Confession friday

“Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.”


I used to be one of those weak girls in school who could finish a mile in 8:45…after staying after school several times to beat my previous time…just to try to find strength…


but it turns out we are capable off anything and everything with determination…and a willing heart!


confession Friday!  I was so happy my parents came to the Freeport half marathon in September. It made my day. In all of the races I have been running, I have not had a lot of people come to my races. I guess I would not blame them. I prefer long distance and that can feel like forever!   So confession Friday is that I get a little bummed…Because I have this will to run well but it sometimes dies out along the way, knowing that Ill just finish and there will be no one waiting there for me….


i know I’m not a child, but I see all of the people cheering and it’s exciting. Maybe that’s why I appreciated the sign that read, “good luck random runners!”




6 thoughts on “Confession friday”

  1. For what it’s worth, I’ll be pulling for you every race this season. I’m pretty sure Jon, our Strava friend, will be too. You’re an inspiration and have gotten me off the couch more than once. And if we end up running the same race this year, I’m totally not going to cheer for you when you finish. I’ll still be runnin!! So, best of luck not so random runner. Bring home a PR this year!!!

    1. Thanks so much! That means a lot to me! You all rock down that way! Ha I wish I lived that way. Winter has been awful!!!!! I’m doing a lot of run in in the south because I need to thaw out. I would love to pr this year…I’m glad I got you off the couch…. I try to be a good influence on other people. I remember being shocked the first time I could run 2 miles in 21 minutes….but more so the 2 miles!!! I was 26 and I weighed about 30 more pounds.

      1. Ps you are all inspiring me to get into the water!!! I’m scared!!! You should tell me what races you are doing I have so many in southern ny and pa I’m sure there is one!!! And I am signing up for another today….

  2. woohoo! Believe it or not, the only thing I’m signed up for is IronMan Lake Placid. I really need to start training 🙂

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