life is a beach!



Buenos Dias amigos! Que tal?

Greetings from Puerto Plato….The Dominican Republic…..

It is a bit of a weather adjustment since it was about -28 in Syracuse a few weeks ago and now I am trying to run in 88 degree weather….I already know I will not make 40 miles this week but I am proud I got up at 6am (7here) and went for a 6.2 mile run….and wanted to die about a half a mile into it because I was wearing a black tank top and had no water. I can’t carry a water bottle and I wear the tank top and put my hair up to attract less attention from the locals…however, my hair is blonde and I think there are just too many people to blend in. I had a couple of encounters with runners today, which was nice. Yesterday I ran around 11 and was really hot….but I think today was hotter. It is supposed to reach 90 today.

So here is a pre run photo from yesterday…pre lobster photo

I need some good sunscreen recommendations because my sunscreen stings my eyes when I run and it doesn’t work….here is exhibit b:

I ran about ten miles Friday after running about ten at the beginning of the week so I suspect Ill be about nine miles short of my goal but I am really burnt and anti the heat stroke concept….so I am not unhappy….I will run 40 this week and even run early tomorrow and Tuesday…no worries.

I also managed to get into the water here. I hate the ocean and I think being eaten by a shark is on my top ten list of ways I don’t wanna bite the dust.
There is no one watching the beach so I don’t want to swim unsupervised….

I have been reading The Hunger Games. I am almost finished. I definitely inherited the reading curse from the family because I read very fast so I may need to get another book …

I want to post more photos but I am dying in the heat and this is the Internet place so Ill save it for the next post.

I am having a great time with Julie. I feel like an old lady because I fell asleep at ten last night…from too much sun and running. I am glad I am not drinking too much and having a relaxing time. I think somewhere along the way, I have forgotten how to do that…

Life is a beach….image


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