You Run Like A Girl

“You throw like a girl.”

I get really pissed when I hear that…okay I agree…boys are better at some things but girls can be good too.  My first win in running, I was ahead of everyone but one guy.  It makes me more competitive and I have more fun.  So I am looking at this race next weekend and the winner finished in 5:08….my mile time is 5:22….and I want this sooooooo bad! I realistically do not think I can do this so I am probably talking out my ass, but I would love more than anything to beat all the guys.  In any case, the girl who won last year finished in 8:07….I want to win an airplane trophy…does that make me a kid? So what!   I think Lilly would love to play with it.   


Therefore, I should probably go for a run!   Image


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