A Pain In the Knee


“It is not the length of life, but depth of life.” Ralph Waldo emerson


So I couldn’t wait until Friday to confess to you that I got in!!!!! I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon October 26th, 2014… And I am friggan Happy!!!

Unfortunately, I am really nervous now. So I fell off my bike almost two weeks ago. I just finished my two races and I clipped my feet into my clips on my bike. Well, I didn’t realize I had clipped and fell.  My knee was sore.  It has been feeling better but I have been taking it easy. I haven’t ran since Saturday, which is a rarity. I did a little bike. 


I have two races this weekend and I cannot sleep right now because I woke up and my knee is killing me….now the pain is shooting down my leg and I’m nervous. Running means so much to me and I can’t stop!!! I wish it would get nice out so I can bike more and give it time….I’m afraid I did something to it.  If anyone has any remedies please let me know!!!! I’m desperate…..



needs to run!!!

this can’t be happening or ill be devastated!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Pain In the Knee”

  1. Well, congratulations on getting in!!! That’s awesome!! My husband ran Marine Corps Marathon and it’s a great one!!! I hope your knee feels better!! 😉

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