Run Like You Stole Something!

“As long as my heart’s still in it, I’ll keep going. If the passion’s there, why stop?…
There’ll likely be a point of diminishing returns, a point where my strength will begin to wane. Until then, I’ll just keep plodding onward, putting one foot in front of the other to the best of my ability. Smiling the entire time.”
― Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

Here is my run today…I was hoping for 20, but it was just too cold. I made it to mile 4 and the wind was just awful. I felt like my face was going to fall off. I ended up running 13.2 miles in 1:57:13…I am not going to lie, I was wheezing at mile four on the big hill and too lazy to flip it off. I did a little walk of shame but I got my ass moving after that.

…Unfortunately, I am still about 15 miles away from my weekly goal of 40…that sucks, but it was a great week. I did a race and had a great run today…It is all about perspective…and there is tomorrow. I wouldn’t trade anything. So I do not want to bore anyone, but I wanted to show you some pictures from my run and then talk a little bit about my running…gear, practice…I don’t know…seems like I should at some point. Today is a bad example because my water froze and I wanted to drink. My gummies froze together and I ended up throwing them out because my jaw was cracking trying to eat them. Here it goes though.

From today: trees onetrees 2
These were taken by Broadfield Road. I love running on the nice, flat roads, but in order to get better you have to do some hills. The roads were nice and bare too. The only bad part was at the end when I was trying to run up a slip and slide.

My Gear…..

Lilly recently modeled the notorious “dreadmill.” I avoid it at all cost, but it is a Nordic Track. It is old as shit, but I never like to use it. Ha ha ha I had a better treadmill but I burnt out the motor running at over a 9.5 speed. Why the treadmill? It is too cold to take Lilly outside. I have a B.O.B. jogger with excellent shocks.

my gearmy gear 2
I am wearing an under-armor turtleneck, under-armor running pants, a nike running top, northface gloves, Dogfish Brewery woolen socks, and an EMS headband. I am also carrying my Iphone to use the Strava app and I prefer the Ironman case for it. I had two other ones I will not name but they lasted about a month. I usually carry my 910x Garmin but as I mentioned yesterday, the piece of _____ broke. Moving on…my shoes are getting to the end of their life. I am rotating two pairs of Brooks Green Silence…that is right. I bought a zillion of them on clearance for about $50…a steal in the running shoe market. They stopped making them and I love them. I need to find a new pair of shoes that is extremely light, but not too bulky. I tried some Saucany Pro Grids and another pair. They are nice looking but not my next running shoe. I also tried the Brooks Pure Cadence…again I love the color and Brooks suggested them…but not for me. I need help!!!! I also take along water in a fuel belt. I go through a lot of them I have to sew them smaller because they are too loose on me and it gets really annoying. I tend to throw them when I am competing in marathons. You have no idea how many R.I.P. clothes and gear I have lost along the way. It is tragic. I eat honey stingers and shot bloks…preferably not frozen. When I run in the summer, I drink vitamnin water. I hate gatorade and powerade.

So on to my next bit of gear…why do I use Strava over Map My Run….good question.
Strava rocks. There are challenges, competitions, and it keeps all of my data so I do not have to remember it. Oh and it is free…bonus! I also have a network of friends…sometimes I think I have more Strava friends than I do Facebook friends…which I think is great. Take that Facebook.

So Strava: distance 4

distance 5map

distance 3

Strava records all of your splits and takes elevation into consideration. You can see how fast you were going and I love the elevation chart. It looks like I am having a heart attack!!!!!



Then there are the challenges! Sign me up!!! This month there was a 10k challenge and a half marathon challenge. It was so cold today I wanted to quit but it was a great time to complete the challenge. Suffering through the miles was a necessity. You then get ranked out of everyone in the world. I noticed the girls are slacking on these. I admit I like to get faster than the boys, but I didn’t want to die trying. I save those for race day. I guess they must seem silly to some people but I love them! It is a great motivator. Here is a good motivator for me:



I confess, I wanted to drink when I came home. I wanted that nice, cold beer I worked so hard for. When I was running down route 92 today, I could not help but read all of the “historic registry” markers along the way. Let me tell you, I was really thirsty. I am not talking about the weekly offering at the Oran Community Church either. I must have seen about five signs for taverns in Oran!!!! It must have been a booming business. I saw a sign for Drover’s Tavern, Handy’s Tavern, First Tavern, but I cannot remember the rest. I wonder what happened to the Second Tavern? And and and did you hear about the first steamboat?
800px-New_York_State_historic_marker_–_First_Steamboat you learn something new every day.

Here is my dinner…at least I wish this was going to be my dinner. I could really go for a Sammy and some steak. I came home from running today and did some laundry and cleaned a little. Then I remembered my daylight is out in my car but I am too tired to do anything about it right now. It is officially Fuck this Shit o’clock in my book. Then, I was starving and wanted to eat. I actually have steak but anyone who knows me knows I do not want to cook that for just myself. I settled with homemade sweet potatoes. I confess I am a little bummed. I spent so many years catering that I love to bake and make all sorts of delicious things…but not just for me. I am also pissed I do not have any alcohol in the refrigerator. My general tradition is after any race or huge run I need to celebrate with a beer. Now, I cannot even go out and get one because I might get pulled over for my headlight and I do not want alcohol on me. I would never drive drunk, but I do not want to lose my job!!!! So I will dream of booze. I should buy some hard liquor…after all, wild turkey brings out the wild in me!

Upcoming Races/ Possibilities: (If there is a star it means I signed up)

*March 8 Tipp Hill Shamrock Run 10:00
*March 9 (hey I signed up when I was drinking)- The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon South Kingstown, Rhode Island
*March 23- Syracuse Half Marathon 8:00

April 5:
choice 1- Fort to Fort Races 10k Rome, NY 8:30
Choice 2- Race the Runways Half Marathon Brunswick, Maine

April 6- Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon Cornell Campus 10:00
April 19- Springtime 10k Jamesville, NY (a preview of the ironman course) 8:00

April 26- SMP River Challenge Duathlon??? Rochester
April 27- Rochester Flower City Half Marathon 7:30 (ew)

May 4-
choice 1- Dunn Tire Mountain Goat 3k and 10 miler 9:40
choice 2- Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon 7:30

May 10- Socci Stilleto Stampede (for Shannon) 10:00
(I have Lilly but Shannon is going to watch her)

May 17
Choice 1- The Rat Snake 18k Trail Run Laurens, NY
Choice 2- MAC Half Marathon in Freeland, MD (supports domestic Violence) 8:00
May 18-??? Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon Fredricksburg, VA (register Feb. 19)

May31-June 1-
choice 1- Plattsburgh Half Marathon
Choice 2- Run for the Dream Half Marathon and 8k Williamsburg, VA

June 14- Swamp Rat 10k Oneida Shores 8:30
June 15-New Paltz Challenge Half Marathon, New Paltz, NY (6 friggan am)

June 17- JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 6:25 (I want to get a job at Wegmans)
June 22- Ironman 70.3 Syracuse (Scared Hitless- runner)

July 12- Maybe The Portland Shipyard Half Marathon Portland, Maine
July 13- Boilermaker 8:00

ITSSSSSS Gonna get crazy!!!! I better start looking for bottles on the side of the road! Unless I leave singlehood, this is my schedule


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