Cupid’s Chase Syracuse

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running

ImageThe dreaded bib number,  Today I ran Cupid’s Chase but had a terrible number.  I don’t know why but I hate when there is no 7.  Seven is my favorite number.  I also hate asics shoes coincidentally.  I have silly race superstitions and my number is one thing.  I also broke my mom’s turtle necklace she gave me when I was younger.  I have been carrying it around for a while, hoping to get it fixed.  I have the one I received in college, but it hasn’t brought me much luck.  I never seem to have good luck.  I need to get the old one fixed.  I won four races with it and placed well. It also doesn’t move around a lot.  I don’t like to eat my jewelry when running.


     So here is how today went.  First, I forgot the race was today.  I thought it was tomorrow and I was really sick on Wednesday and Thursday.  I didn’t feel any better Friday…so I wish it could have been tomorrow, but oh well.  I had a great time.  Someone recently gave me some good advice.  Go out and enjoy it.  I was doing really well with my running a couple years ago.  I had a coach and I ran all the time. I started to win a lot of races and when I didn’t win, I was either second or third.  I am mad at myself for letting it get into my head.  I started to lose sight of what running really meant to me.  It was supposed to be for a good cause and for fun.  I also liked staying in shape.  It helped a lot.  It is also a good form of therapy, especially for teachers. 


     I start off every race with the jitters.  I jump up and down a lot to get the nerves out.  I should have done that at dinner the other night.  I met up with my friend, Krista. She came with her boyfriend, who was smart enough not to run today.  It was freezing.  However, I heat up really fast and I was wearing a t-shirt and warmers.  I had on a headband and some running pants.  I started off too fast and had to slow it down.  I am terrible at pacing myself and I just started getting coached again so I need to work on it.  My coach would also be unhappy if he knew I stopped to talk to the guys at the water stop.  Often in a race, you do not have a chance to stop and say thanks to the people who volunteer.  I made that a point today.  After I started to run again, I kept going.  My ipod died and my watch did not work today.  Thank you to garmin 910x for my $500 watch that did not like the temperature today.  I had no idea how fast I was going the entire time or how far I went. 

     When I finished, I was still smiling and not ready to fall over and die.  I thought I finished in fourth place behind my friend, but I finished 5th.  I will take it.  I had a great time and that is supposed to be how it works.  I also supported a great cause.  Sometimes it is hard for me to run after hearing about why we are running.  I love supporting different charities and research programs. I want to thank all the volunteers today and the Dj: CK Entertainment.  It is always great to have music at a race…even if it is below zero!!!!! I highly recommend them. I would love to start up a race for a good cause.  I have a few ideas, but I will run them by my sister first.  My friend is also going to be a race director for the Phelps-Saurkraut 15k…I cannot wait.  I told her I would help out. 

     It is funny how all it takes is just one person to give you back that perspective you need.  I cannot wait to sign up for another event.  I think I might even do the notorious Tipp Hill Shamrock Run in March…I told myself I was never running up that friggan hill again at the end, but I really do like running around Syracuse.  I confess after a few drinks, I signed up for a race in Rhode Island on March 9..Hey it is by the ocean.  .I will just have to drive there after the Shamrock Run…I cannot get into the green beer!!!!!! 


   So don’t tell my coach I ran a 5k in 25 minutes…shhhh!!!!!!!!!!!  I run for the Syracuse Chargers, but I am being “sought out” by the Syracuse Track Club as part of their Cross Country Team..because of my Mountain Goat 3k times…I confess, I love having a coach again because I run my best…but I admit today was probably my most enjoyable race…and I don’t need to win anymore things…ImageThat isn’t even all of my stuff…ha ha I guess it is nice to remember each moment and Lilly likes to play with them…but it is the purpose of the race that is more important. 


On another side note, I would love to start a running group for kids where I work…but I am a girl and I do not know how safe it would be.  A couple years ago, our school used to win a bunch of running events for schools and we have a trophy that just sits on a file cabinet in the office.  It is kind of a shame.  We do not even have a display case for such things and I talked to the district about a running group and he said to be creative…but I am concerned with safety and being alone with a group of kids.  I have ran a few times alone and it didn’t feel the safest.  I need to get creative so if anyone has any ideas please let me know!!!!!  I would love to do this.



PS it is time for COLEMANSSSSSSS


4 thoughts on “Cupid’s Chase Syracuse”

  1. Go you! Great job and sounds like you did not have the best pre-race experience but still had a fabulous race! I’m all about perspective so I love how you mentioned that in your post! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nice thoughts!!! Yes, this race was doomed for me from the start. I am feeling a lot better tonight…ha ha I might go out…but I had a rough morning. I am glad I went though. It was nice to get out with a group as well. All too often I run alone and it does get somewhat lonely at times…not to mention a little creepy…the race was great!!!!!

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