Living la vida burnt


I made myself get up today and make up for the miles I missed out on last week. I feel great today and I am sad we are going home tomorrow but I miss Lilly and can’t wait to see her. I owe her a carousel ride because it was closed when we were at the mall and I wanted to take her for a second turn. image


How can you not miss this little cutie ? I can’t wait to love her up. My friend jess is in the one picture. Her hair is shorter! I give her credit! I have been getting up to run here every day and it sucks the life out of me!!!

Kudos to you Jess!!!!

I am not sure what I will do today but I am making myself go in the water for a while because I need to tell my hydrophobia to suck it!
I’m proud of the miles I have logged here… Hmmm I have managed more than 20…I will freeze at home but I don’t mind….image



On a side note, I am looking forward to running and not being honked at or stopped by a boat load of Dominicans …


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