“Run with your legs to be fast, Run with your mind to be faster, run with your heart to be unstoppable.”- A. Thompson

ImageI hate the dreadmill.  I really really hate the dreadmill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like Spring is never going to happen and it is a tease.  I decided I hated the gym and was going to tough it out for another year and it worked last year…but last year the winter was not nearly as bad.

ImageI hate it so much but there is this part inside me that keeps ticking.  It is the will to succeed.  I have had crappy runs all week except for Tuesday, but I am not worried because I want this more than anything.  I want to be that girl who amazes everyone and never gives up.  Why do I have such strong will and determination?  It is this easy:

ImageI do it for her.  I want to be her role model.  I became a better runner after I had Lilly and she loves it when I run and she is my best supporter.  She even has a little cow bell that says, “Run Mommy Run!”  I couldn’t ask for a better cheerleader.  I have this problem though.  I need to find more time and I need to suck it up and get more quality runs in.  I can’t focus on the distance because I know I can finish a half marathon and I know I can finish it in under two hours but what happened to the girl who could finish in under 1:38 minutes?  She is around here somewhere.  I keep talking about all these ways I can succeed but the math is not adding up.  When I got out of work last year and the year before, I was able to run before I picked up Lilly.  I am just going to have to find the time.  I would run six miles and then go pick her up.  Even if I can only run one or two miles, I need to make them quality miles.  I can do this but I neeeeeeeed to do it. 


     Weight:  I know I am not fat, but I am still heavier than before.  I need to drop the weight and I have been but it still isn’t working.  Lilly and I talked about it and we went to the grocery store.  She agreed to eat healthier with me as long as she could keep her macaroni and cheese.  So here is what I bought:

apples, bananas, lentil chips, hummas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, veggie burgers, and ingredients to make some vegan chocolate chip pumpkin cookies…they are my favorite and I already made them when I got home.  I also bought some tofurkey or whatever you call the tofu sort of burgers.  I do not know the names of all these things.  I also bought some organic potato pancakes in case I am too lazy to make my own.  I have a lot of healthy things already, but I am thinking of going strictly vegetarian or perhaps vegan.  I am open to ideas and I see a lot of benefits. I do not eat a lot of meat as it is and I love vegetables.  I do not eat a lot of sugar because of the diabetes looming over my head.  I figure this is a good diet and I am actually tired of all the shit that is in food.  This is of course not a cheap diet, but I think it Is a healthy way of life.  There is so much sickness developing in the world that I can’t help but wonder if it is from all the garbage we eat that is processed?  Anyhow, I figure that I will give this a shot.  I am not going to force it on Lilly, but she already eats organic macaroni and cheese and milk.  She is all good.  She eats really healthy already.  That’s my girl.  She asked me for yogurt today as her snack ha ha ha.


     The need for a coach.  I am not sure what to do.  In the summer I do not have a lot of races and I am planning on biking a lot.  However, I have the Marine Corps Marathon on October 26 and the Wineglass Marathon October 6.  I might do another marathon but I am waiting.  The only other race I have in the fall thus far is Bird in Hand Half Marathon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on September 6.  I had a coach through the Syracuse Chargers, but I never get to go and I am always tired.  In fact, I should be at practice around 6.  I think a coach is an excellent idea, but I need a coach that can work with my time.  I do not know what I am going to do but I would love to have someone who can just run with me at least one day a week.  I can run the half marathon in my sleep but I want to kill the full marathon and make it to Boston.  This is my dream and I want to get there and I know I can.  I need help but I am not sure how to get it.  I guess I will have to keep thinking about it.  Hey, who wants to go for a 20 mile run with me at an 8 minute or even 7:45 minute pace?  Exactly…there are not a lot of people out there this crazy and I do not want to find another “interesting” running partner.


Moving onnnnnnn……..here is my race weekend preview I have put together to help get me stoked for this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!


Race the Runways:  Saturday, April 5, 2014 Brunswick, Maine

Image I guess I thought that because the course was on the tarmac, the entire race would be dead flat, but this has a little elevation to it.  This is the half marathon course and it looks good.  I talked to the race director and he said they have had so much snow they have to keep going out and plowing the course so that the ice does not stick.  That sucks and on top of that they were supposed to get another 16-18 inches last night.  I can hear my mom swearing in Maine now.  I thought they wanted to move to Virginia.  Maybe it isn’t too late.  I hear the weather is a little warmer. 

Here is the medal you get at the end and there are some nice looking munchies which will be good for my 7 hours of road rage back to Syracuse alone.  Some day I will have a travel buddy I hope.  I am trying to talk Krista into doing some of these crazy races!  She works for the IRS and needs a break!!!!! 

ImageI think this is a pretty sweet medal myself and it will look nice on my wall.  This will be half marathon number 37 and my third half marathon in Maine.  I like Maine…some of the races are really hilly.  The Freeport Half Marathon was very hilly.


     So since I am trying to do the one mile race, I peaked at the records.  I do not know if I will be able to kick the girl’s record, but I am going to try my best.  I would love to do it and maybe if I get close enough I will be agitated to come back and try again next year.  Why?  Because I tend to miss things by a few seconds and it is ridiculously frustrating.


I would love to break a record, but even if I do not I know I will put my heart into it. 

Here is a picture of the nice trophies the winners get in case anyone wants to sign up at the last minute.

ImageAfter my excitement on Saturday, I will have to hop in my car and drive home.  The mile run is at 8:45 and the half is at 9:30.  I will hopefully be in my car by noon after changing and having some food.  I do not know if I will place, but I will stick around a little while because they do not mail awards.  I might be able to ask.  I do hope it isn’t long because I would love to be home  by 8 o’clock. 



Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon (#38)  April 6, 2014 10:00am

This is near and dear to my heart because this is the first race that made me cry because I ran it and finished under 1:40.  Anyone who knows Ithaca, knows there are hills so I am proud of my time and I will never forget this race.

ImageLast year they changed the course and I think they added a hill.  I wanted to die and I was really tired.  I still ran better than I have been running recently.  I finished in 1:46.

ImageThe race starts at 10 and the weather is usually around 46.  This year it is only $20 to enter and you get a finisher medal.  I am excited to run this course and I remember having a great time.  I was annoyed someone took my boilermaker t-shirt(I hid it under a bush), but my stupid ex boyfriend has my boilermaker beer glasses so I would rather those had been stolen too!!!!!!!!  I love the water stops because they compete to win money for their favorite charity so they are really interesting. 


Favorite race so far?  It is really hard to choose.  I know my all-time favorite course is the Wineglass Half Marathon because it is really well run and I have a pr there of 1:37.  However, it is not my favorite medal and I am shocked Lilly has not broken it.  I really like Lake Placid because it is a beautiful course and that was my first half marathon.  I have run that three times.  I hated Scroon Lake because of the hills and it was so hot.  I love the Gettysburg Half because I liked winning a baked pie and I helped the north win ha ha ha.  I won a beer mug for that (which my stupid ex also has).  I think I am more pissed about that than him dumping me in a text message.  Give me back my race mugs you stupid f-er!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry ha ha ha .  I want them back.


Favorite race:  The Boston Half Marathon.  Why?  I got to run with Kim Smith from New Zealand.  I did meet Joan Benoit Samuelson at the Wineglass Half and she did run with me but the Boston Half had a lot of pros in it and for about an hour and a half I got to live the dream of competitive running.  I was even happy when I realized they were only two miles ahead of me ha ha ha.  Those girls are fast.  I can’t remember who the other girl was.  Jepto???  She was from Ethiopia.  Crazy fast!!!!!


Favorite Marathon:  Gettysburg Full….ha ha ha ha it is the only full I have done and I did it twice.  My side won both times.  Do not even ask where my mugs are.  B–p!!!!!  I was going to do the full Wineglass Marathon but I was extremely sick and I went out for my last run and had to stop and barf and did not even make it three miles.  It figures.  I was so excited so we have a redo this year!!!!!!!!  No sicky for me!


     So I am excited about these races.  I have a lot of procrastinating going on.  I should be doing 48 report cards and getting ready for the week, but I am so excited about this racing season. 

     I do not know what it is.  Maybe it is the will to succeed or maybe it is the tight ass shorts that I wear to help me run better, which works.  I feel really amazing and sexy when I run.  I do not want to sound cocky, but there is just something about being out there for that time and feeling the wind brush against me.  I love the feel of a good run and a hard workout.  There is nothing better than to pass the guys and earn a little respect for not being a slow runner.  There is no such thing as slow unless you are on the couch like I am right now.  My point is, I am proud of my accomplishments and for the first time in a long time, I feel pretty fucking good!!!!  I hope I feel that way on the bike too, but the helmet does not make me feel sexy.  I have enjoyed being single these past 6 months, but I am hoping that my positive attitude and warm heart catches someone’s attention.  I think I am a good person and I have a deep sense of value and the ability to be genuine.


     It has been almost two years since I left my lovely ex husband.  I am proud that today I feel like I have my new, fresh start.  I am excited of some news I received today.  I hate that I still have to share Lilly, but for once things are going well.  I hope life keeps looking up.  Right now, I feel unstoppable!


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