Coffee To Go!


I learned that courage was not the  absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not  feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.


It is Tuesday and I have not written in a few days. This weekend I will be adding half marathons number 35 and 36 into the books! Have I been lost on some amazing run? NOOOO!!!! My other love is biking and my bike definitely told me how it feels about being neglected. I want to take my bike on long trips and climb giant hills…but she just doesn’t want to cooperate. I would love to buy a new bike now and if I had known I would not be doing so many races…but I loved my bike…”LOVED.” I need to continue to love it until I can get one that is more of a good fit. I haven’t found a way to tell the “Felt,” it isn’t going to work out between us and I have a bike race April 26…uhhhh ohhhh!

Monday and today have been solely dedicated to making my bike capable of riding. I have some hills to climb and strava don’t preach. I need to work on my times!!!!!


My first set of races was amazing. I went on this adventure to two different states so I could run two half marathons in two days, which makes me crazy. Along the way, I found out that there are all sorts of crazy, amazing people out there who do the same thing! It isn’t crazy. It is this will inside of us to accomplish something we did not think we were capable of. I did not know I was going to be able to finish and I was nervous. I ran the first day fine, but then the second day I was really tired…but I did great! I want better times, but it is amazing when we turn off all reason of doubt and just reach our goals.

So here is round two!!!!!!!!!!!!

LET’s GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have back to back races this weekend. I can’t wait though I want to do well. I have been taking it easy on the running and I did a little biking yesterday and a tiny bit today. It felt nice…change is good and I like to train on the bike and my knees do too!!!!

My medals are still missing something. I have a bunch of room left on my new rack.

Saturday, March 22, 2014 Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon

Here is the course map:

Love me some hills….can’t wait…
The race starts at 9:30 and due to the amount of snow, they had to change part of the course because of the trails. I love trail running! I did a 16 mile trail race and would love to do more…

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Syracuse Half Marathon 8:00

The course is pretty flat…and my brain will feel flat after Saturday.

This is the second time in a row where I will be going from a hilly course to a flat course.


I hate to sound cocky, but I am proud of myself. I started this whole quest to keep my mind on track and get out of my little hole of depression…and for the first time in a while I feel great. I feel really strong and proud of myself. I love this feeling of going out and finishing all these races and meeting so many wonderful people.
After being through so much crap in life it is nice to finally hit that nice balance where I can feel happy.

Upcoming races: (Tomorrow I Find Out About The Marine Corps Marathon!!!!)
March 8- Chambersburg HAlf Marathon (1:55)

March 9- The Oceans Run 1/2 Marathon South Kingstown, RI (1:51)

March 15- Run For Dennis 5k Oswego, NY (25:02)

March 22- Sleepy Hollow 1/2 Marathon Sleepy Hollow, NY

March 23- Syracuse 1/2 Marathon

April 5- Race The Runways 1/2 Marathon Brunswick, Maine

April 6- Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Classic 1/2 Marathon Ithaca, NY

April 19- Flannery’s Pub Half Marathon Mercersburg, PA

April 20???

April 26- Duathlon Rochester, NY

April 27- Flower City Half Marathon Rochester, NY

May 3-? Take a day off ha ha

May 4- The Greater Binghamton Bridge Half Marathon Binghamton, NY

May 11- Socci Stilletto Stampede 5k Liverpool, NY

May 17- St. Michaels Half Marathon, Maryland

May 18- Historic Marine Corps Half Marathon- Fredricksburg, VA

May 31- Run For the Dream 8k Patriots Challenge Williamsburg, VA

June 1- Run For the Dream Half Marathon Williamsburg, VA

June 14-? 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon Philadelphia, PA

June 15- New Paltz Challenge 1/2 Marathon New Paltz, NY

June 22- Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Relay runner 1/2 Marathon Jamesville, NY

June 28-? 50 Yard Finish Buffalo, NY 1/2 Marathon

June 29- Cattamount Half Marathon- Brattleboro, VT

15. July 13- Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon- Portland, Maine (2:15 Half Marathon Pace Leader) Woo Hoo…I need to slow down and practice some of my runs…

july 26- pa Grand Canyon half marathon

august???? Turning stone races August 23-24??

september 6- bird in hand half marathon pa

september 20??? Wicked half marathon sale. Massachusetts

October 5- wineglass full marathon!!! Corning ny

October 20- Gettysburg Half or Empire Half
November 16 Delaware Canal Bucks County challenge Half Marathon Satuday and full marathon Sunday?
March 7 2015- Chambersburg Half Marathon

in lottery- marine corps marathon and NYC marathon


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