Take One For The Team

“I feel more comfortable when I am lighter. I sleep better, snore less…I have more endurance when I work out and my arms look better!” Tyra banks..


Today has been a great day! It started off rough when I overslept…Lilly wasn’t feeling the day either! It was nice to finally get to work after going to the bank, getting gas, buying coffee, and dropping Lilly Off at daycare…but I made it to work at 8.


Jess had to go to a meeting… She is my awesome co-teacher! I had a blast… Her kids were great! I wanted more Starbucks because today was payday.  I Was on my way out when a teacher stopped me. I am far from a serious person and you need to be to get by here some days… My job is great but it can be tiring. I students students. So the lady hugged me and said she wished more people were as happy and funny here. It was nice to hear and definitely helped me today.

so I went to Starbucks and strava worked downtown. I even bought some coffee for some co workers. Happy Friday!!


well I had to go to a meeting before I came back to teach. I come in to teach and A student is kicking the chair and needed to go to in school. So I buzzzzzz the office and he runs out of the class and tries to leave the school. My co-teacher ran after The student was really strong so I told my co worker to go back to class… The kid almost pushed me down the stairs the other week. I have tenure and I run a lot so I figured I could keep him inside….well ha ha ha he started kicking at me and punching at me…. Soooo I was glad when someone came to get the kid!!! I feel bad. Obviously something is wrong and I hope it gets resolved….. The child is very smart and he looked so upset…

so I’m glad I “took a couple of punches” but when I am old I will fall apart hahahaha


updated races:


run for dennis 5k. March 15

sleepy hollow half march 22

syracuse half marathon march 23


race the runways half  Brunswick Maine April 5

ithaca skunk cabbage half April 6

april 19 flannery pub half pennsylvania

April 26 Rochester duathlon

april 27 Rochester flower city half marathon 


May 4 greater Binghamton half mamarathon may 17 st. Michaels half Maryland 

May 11 socci stiletto 5k

may 18 historic marine corps half


may 31- run for the dream 8k williamsburg va


June 1- run for the dream half marathon Williamsburg va

june 13- 1/2 sauer 1/2 kraut half Philadelphia pa

june 14- new paltz half marathon ny


june 22 ironman Syracuse half marathon relay “scared hitless”


june 29- catamount half marathon Brattleboro vt


july 13 shipyard old port half marathon pacer (2:15) Portland maine


july 26- pa Grand Canyon half marathon

august???? Turning stone races August 23-24??


september 6- bird in hand half marathon pa


september 20??? Wicked half marathon sale. Massachusetts


October 5- wineglass full marathon!!! Corning ny

in  lottery- marine corps marathon and NYC marathon


october 20 Gettysburg half lovvvve this one 

or empire state



March 7- 2015 chambersburg half pa



Some bike races





4 thoughts on “Take One For The Team”

    1. Hahahaha thanks! I’m a little sore from my eventful day… But yeah I’m excited! The thrill of single hood… I guess it is better than reading dippy books and sitting around

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