Oh The Weather Outside Is Friggan Frightful…

“We all have dreams, in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.”
– Jesse Owens
Olympic gold-medalist runner

Here are the before and after pictures of my run today.  They pretty much sum up my unsuccessful quest to run 13.1 miles as part of the strava running challenge for the month of February.  It is a good thing there are another 22 more days this month.  I was a little worried I was going to turn into an icicle today.

Before: ImageMy mom and dad would be ohhhhh so proud of my awesome running attire.  I think it makes me look sexy.  I should have worn this on my date last night.  There is also a picture of Elvis on the shirt from the Run For Dennis.  I like that race and it is in Oswego around St. Patrick’s Day!  Definitely a must!!!

After:  ImageIf you look close there are icicles on my eyelashes.  I think that the guy driving the snowplow gave me the look of, “Are you a f-ing idiot lady?” 

Either that or they thought I was making snow cones. Yes, I confess I am bad.  I was wearing my headphones and I even stopped to text on the side of the road.  I finished in 49 minutes for 5 miles because I was texting and running.  I wonder if there is every going to be a ticket issued for that?  I wonder if there is a running while intoxicated ticket too?  I will have to look these things up.


Image  Sweet!  Only 35 more miles of snow and crappy weather this week…should be fun.  I was considering the Cupid’s Chase 5k in Liverpool Sunday.  I was 2nd last year and the year before I was 1st…but with the weather this sketchy I might save my $30 for a better day.  I don’t know.  I love the 5k there and I do well at it.  Any thoughts???

Here are some pictures I took outside today.  I have to admit, I think it was really pretty outside.  I love running in this area because the scenery is gorgeous and there is not a lot of traffic…I am still alive!


Ohhhh so pretty!


Moving on…before I go get ready to be productive:  About my date….

I had a great time!  We went to Nesticos in North Syracuse.. I had the fried Portobello mushrooms for an appetizer and the Sicilian Chicken for dinner.  That place was great.  We talked about hiking, boating, traveling, writing, the high peaks, his DJ company, his awesome job, the Grateful Dead, Bonnaroo, and hopefully a good opportunity for him at LeMoyne College.  He has an old bike and likes to ride to work.  He has done Triathlons so I am quite envious of him.  I had a great time and I Would totally go out again.    With that said, this is all I am sharing.  I think this was a great experience and he is a genuinely nice guy.  Any girl should feel lucky if they can date him.  Oh, he also has a twin brother.  Here is the link to read about our date. 


Upcoming races:

February 9, 2014
Cupids chase 5k Liverpool, ny
(Last year I was second, the year before I won…why not come in last lol)

March 9: the oceans run half marathon south Kingstown, Rhode Island ( why? I haven’t crossed Rhode Island off my 50 states and the ocean sounds better than here)

March 23: Syracuse half marathon
Why? (Last year I finished in 1:44 with the flu so I want to actually enjoy it this year and it is local)

Wow two half marathons and 16 more to sign up for…
Thinking about-
Binghamton bridge run may 4
(Same day as the goat so I am torn)
Rochester flower city half marathon April 27
(Same day as the Gettysburg full marathon I have tortured myself with for two years)
Run for the sun may 17 half marathon
( was third last year and lost the lead at mile ten for crying out loud!!!) 1:40
Run for the dream 8k and half marathon
( it’s in Virginia and I already did that state but Williamsburg is pretty)
I didn’t get to run it the last time due to a stress fracture and patella tracking disorder….

I am up for ideas…. I’m also torn between the boilermaker in July and the Portland shipyard half marathon (Ali has her wedding and I like both beer companies )

Decisions decisions


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