Get Lost to Be Found

ImageI have learned along the way that sometimes it is the best way to find yourself if you just let yourself get a little lost.  This week is one of those weeks where I want to scream for joy because I am going to get in my car and escape the craziness that surrounds me.  I just need to stop and breathe but I do not get that chance until tomorrow.  I was contemplating going to make the trek to Maine, but I really really just need to get away.  This week has been a domino of bad luck and crazy busy work.  I am also happy to report that I broke up with Winter and I think I found a new love- Spring!  My races on Saturday are filled with a high chance of rain and temperatures around 49…which will most likely occur after I am done running and have to drive.  The good news?  My windshield washer tank has quit on me for about the eighth time this year and I am done getting it fixed because it will just break again!!!!!!!!  If you see me with a bottle of glass cleaner hanging out my window, I have got this! 


ImageThis sums up the biking activities for my week…well I had a great ride on Monday.  I had to drive to my nice start in Chittenango.  I wrote about it already, but I am still smiling.  Then, I decided to have a nice long run on Tuesday.  It felt nice and hard.  I ran up the hills and ran 6.3 miles.  I ended up with a pace of 8:07…but I think it is because I had to slow down and run around in circles to make sure I finished my Strava 10k challenge.  I am definitely one of “those runners.”  I wanted to finish at the right pace.  My time was a little over 51 minutes and I loved it.   Then, I killed my workout on the bike.


I decided I was going to bike about 15-20 miles since I have the duathlon on the 26th in Rochester.  I was so excited.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the stupid deer ran out in front of me.  I should have known.  They always come out when I run or bike, but I did not think they would be dumb enough to go in front of me and almost get hit by a car.  I saw them ahead of me and I slowed down and tried to scare them, but then I hit the gravel and I definitely scared them when I landed on the side with my foot still clipped in.  Stupid friggan clips.  So the moral of the story is the driver of the car thanked me for helping him not hit the deer, but I felt like a loser because he totally saw me fall on my ass.  Huff!!!!!!!!!


Then, I get on my bike and realize my chain is off!  I put it right on. Well, by this time I had made three more drivers stop and two bikers.  I should be thrilled people offered to help and I am hoping I did not look pathetic.  I got on my bike and went a little ways, but I was really sore so I turned around.  Well guesssssss what????  Another deer ran out in front of me.  I missed this time and I think I need those deer noise makers for my bike.  Or maybe my bike is cursed because my ex gave it to me…well he picked it out and gave it to me but then turned around and tried to make me pay for it.  I paid him $600 if you must know and I told him he could basically go ___ himself later when he dumped me and asked for more money.  Excuse me???  You dumped me and you want me to pay you ha ha ha ha ha ????  Nice try. 


I cannot wait to get rid of the bike but I need a bike for now until I can afford a new one.  I have one in mind so I will focus on trying to keep my ass on the bike before I get another one to wreck.  I want to sell my FELT, but part of me wonders if I should keep it because I obviously have issues with staying balanced on the bike.


ImageLilly and I went to the park yesterday.  I love taking her outside and we went for over a four mile walk and she loves it!!!!  I love taking her outside and I think it is a great way to get her into the outdoors.  When I was growing up, we had play forts and ran around all the time.  I hate technology and want Lilly to breathe the fresh air and have a great time.


I am sad I do not have her this weekend, but I have some good things in store for her for her birthday weekend!!!!!!!!! 


This weekend:

April 5- Race the Runways:  Brunswick, Maine  Half Marathon and one mile sprint

April 6- Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon   Ithaca, NY

What is next????

Flannery’s Pub Run Half Marathon (Though I quit drinking I will still have fun) April 19: Mercersburg, PA

April 26- Duathlon Rochester NY????  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Not Ready

April 27- Flower City Half Marathon Rochester, NY  (I could run in my sleep)

May 3-  Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon ?????  Or Mountain Goat 3k and 10 mile run in Syracuse, NY???????????

Decisions Decisions

May 11- Stiletto Stampede 5k

May 17- St. Michaels Running Festival- Half Marathon  St. Michaels, Maryland

May 18- Marine Corps Half Marathon   Fredricksburg, VA

May 31- Patriots Challenge in Williamsburg Virginia

8k and Half Marathon

June 13- 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon Philadelphia, PA

June 14- New Paltz Half Marathon- New Paltz, NY

June 22- Ironman Half Marathon course for the relay- Biker???  TBA

June 29???  Catamount Half Marathon Brattleboro, VT

July 26 Grand Canyon Half Marathon Pennsylvania

September 6- Bird in Hand Half Marathon    PA

October6- Wineglass Full Marathon    Bath, NY

October 26- Marine Corps Marathon – Fredricksburg VA


4 thoughts on “Get Lost to Be Found”

  1. Hey will look up the St. Michaels marathon…..maybe Doug and I could come watch you. Would love to see you. Hugs!

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