really appreciate how awesome it tastes. On that note, I need to stop thinking about it and start working out.

Oh, the doctor’s office called and as long as I continue to feel better I can go back to work on Monday, which means mooooorrrrrreeeeeee running and biking!!!!!!!!

It is going to be nice, though I saw some very cold temperatures on Tuesday. I think it is supposed to be 77 Monday and only 39 Tuesday. Hey, I live in Central New York. I think we have no vitamin d in our systems because the sun is only out three days a year.

Other confessions????? Hmmmmm besides the usual BS I always want…can’t think of anything else new but I am proud to say being at home all week I did not go insane and I did not once start talking to myself. I even took the time to use some baby wipes and clean the bike. It felt so nice to touch the bike…I need to actually ride it though.

Goals???? Okay I really want to ride or run with someone. I get bored being alone all the time. I think I paid my dues this week….I will even wear matching or cute outfits ha ha ha…..oh boy I need to get out of this house.
And my quote choice, I have to just be myself and enjoy life and I hope love does find me along the way…

Marathon Madness

“The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.” -unknown

Do you believe things in life happen for a reason?
Things happen that make us stop and question our goals and our dedication?
This has been my week. I see that Spring has finally arrived here in Central New York. I wish I could enjoy it more but I decided to make the most of it.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Lady, what is with those ridiculous glasses?”
Well here is the thing, my eyes are so sensitive right now. I am squinting just typing. I have on no make up and I usually don’t and I look like I am coming home from a night at the bar. I took this picture around ten this morning. I had to take Lilly to daycare.

In fact, she even drove to daycare…just kidding but I thought this was adorable!
She actually had a bit of a meltdown before going to daycare. I had to change her dress and then her pants and then her socks. She totally did not match and I think I may have won “Mother of the Year.” They wondered why I was so late. They probably think I never work at daycare…the truth is, I have had some bad luck. I missed school for the stomach bug and I had to get a tumor checked out earlier in the year. Sure, I have taken some personal days, but I can’t remember the last time I have been home this much.
So when Lilly was mad that I would not let her bring another toy, I had a hard time motivating myself to leave when she was having the “Post Terrible Two Toddler Tantrum” with the yard stick. It felt good when she hit me with it but I think it was worse when I sent her to time out and she cried. This is my last weekend with her before April vacation and I hate seeing her cry. However, I need to make sure I stick to the rules and I am sure daycare was happy to not see the entire collection of Minnie princess toys arrive today during story time…




Alright so you have been patient. What is with the glasses and this lame data? I went from running 41 miles last week and here it is Thursday, and I am only at .4??? I did not even put cycling because that hasn’t happened this week.

I had some great times last week running. I had a great week in general. I went to my races Saturday and had a great time. I love Maine. It is so beautiful. Well, I woke up really sore on Sunday and figured it must be from the running. I felt fine after stretching but my side was a little sore. Well, I can confess I wanted to quit during the race, but I am not a quitter and pain is temporary. I met that girl who was inspirational and we ran for a while. I think that helped like you would not believe. I think I would still be running if I hadn’t met up with her and I still reached my half marathon goal of under two hours. I want to bump it down to 1:50, but I think right now I need to listen to my body. I also need to add in some long runs on my own and work on better training skills.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared right now. I want to qualify for Boston but I am nervous that I might have missed the boat. My times are getting slower and I am inevitably getting older. Maybe my body just can’t handle the speed it takes for Boston :-(….I need to find out.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about being home sick. I went for that nice walk down to the creek. I haven’t been since. I would love to go, but I just do not have the energy. I am debating on trying a walk later, but I hate driving just to daycare. I am rather tired. I bit the bullet and went to the doctor’s office. It is only three tenth of a mile away from my apartment and I drove there. That says a lot about me being tired. I hate driving when I can walk or ride my bike.

So they did a strep test and I have strep throat. They said my pulse was really weak and my hands and feet are really cold and clammy. My side is really sore and my glands and tonsils are swollen. They thought I had mono but the test was negative. However, she hasn’t officially ruled it out yet. She sent me for some chest x rays and I hate waiting. I still do not know the results. I hate when you see the lady to get x rays and she asks you all these questions. She asked if the doctor was concerned about my ribs??? I am now concerned about my ribs because the friggan lady said something about it. Well, my blood work came back and I have a liver infection. I have a high amount of enzymes. I am not sure what all this means but it must be why I am in sloth mode. I have been laying down on the couch or in my bed non stop. I do not even want to eat. I feel bad because last night Lilly had macaroni and cheese tv dinner and Cheetos. I felt bad I made her breakfast this morning. I try to be a great mom, but I am exhausted.

So marathon madness??? Movie marathon madness is about all I get to do today. It is so nice out. I admit I wish I could be rescued and taken for a walk so I can actually walk and not feel like I am going to pass out. I am too afraid that will happen. I might try a little walk later…maybe to my car and back ha ha…I am sad it is the nicest day I have seen in forever…but I am happy because I know Spring is finally here and I will get to go out sooner than later (I hope). The doctor was a little hesitant to let me go. I told her it is my last weekend with Lilly for a while and I got all sappy when she pulled me from work. When you work on a team, you do not want to be the “man down.” I feel bad. I hope there is a substitute. She wanted to pull me longer but I am hoping I feel better by Monday!!!! She is worried about my oxygen and dehydration. She said if I am not better tomorrow I have to come in and get an iv…I am stubborn though…so we will see.



So I am making the most of this beautiful weather. I opened the windows and I can hear the creek I cannot visit…(Unless anyone is bored and wants to take me there)…I have my balcony door open and it feels amazing. I also realize how close the rod and gun club is up on the hills by my house. I wonder if they are shooting targets or cans???



I decided that there is nothing to be unhappy about. Life is too short. Lilly’s birthday celebration is Saturday. It isn’t a big deal. I am just going to my sister’s house and we are going to cook out. Lilly has never been to a movie either. I am taking her to the movie theatres for the first time to see Rio 2…I am nervous, but she loves popcorn so that is my key to success. She does not watch a ton of television, so she likes to watch movies. I think we will be alright. I cannot believe she will be four. The pictures I posted were from her party last year. Can you tell I got the stomach bug that night? I must be jinxed.

age6 This is from her first trip to the beach. We went to Green Lakes. She was so little back then. I think she was only three months old and weighed 8 pounds. I always say I had a mini baby. She only weighed five pounds since she was born so early. I don’t think you could tell now. Life is too short so you have to enjoy all of the moments.

I am a little sad I am not outside running, but here is how I look at it. I cannot run right now so when I can get back to running you bet your ass I am going to enjoy it!!!! I know the same goes for biking (I cannot wait to get rid of the bike).

I made a decision. I am going to race the duathlon if I still can and the half marathon the day after. I am not giving up. I thought about it and was about ready to bail on the duathlon…but I am too strong!

If you do not hear from me again for a while it is because I went out for a walk and passed out in the sun…kidding…but I admit these are the moments when I hate being alone but I definitely appreciate the time I spend with people…I just got done saying how quiet it has been and now I am out of work for the week…I think this has taught me to appreciate the silence sometimes. It can in fact be relaxing…do me a favor??? Stop reading my blog and go for a run. I want to hear all about it!!!!!!!! Please!!!! What makes you appreciate running or biking and why did you get into it??? What are your goals????

Those Moments In Life…

Originally posted on A Twin Thing:

“Sometimes people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures.”

ImageThose moments in life where you feel like crap and all you want to do is just cry…but you are too strong and don’t want to whine…today that was me and I tried to hold it all in.  I was up half the night and I could not sleep because I was so sore and thought I was going to throw up.  I laid around and finally got up at 9:30 to make coffee.  Then I sat on the couch until about 12:30.  I got to thinking about some pictures I had forgot to get from the ex boyfriend.  So I texted.  I did not think it was a big deal.  Well, then he gets all huffy because I text out of the blue and I ask for them and he thought they were his.  When you dump…

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A Late Confession Friday…Can you keep a secret?

“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”  – Anna Uhlich

ImageYesterday I went for the most amazing bike ride.  I was really slow, but it is one of my favorites.  I love Pratt’s Falls.  It is absolutely beautiful and I consider it one of New York’s great little secrets.  A lot of people do not go here and I think it is a shame.  I love watching old couples sit on the benches by the little stream there.  Yesterday, I saw a father biking with his little girl.  I want to take Lilly there someday.  I love it there.  It is not far from my place.  It is just off Route 20 in Pompey.  It is a must see.

ImageThis is similar to the photo I took last year.  I think this is the best spot to get the classic “bike and falls” shot.  I wish I had removed the water bottle but I am not that picky.  I used to be into photography.  I miss those late nights in college where I would spend hours developing film to just get it right.  I love black and white and it is becoming a bit of a pastime.  It is too bad.  Sometimes I see a lot of black and white just in the world in general. 

I wanted to bike today:

ImageIt was such a tease to be able to bring my bike to work with me, hoping I would get a nice ride at the end of my long day.  It rained…oh boy did it rain.  I did not get to ride today so I was glad I squeezed in 15.5 miles yesterday.  I confess it wasn’t so bad after the half marathon.  I wish I could have just rode all day. 


I confess that biking is my first love, even though I have had a longer relationship with running.  I have heard often enough that most runners turn into bikers when they can no longer run.  When I was out from running for a while, I turned into just that.  I loved biking.  This year is a bit frustrating with the weather.  I am hoping to buy a trainer so I do not have to miss out on biking all winter.  I also wish I could be biking right now.  Instead, I am faced with the quiet evening at home,  It is so yucky outside, I do not want to run.  My knees hurt a bit today so I do not want to put any endurance on them.


     So what is my big confession?  It is not the most exciting, but I think it is rather neat.  I think if I had to pick something I like about myself, it is my eyes.  I feel that when you look at someone and see their eyes, it is like looking into their soul.  I think eyes are amazing and they tell a lot about a person.  I have always had good intuition, but I think the eyes tell a lot about the life someone has lived. 

     My eyes are blue and I was excited that Lilly has my eyes.  I am going to show you one of the most unflattering pictures of myself…but after confessing to someone recently that my eyes change color, I think I may have actually caught it on camera.  You can tell me.  My eyes are really blue, but can change to a really turquoise color…not always at the same time.  I think today only one changed color and I caught it…you can be the judge, and I apologize for the scary picture ha ha ha…ImageMy right eye decided to stay blue, but my left wanted to be different.  I am not sure why it happens.  I think it depends on the mood I am in.  I was very serious this morning and I noticed it in the mirror.  Since I had brought it up last week, I wanted to share this.  I hope that there is nothing wrong with my eyes because it happens.  I know that when I was growing up I had horrible vision and my left eye was -9.5 and my right was -7.5,   I also scratched my cornea really bad and felt like that was the worst pain ever.  I later had PRK and have better vision now.   I know that this is not an exciting confession, but I think it is kind of a gift.  The only thing I do not like is now that I have shared it, you will always know when I am being really serious…which is not often.  Horrible horrible picture…ha ha…


“I have looked into your eyes with my eyes.   I have put my heart near your heart.”  Pope John XXIII


On a happier note, here Is a picture of me pretending to fly…Image


Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon…#38 / #6

“Pain is temporary.  Quitting lasts forever.”  Armstrong


Today’s motto:  I am going to die but at least I match!!!!!

I woke up extremely sore this morning and woke up during the night.  I think that the one mile sprint race did me in yesterday because I didn’t stretch ahead of time and I did not warm up…oops!


I usually have no problems with my quads, but today they are not happy with me.

ImageMy number was 883 and I was not feeling the orange…I think it is the same color every year.  I was glad to see they took the giant hill out of the course they gave us last year due to some road work.  I remember the hill not so fondly…however, my time sucked.  I finished in 1:55….my worst time on this course…but in my defense I never ran another race, or even two races on the same weekend.  I am stressed because I need to be able to have a full marathon time of at least 3:30…if not faster for my Boston Qualifier.  I am stressed I will never get there, but I know deep down in that if I dig, I will get there.  So I am not sure what to do. 

ImageThis is a map of where the course was.  I confess I am too lazy to upload my strava data for this race.  I did not want to go, but I am glad I did.  I have goals and I need to stick with it.  If I quit, I am teaching Lilly that it is okay to not reach goals.  I will survive because pain is temporary.  I already feel better after stretching, but I have to say the hills did not help today.  I think I actually wanted to cry…pathetic.


On this course, I also had another problem.  I love the water stops and there is a contest to give the best water stop a gift of money for their charity of choice.  There were only four water stops and I am trying to not run with water so I do not have the extra weight.  I am wondering if I should try carrying my own water again to avoid the crazy water stops that make me not want to keep running like today?  Also, I hate Gatorade and here is what happened.  I went to the first two water stops with no problem…the next water stop was around mile 7 I think or 8…I cannot remember.  It was not the one with the guys dressed as the presidents.  I voted that one as my favorite.  So this water stop featured beer, water, and Gatorade.  Well, when I got to the water stop, it seemed like they were pushing the beer.  I am not drinking.  I think serving beer during a half marathon is a bad idea.  I asked the lady for something else and it seemed like they all had Gatorade.  I tried to take the Gatorade so I could keep going and it was like I had to wrestle her for it…I love that people volunteer, but please do not try to get me to take beer and I need to keep running!!!!!  I don’t mean to sound bad, but I was really agitated because I think I wasted at least two minutes there. 


ImageI like the medal this year because it is different from the previous two years, but it is not my favorite.  I love the black and white ribbon and it is nice that Lilly will not break it because it is not glass.  However, I lovedddddd the skunk medals I received the previous two years.  It is definitely not as bad as the medal (from a race I will never name) that is a bottle opener.  I worked so hard at that race…I was sort of sad.  However, the race was only $20 and I should be happy to get a medal.  Pleassssse do not think I am complaining.  I think I am just exhausted today and I am a little bummed I am not out on the bike right now. 


Would I do this race again?  I am not sure…I have done this race for three years now and I think a lot of people do not know about it.  It is a little gem in the rough…rough course, but the downhill parts are quite nice.  I love the scenery and I actually respect the fact that you are not allowed to wear music.  I think and I don’t want to sound silly or cheesy, that it is nice to get inside your head and deal with the mental in the race.  When you do not have music, it has to come from within your soul.  I had to listen to my body and I was able to talk to people. 


      There were a lot of friendly people out there today and I usually do not converse, but I was hurting and I met a really nice girl who was only 25.  She is the mother of two and she just got into racing and she did it to lose weight.  I think a lot of people look at runners and just judge.  I used to be faster and because I do not wear a lot of clothes when I run, they assume I am still the girl to beat.  I wish it were true and I have given a couple of scares.  I have broken 1:40 and maybe I am fast sometimes.  However, what I wear does not make me fast.  It is the mental to have what it takes to win.  You have to want it enough that you will scream for it.  So I was talking to this girl and she was great.  She got into running and told me about how she broke the 2 hour mark. 


     I remember that day because it does not always happen on your first race.  It took me 4 half marathons to break the 2 hour mark.  I did Lake Placid twice.  The first time I did Placid, I finished in 2:04.  That was my first half marathon.  Then I did Schroon Lake and wanted to die.  I finished in 2:28.  Then I stayed away from the half marathons.  I went back and did Placid.  Why not?  I had two girls run with me.  I was under the two hour mark and this was after I had Lilly.  Ha ha I get to mile ten and I friggan black out.  I sat on the sidewalk and did not move for half an hour.  I am shocked people let me finish.  I finished in 2:11.  I did Schroon Lake and the same damn thing happened.  I get to mile 11 and boom I get all dizzy and almost black out.  I think it was the Gatorade.  When I went on to do Tromptown Half Marathon (on a Thursday night), I got side stitches and thought I would pass out.  I got something left in me and managed to finish in 1:59.  I remember starting with the earlier group of 2 hours or more and I was in the lead for most of it but had to lose it because I did not know where I was going.  Oops!!!!!!  This is why I hate Gatorade.  Ever since then I have never and I hope I am not jinxing myself, I have never finished in more than 1:59.  I think I just have the will to beat the clock now.


     So the moral of the story is that sometimes it is good to go out there and be reminded of the will and the long road it took to get this far in distance running.  I wonder if maybe that is all I need?  If you looked at me in a race, would you know I had lost over 50 pounds or would you look at me and think she is just a skinny bitch? 


     One last thing  because I cannot help myself…So on the other side of conversation.  I was running and the person was harmless, but I heard the funniest pick up line/flattery.  It was cute, but at mile two I need to be able to work on my breathing and not my laughing.  So these two guys run by and the one starts to say how beautiful the course is and how wonderful the race is.  Then he goes on to say his name and I am polite so I told him my name.  Well then he goes on about massages and how warm it is.  I am so nice, don’t get me wrong…and he was sweet, but I am dying.  So I say, “I just ran two races yesterday.  I am so so tired.  I am sorry I cannot talk.”  I mean, he asked me my name and I swear I said, “Bla.”  I am sure I did because I felt like my name was Bla.  So he keeps talking!!!!!!!  The guy said, “you are a beast.  Today you can be beauty.”  So the other guy says, “she is a beauty every day.”  I thought it was funny because the guy who said that wasn’t the guy flirting with me.  Ha ha ha ha…anyhow…guys….I do not know about other girls, but even if you are Christian Bale, I need to focus on my running.  I am sorry but I wasn’t interested anyways and it was very flattering…however, LET ME RUN!!!!!  If you want to pick up a girl, talk to her before the race.  You can talk to her after, but she will be so delirious, she won’t remember you.  I can’t speak for other girls, but I think it is a good rule of thumb. 


     The guy later came up to me after the race (I finished before him ha ha) and asked me how I did.  I think he did anyways because I don’t remember what he asked because I was delirious.  Then he asked me about getting a massage.  I do not do race massages.  I am one of those strange people who doesn’t like random people touching my back.  I also think it is nice to have a relationship in which the guy you are dating gives you a massage and you give one in return.  I think of massages as more of an intimate thing.  Also, I feel bad for the people giving smelly runners a massage.  I figure they would throw me off the table!!!!!!!


Happy Sunday…I am debating on the bike, but this has been relaxing!!!!! Also, please do not think I sound snotty!!!  I had a great time today.  I think I just need to find a different race.  Lake Placid is the only other race I have done three times.  I feel that after a while you need to change up things a bit.  Though I confess for being the third year in a row, I still didn’t know where the start line was but at least I was one of the few people who knew which direction to face!



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