Hills, You Make Me Feel So Good!!!

“After climbing a great many hills, one only finds that there are many more to climb.” Nelson Mandela


Today it was freezing outside, but I finally told Winter where to shove it!  I looked winter straight in the face and told it to SUCK IT!

I went for a nice run and it felt amazing to NOT BE ON THE DREADMILL!!!!!!  I ran 1.5 on the dreadymill yesterday and I was not going to again.  I have two half marathons this weekend and I am not going to do all of my pre race running inside.


Today was my day to test out my new Brooks Pure Connect 2…I feel like a smurf because they are blue and green, but they felt good.  I am hoping this does not change and I am not wearing my support in them.  My supports are really worn out anyways.  I have one leg that is ever so slightly longer than the other.  I haven’t been good about getting supports because my podiatrist was really sick and had to have a kidney transplant.  We will see how this shoe goes.  I am a little sore, but it was hill night here in Manlius.  I had a great time, though the snow hit me in the face.  It was nice to finish my workout and still not be blinded by cars.  I suspect with daylight savings, I will be able to run “blind-free.”  I also am excited that my deer friends are still out and about and run away from me.  I think they live in the neighborhood I run by.  I always see them at the same sign.  Deer will be deer!

ImageHere is a really dumb picture of me but I was trying to show you I had ice on my eyelashes.  I think that this has happened before, but it was really stuck!  I look like an idiot.  This purple head band is from Eastern Mountain Sports and I have had it since my first race.  It is a little sentimental, though I am sure it is not as warm as it once was…due to wear and love. 








My run times suck this year.  Do you believe in superstition?  I have a turtle necklace my parents gave me in college.  I have been wearing it and I have not had great times.  No offense to my parents but I have become a turtle by my own running standards.  Last year, I was easily under 8 minutes a mile.  Now, I am just old lady runner.  I am wondering if I need to get my other turtle necklace fixed?  My mom gave it to me and I love it.  It is older and it keeps breaking because it is older.  I am curious to know if it works?  I might no really be any faster, but maybe it will psych me into thinking I am faster and I will have my good luck charm?  What do you think?  Should I stick with my wiggly turtle and bring my own luck?  Orrrrrrr should I get the other one fixed?  Let me know…


ImageMy smurf shoes…Smurfette


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