Welcome Back to Siberia


“It’s so cold outside, I just saw a teenage boy with his pants pulled up!”

I never thought I would say this but it feels good to be cold! After a long vacation and massive amounts of sun, the cold feels like a nice ice pack to put on a stove burn. It sure feels good and I am looking forward to not dying of heat stroke when I run.



I almost ran over this poor dog when I went onto the beach because the sun wasn’t up and he needed a bath. I told him I was sorry and he let me pass. I think he was the “beach keeper.” He was the cutest little thing but I didn’t know how sanitary he was after living on the beach. I think he was waiting for the tourists to feed him his daily breakfast and alcohol. I am sure he was well fed.

So what was my mileage during vacation? Glad you asked…I just counted up my vacation miles and I am proud to say I ran 31.3 miles. I also made myself go into the ocean and get over my fear of rabid sharks and sea monsters. It didn’t work, but it was worth a shot. My record is now 20 minutes of being in the water, but I confess I was standing there for most of it.


Lilly is ready to get her beach on, but I am sorry to have to tell her I do not think it is a good time to swim on the beach in Maine. We are going to hopefully be visiting my family in Maine in February and it will not be hot! She will survive, but the temperatures have been less than wonderful here these days. My flight was canceled and we rented a mini cooper to get back to Syracuse from Newark because the flight was canceled until Thursday. After going through a slip and slide I proudly thank the creators of Starbucks for making it possible to drive through the demolition derby to get back home. I think I hit the pillow at three in the morning, but was able to get about four hours of sleep…we had a windchill day. I would like another one tomorrow…pretty please? snow


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