“Run like you stole something”


I have been on this whole kick to fall back in love with myself and it is working. I went for a run last night on the hills. I decided to reverse my course and just go out and have a good time. I decided to go with the theory, “run like you stole something.” It worked. I ran under six minutes for my first mile. It has been done and sure it was downhill but it was still fast. I had cars beeping when I went up the giant hill so they either were cheering me on because that hill sucks of I had the “honk if you are horny” sign on me….it is always guys who honk…just saying….

I hope I don’t lose this positive feeling I have. Running is the best therapy and it is free…besides the race entries and shoes. I don’t know where I would be without it except three hundred pounds and a giant Oreo ass. Running is my “me” time and you know you are truly in love with running when it never makes you quit.

I am also proud to report the kids have taken it easy on me after last week…I have some good black and blues from Friday. I am too old to be a punching bag. My leg looks a lot better but this is where he was kicking me.

I want to sneak out and run during my planning….but I need to go slow and change so I don’t know if it will happen. This weather sucks. I need some outside time. The air felt nice though I think the hills were a bit much…but today pretend you stole something when you run…it is a lot better than pretending you are being chased by someone who is going to kidnap you or something…someone told me to try that and I find it just plain creepy.


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