Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon- #35

Today was my first half marathon of the weekend…and it went into the books with a bang!  A big fat, bang in my knee…I can’t believe I did the fall of shame today.  There is even a picture of me doing the walk of shame at the end of the race when I did not think I could walk anymore.  I think the only thing that made me get to the finish was the funny Scottish guy who said in a thick accent, “come on now ya hear.  Knees are so over-rated anyways and you’ve got about a mile.”  He was funny.  I picked up myself and finished.
The day started out alright and I made it to Tarrytown with no problem.  I keep leaving all this extra time to get to races and then I sat in my car for about an hour after packet pick up.  I like getting there early because I am sure it helps and I can just relax.  I met some nice people.  I saw a lot of  “Half Fanatics.”  There was even a guy from Kansas City.  I have never met someone from there.
By the way, I do indeed notice I look like a sharpei on my stomach but I was so sore I don’t really care…
So I love the medal and it is perhaps one of my favorites.  I think it is really “tight.”
The elevation on this course was ridiculous.  It was like a roller coaster.  I am proud that I had a great pace until mile 8…that is when I decided to kiss the dirt.  Maybe when I was listening to the song, “Another One Bites The Dust,” I was a little too inspired. 
The truth is that it was uphill and a trail.  The trail was gravel and I tried to sprint up it and boom!!!!!!  At least the guy behind me asked if I was alright.  I was embarrassed.  Ha ha and then I think because I had the wind knocked out of me I was sort of hyperventilating.  Now I think I know what an asthma attack must feel like. 
In short, I had a great time.  I confess I felt so sore at the end that it was a little hard to suck it up and not want to cry.  I am nervous about Syracuse tomorrow.  I wanted to do so good today.  I feel like I am having some great luck and I do not want to lose it.  I consider my luck still strong.  I am amazed and proud that I still finished in under two hours even though I had to walk for a mile.  I was a little sad to realize it would not be possible to finish in the 1:40’s for the time…but finish in under two hours after my spill meant that I was strong and did not give up. 
This would have been one of those amazing moments where Prince Charming would have carried me to the car and let me put ice on my knees…but as luck would have it, the Phelps Memorial Hospital was at the race.  I think destiny wanted me to meet the crew.  I had to have the gravel pulled out of my knees and they put hydrogen peroxide on my knees…that felt great!!!!!  They washed off my hands and I realized I had a bloody nose in the car and massive amounts of dirt on my face…
This was still a great race.  It is not for the weak and it is making me reconsider signing up for the Mountain Goat in Syracuse on May 4, 2014.  Love me some hills!!!!
Great volunteers and good music around the course.  I liked the amount of support on the course.  The roads were in rough shape and obviously the trail was bad.  They rerouted the course because of the snow.  I feel like part of the race was on a highway…117???  That was fun…I am also sad to report, though it seemed appropriate, that I left my purple ems headband on the side of the road.  I wore that in my first race…rip headband.  Jeez!!!  That and my black running gloves!!!!!  I am glad I resisted the urge to throw my mountain goat shirt.  I love my mountain goat shirt that is hot pink!  I don’t want to lose that.  So today I finished in about 1:58…maybe a little less and my garmin said I ran 13.5 miles…and strava don’t preach.

And at the end of the day and even during the race, I am still smiling.


6 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon- #35”

  1. Awesome girl and ouchy, sorry what happened to your knees!! Looks painful but seriously, what a trooper, you kept going and finished strong! You’re fabulous!! Great time, too!!

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