Snoooooowwwww Day

“Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves.  It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go.  It helps us find out what we are made of.  This is what we do.  This is what it is all about.” -pattiSue Plummer


Still not sure if I am doing the boilermaker this year….torn…
I want to break 1:10 but I want to pace too so we will see…

Today I had a snow day and I am a little sad because of Valentine’s Day. I wanted to take Lilly to school with me and celebrate. We are also doing a road trip.

I signed up for some races and here is an update:
March 8- Tipp Hill Shamrock Run Syracuse 4 mile
March 9- The OCean’s Run Half Marathon South Kingstown, Rhode Island
March 23- Syracuse 1/2 Marathon
April 5- Race the Runways Half Marathon Brunswick, Maine
April 6- Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon Ithaca, NY
May 11- Socci Stilletto Stampede 5k

There are more to come, but I need to start collecting bottles.


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