Two Down….At Least 16 More To Go

“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage.” -George PattonImageSo I forgot about confession Friday this week!  I confess I haven’t been on my bike in forever.  Today I got out and it sucked…it sucked a lot…I felt like jello….this is me getting ready to do the hill bender in cazenovia.  That was a great race and I was so nervous I fell and was embarrassed…I think that is why I look horrible in the picture.  My ex is here too but he was up front….I wish I could have beat I him…I was Borobudur to finish in about 2:20…. I am a better runner but I love biking.   I confess today I was so excited to bike that I didn’t realize I had clipped my shoe in and was busy getting my music ready….so I fell.  It wasn’t a big deal but I had some knee problems a few years ago and biking is not helping…well falling isn’t helping at all.  I went off and realized I was bleeding pretty good when my shoe went from white to red…oops!  I also have to do some adjustments….I am happy to the to the Bike Loft in North Syracuse tomorrow to learn a thing or two and check out a bike trainer…so I suck less…..



So after this weekend I felt amazing today!  I was really proud that I made it to work and had a great day.  It was nice to see the look on faces when I told people I ran two half marathons.   I know my goal is to make it to 50, but I hope along the way I continue to meet amazing people and see people come together for different charities.  I have been to thirtecount tries, but I am proud of the places I have been in the United States.  We have some pretty amazing citizens and beautiful places.  I am excited to meet everyone along the way and as lonely as I get traveling to all these places, I end up meeting some pretty cool people to hang out with.  I met one lady.  She was 70 and she went to Rhode Island from Oklahoma to be with her family and fund.  I admire her.  I hope I can run when I am 70!    


So this weekend I have a 5k on Saturday in Oswego, ny.  It is a race to support bladder cancer and this will be my third year running it.  I was proud to win it the first year and last year I was happy just to finish the damn thing.  I still was fifth but I felt like the hill doubled from the previous year.   I don’t know how I ran it in 21:59 the year before….and the guy who ran it in 16 minutes was just nuts.  Sorry but I am too lazy to rotate my picture.


After this weekend, I am back to my double header.  I have:

march 22- the sleepy hollow half marathon in sleepy hollow, ny (which is sponsored by the phelps memorial hospital) my last name hahahah 

march 23- Syracuse half marathon 


if you will be at one of these races, please say hello!   


Sooooooo besides my klutz abilities what is my confession? 


imageSo I am on this whole kick to just enjoy life and be happy….well I am driving to all these places and my friends all have boyfriends or are married.  Well, I am tired of watching all of the movies with the cute guys and they say all these romantic things to their girls…I mean come on I watched “city of bones” and the guy says to the girl, “I am a shadow hunter.  I will protect you with my life.” 


Do guys like this really exist? 

and if so, where the hell are they?


Okay so I confessed to my friend today that I was running the Chambersburg Half Marathon and two guys were ahead of me.  I didn’t pass them and I stayed behind them for about four miles staring at their asses.  I would be completely lying if I said it didnt make me want to be that annoying runner who asks questions.  They were hot and they had good shorts on.  That is the downfall of an out of town race.  I was one of the few travelers.  My point is, it is going to be hard to do all these races and stare at all these guys.  I mean come on, let’s face it..runners for the post part get some nice bodies…and the shorts….I can’t get it out of my head.


maybe I should post an available sign on my head and get it over with….I guess it is a good thing.  It means I am ready to date again…oh and the friggan bachelor event I was picked for….either get guy wanted free meals, wasn’t interested in me, or does not want to date….what the heck…why go on all these dates and not want to date?   Men!   At least I got a free meal and free drinks…also another downfall to single life.  I never drink anymore because I don’t like to drink alone.   Ughhhhhhhhh it has been a week.  I am ready to be that chick who drinks weekly in the local bar!

oooooookay moving on:

so applied applying to be a half fanatic.  I am still in the process of applying to be sponsored by Oiselle for running…I hope they pick me!  If that doesn’t work I am going to try for Brooks but my times are a lot slower and I will have to get in as a person who supports Brooks and tries to promote the company…I wear a lot of brooks so that is fine…but I like Oiselle too and under armor.  


I m trying to start a running group at work….we will see…it could happen or maybe they are just talkers…hhmm okay I leave tonight with the confession….I am such a good eater.  I love chicken and sweet potato fries I make but I am currently eating all of the spring Oreos I bought for Lilly….shhhhhhhhh!!!

good night everyone !



4 thoughts on “Two Down….At Least 16 More To Go”

      1. My husband is a cyclist so I might try one day! 😉 He has been trying to get me out there! I have a half-marathon Sunday and then I plan to do a few 5ks in the spring and a couple aquathlons in summer (run-swim-runs)!! 🙂

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