Tales of the Dreadymill…

“If you are on a treadmill next to me, the answer is Yes, we are racing!”


It has been extremely cold this week…I started off this week well and I was already up to 14 miles by today when I was faced with the obstacle of the dreadmill…a long run…gulp…okay I can do this.

I went to the gym at my apartment building and ran inside with shorts on and I was all pumped up. The guy in the gym looked at me like I am crazy. I said I needed to run and I am so used to being outside that I was not looking forward to the treadmill.


Perhaps if I could go biking on a treadmill I would feel more enjoyment. I love to run but yuck! I don’t know what moment in life comes about that makes someone say, “yippie! I love treadmills.” I hate treadmills!


Lilly is almost four and she still loves the jogger. We have a BOB jogger. She loves the shocks on it and sometimes falls asleep on the long runs. Well I ended up running three miles but I am looking forward to daylight savings and the warm temperatures….where is that stupid groundhog when you need him? I am about ready to bribe him for a change in weather.

Well here is to running a long run on Saturday and hopefully Sunday…suck it weather!


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