Don’t Go Cryin’ To Your Momma Cause You’re On Your Own…

Image“I loved the freedom of running, the fresh air, and feeling that the only person I am competing with is me.” Wilma Rudolph



Confession Friday!!!!!!!!!


What a week!  I got to play with my craptastic bike that needs  a lot of work…I had a great time learning about it but I am annoyed I need a new one.  I had a good week at work aside from my moments of being a punching bag again…and I enjoyed the awesome starbucks my friend brought me today!!!!  Thanks Jaci!!!!!!!  You are awesome!


I left for Sleepy Hollow this afternoon at 4:30.  I was starving so I stopped for coffee and French fries…yum yum but now all I want is pizza…I saw this great vegan pizza recipe and now all I can think about is the pizza….but I am at a hotel and I cannot obviously make it.


So on my way to Sleepy Hollow, I enjoyed the music…most of the time.  You know you travel a lot when you do not have to hit the seek button in the car.  I think my favorite song is the new Paramore song…I think it came on at a great time…I know I sound like a broken record and I have a great time driving, but it can be borrrrrrring!!!!!!


So I had a blast.  I blared the music and cranked the window…”Don’t go crying to your momma…cause you’re on your own…in the real world…cause your on your own…”   So I enjoyed it…but the lyrics are right.


I need to keep doing these races and stop focusing on the fact that I end them alone.  I can have fun alone…I hope I do not become cat lady…but these races are a great way for me to get out.  Today was the first time I have ever had to drive on 17 east.  I realized tonight my night vision sucks….a lot!!!!!  This is also another reason why it would be nice to not drive alone.  I am wondering if I need to take half a day for my next travel race because my eyes just cannot take the bright lights.  I hated the turns and the road signs.  I didn’t feel like the safest driver. 


Soooo what should I confess tonight on the eve of Sleepy Hollow???  hmmmmm


I once learned that piano is good for your memory.  I started to take piano and became really good at it.  I could memorize music and I loved playing Bach…but there is a song called, “Largo.”  Largo is my favorite and I miss it.  I used to own a piano but I could not take it with me and I haven’t played in over two years.  I know I can’t sing worth crap anymore, but I wish I had a piano to practice on.  I found it relaxing.  I guess this is not the most exciting confession…hmmmm let me think of something good….


Besides the fact that I hate water, I get claustrophobic.  I can’t stand a bunch of people right near each other.  It is ridiculous and I hate malls around the holidays.  I went to my first concert this year and I don’t know if I could ever go to another one.  I fainted because I couldn’t breathe…it was too hot and there were too many people.  Maybe that makes me a people hater ha ha ha !!!!!!




Happy Friday and good luck on your race if you have one in the morning! 





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