The Maid Is Putting in Her Notice Once Bike Season Starts


“Life is like riding a bike, in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


It is 18 degrees outside.  Did I stutter? I said, “It is 18 degrees out!!!”  I am tired of this friggan weather.  I have rode a pahetic five miles this year…well since November even.


I am hoping to buy a trainer and get into cycling since I am an idiot and signed up for a duathlon in April…even though I am going to die on the bike course.  RIP stupid, blonde who can’t bike…


I do not know why I haven’t bought a trainer yet.  I hate the dreadymill and I hate the water…so I think it makes a lot of sense…now here is my confession.  I need to learn the bike.  It is like I have a child I know nothing about and if I do not learn, I could be screwed.  For those of you who know me, I love biking.  I would love to be able to bike all the time and never drive…I will just have to carry Lilly.


Once I have a trainer, hopefully I will feel more confident in the duathlon.  I guess it will be a learning experience.  I mean, what else was I going to do that day?


Here is my maid problem.  I clean all the time and it is just Lilly and myself.  I do not know what happens.  It is like there is a little elf who comes in to mess up the place because I go to races all the time so I do not know how it gets so messy.  I got home today at four.  I spent about two hours unpacking and repacking for Sleepy Hollow next weekend.  Then I had to find all of my bike stuff.  I had to clean out my car and put away groceries.  I mean, I just need a breather!!!!


So I have come to a conclusion.  I am going to put in my notice once biking season hits!  Why???  I just spent a ton of time cleaning and I cannot even remember the last time someone came over…it has been a LONG TIME!!!!!!!  So you know what???  I QUIT!!!!!!!!


Please do not think I am going to wear dirty laundry and have a shithole.  It is just the task of cleaning instantly…you know what, some of it can wait until tomorrow….I just can’t keep up with it and what is the point when no one is going to see it….?  I think this is a bonus about being single…


So tomorrow I am hopefully going to get past mile five of biking and not be so freaked out about my clips and my back wheel…yeah that is right I can’t ever get my wheel back on once I take it off….It isn’t that I do not know how to, but it is hard with the chain.  I will learn…sometime…somehow, someday….


On another note, I am happy to report that after five and a half months I am finally over TOM!!!!!!!!


I kept thinking about it and having a race last weekend near his place did not help.  I thought I would dwell on it, but it turns out that it actually helped.  I have only just started my quest for a good racing season and to gain confidence and I already feel stronger….maybe not speed wise yet, but emotionally…I still hate not having people see me finish, but I enjoyed the nice comment by my strava peep: Art Christianson!!!!!  Shout out for the nicest words of wisdom…ha ha and if you ran a race I would totally run by you to kick your ass all the way to the finish!!!! So that you can have a pr!!!!!!   Thanks for the comment.  It made my awful day go on with a smile. 


I love Strava.  I admit my ex got me addicted to it and even said at the time he wouldn’t follow me because I put too many segments up…guess what???  I do work!!!!  I love keeping track of my workouts and I can go back and see how I did on a course…I also can explore…It is very helpful and I have definitely found a lot of races through people on the website.


As for being single, I think I should pitch an idea to strava ha ha ha…I could be the bachelorette and go on five cycling or running dates with five guys ha ha ha ha….joking…after doing the bachelor Syracuse contest, I do not think you could pay me enough.  I enjoyed the free meal but the whole thing was a joke and come on!!!!!!  The guy said he didn’t even want to date….So I wasted my night going on a supposed date and making an ass out of myself just to have the guy tell me he doesn’t want to date…When you are on a date….don’t tell the girls you plan on staying single…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



Movinggggg on….I’m glad the sun is out here and Spring starts Friday…but I hope it really starts because the waiting is killing me…  Happy one day closer to Friday!


And if it doesn’t get to be Spring soon, I looked at the calendar and feel better that Spring break is in a month…that means I can pack my shit and bike where the sun is shining allllllllll day!!!!!!!!!!! 


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