Confession Friday- From the Couch

ImageIt is finally Friday again but I cannot complain.  I think this week went by rather fast though I am sad I have to give up Lilly on Monday already and it seems to fly by fast.  I am still not happy that I will not see her for about two weeks in April…It sucks!


     So confession Friday.  Hmmm…Okay so I wanted to run by Sullivan Park today and I was with Lilly.  It started to rain, but we still played anyways.  We love playgrounds in the summer…it may never get here though.  Well, when we finished playing I confess I almost drove to Sylvan Beach in Vernon, NY.  It isn’t that far but it is a hike.  I wanted cotton candy.  I do not know why but I have been craving it.  I am trying to drop weight and I forgot my lunch today.  I have been eating pumpkin ravioli.  It is so good, but I did not bring it today.  I was starving and I did not have enough time to go out at lunch.  I craved cotton candy.  I am proud that I resisted the urge and did not give in. 


     I am happy that I had a good run on Tuesday this week, but I want to run way more.  I feel like I get a little lazy.  I do have a treadmill so the rain is no excuse and Lilly sometimes cooperates when I am running…sometimes is the key word.  I can tell when I have not run much because this weather starts to depress me.  I love running and being inside all day sucks.  I wish I could run and play outside all day.  It would be wonderful.


ImageThis is how I felt yesterday…and I am only 33!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty soon, Lilly is going to be driving me around!!! I am going to be too old and cripple to drive myself.

ImageSo what to confess that is really interesting.  I have no idea.

I found the picture of my worst bib number.  I was at the WDF (Not What Da Fuck)…rather Woman’s Distance Festival in Deruyter.  My friend Katie came with me and I took one for the team.  I took the infamous number 69.  I didn’t care and yes I did have some laughs along the way…so here it is:

ImageSee not very exciting.  I did okay in this race…I finished in 23 something but it was hot as hell out because it was night time.  Blaaaaaaaaaaa


So I started out on this whole mission this year.  I love the blogging and the running.  I remember the weekend I had to go to Chambersburg. I was having bad luck with my car too.  I had a low tire pressure twice on my car.Image

I was going to run the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run in Syracuse and even registered….but I decided I needed to flee town and get away from my race creeps…so I guess this could be the confession for Friday and I do not care if he is listening or not…it was just plain weird.  I cannot block the person because my blog is public. After I got dumped by the VP of the douche of the month club, I did not run for a while.  I forced myself to do a half marathon in Pennsylvania and thought I was going to die.  I needed to get back into running and it was getting dark out so stupid me I thought this guy would actually be okay with just running with me.  So we went running and it was fine.  Then his date bailed on him for some rugby formal.  I said I would go and I went and got completely hammered.  That was the last time I was drunk. Drunk makes me stupid.  Even before we went to the formal as FRIENDS, since I made it clear I was not ready to date, he made up this schedule.  He asked when I had Lilly since I said I was not going to run on those days.  The next thing I know I get a schedule of all the days we are running all the way to July.  Then, he wants to take me on a date.  Instead of taking me on a date to the movies or something he takes me to Ohio to a music concert and gets a hotel.  I don’t know about you but when you take someone on a date for the first time to a hotel, it is degrading…especially when the person gets into the room and lays on the bed.  After this happened, I was done.  When I got picked for the Five Dates In Five Days contest, he sent me pissy texts because I did not want to date him and why was I doing this.  I told him he was a dick and I blocked him.  Then on Valentine’s Day he tried to contact me and I told him to leave me alone.  He is at so many races and I just do not want to be around that.  When I ran the Syracuse Half Marathon he was there and shouted out my name going up the hill.  It made me stop for a little while and want to barf in my mouth.  I think I was repulsed and he raised the red flags…


     Moving on, I still am not sure about Maine.  I think I am leaning towards going and riding before I leave for Maine.  Maybe I will bring the bike to Maine.  I have never biked there.  We will see….


     As for life in general, I miss biking and running this week.  I feel jipped because of this weather and my work schedule.  I cannot wait to go back to 4:05 next year when I can leave work.  That still gives me some time to go running before I get Lilly.  I think I will love this!!!! 


So next weekend I have a one mile race, along with two half marathons.  Now that I have the half marathons under my belt and somewhat in control if I watch my steps, I want to do well on the one mile race.  I like the trophies and I think I am a better sprinter.  Have a good Friday.


Ohhhhh I need new shoes and my pure connects are not working out…what lightweight shoes can you recommend????


3 thoughts on “Confession Friday- From the Couch”

  1. I feel like that little kid right before Christmas…I want to win the one mile but I mean win the whole thing…the guy who won it did 5:08….my one mile pr is 5:22…..I’m all giddy and excited and then I will have to run the half but weeeeeee

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