Run for Dennis 5k- Oswego, NY

“Don’t give up on the impossible until you try it.” biggie munn


Today was the 3rd annual Run for Dennis….Oswego, Ny…. It started at Gibby’s Pub and that was hard for me because I am trying to give up drinking.. But I did it!!!!

So I was up half the night. I don’t know if it was because of kids bruising me at work or the blueberry coffee I tried yesterday!  Anyhow, one second I wanted to barf and the next, I thought an alien baby was going to rip out of my stomach….


so I wasn’t going to go.  I woke up after dreaming I had missed my race and I hated the feeling.  It was 41 so I wore a sports top and my mad marathon shirt. I wore my underarmor shorts and brooks arm Warmers. It never fails…. “I get cold looking at you.”  I think I’m abnormal because I get so hot running it makes me sick if I over-dress!  


So I started my run in the rain but it turned to hail and was really windy. I named it “One Hail of a Hilly Race”. The course is extremely hilly but I’m in love with the hills. Flat gets too boring.  It is bad enough I’m flat chested!!! I can at least enjoy the hills!!

So I felt good and I had no idea about my pace because I started my watch too early. I finished in 25:02…. I am disappointed. My 5k pr is 20:31……. Hahaha my 4 mile pr is 29:30 and my 3.5 is 24 something… you can do the math…today = frustration!!!!!!!!!

I was told it was because I am getting older. I refuse to take that answer!!!!!!! Instead I need to focus on what I did right to achieve my pr times….not on how old I am and what I do wrong…

So it’s apparent I need to focus on a few things….

1. Drop the extra sack of potatoes I have been carrying = weight…. I am at 117 now and need to get back to 112…


i have been very good, but it isn’t working. I used to eat Greek yogurt fayo for breakfast and lunch, along with a banana or popover….Sometimes I would eat a pb&j…. For dinner I would eat grilled chicken and vegetables or sweet potato fries with pepper…no oil!  I have to make sure I have a little carb….drinks are either coffee w/ no sugar and crystal light….I would also use vitamin water zero…. At a race a bagel before or Greek yogurt…. I use either shot bloks cran raspberry or citrus…. And honey stingers yum yum….



2. The need for speed- 

I need speed workouts majorly!!!! My work hours went from 7:45-3:15 to 8-4:30. When I took Lilly to daycare I stopped at the canal and did speed workouts all last year…. I have to pick her up by 5:30….at least the weather is getting nicer and lighter for longer outside.


I went back to coaching, but Manley field house wasn’t working out for me!!  Now that I can run the distance I need to work on speed!!!! Nowwwwww. I am definitely better when I am coached because I have help with the goals and timing….but finding a coach willing to put up with me hahaha….good luck!


3. Cross train- I need to get my bike dusted off and get some boating in this summer…. I am making my friend, Kim Pedrotti, help me… Have I told you my scary water story????

that can be another day…. I have hydrophobia!  I was on the high school swim team and I swam freestyle and fly…. I love swimming but triathlons are obviously partially in the water!!!!!!!  I need to get over that….

weights!!! I need to lift more weights and less kids! End the kick boxing where I am the dummy !!

4. Confidence- I need to believe I can do it or I never will!!!

So on a good note- my course record for girls still remains…21:59. It was close today! The winner was 22:07……shhhhwwwweeeeew!  

After looking at results and talking to everyone who also had a hard time running, 7th overall and 3rd in my age group isn’t so awful……….but I am capable of winning…..even if I happen to be older!!!!

this race is hilly but the racto funds help to find a cure for bladder cancer and it is a great cause!!!!! You should do it!  They had a nice band and if you drink have at it!!! However, there was water for us non drinkers which was great!!!! It also runs by Lake Ontario and I love the lighthouse!!!! 



4 thoughts on “Run for Dennis 5k- Oswego, NY”

  1. Hello!! I can’t believe that I didn’t find your awesome post earlier! Thanks so much for running and writing about our race! We would love to see you next year as well- thanks for spreading the word! Any suggestions or ways we
    Could improve are always helpful! Thanks again!

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