Race The Runways- Brunswick, Maine #37 (#5 this year)

…”Run to inspire…”  My motto of the day…I am sure someone else thought of this first.

ImageToday was a great day and I had fun meeting up with Cynthia and Andrea from Rhode Island.  We met at the Ocean’s Run Half Marathon in March and we all decided to share a room.  This is such a great idea and a good way to save money for MORE RACES!!!!!

I also met Judy, who is from Massachusetts.  She was really nice.  I hope I run into her again too….

ImageMe, Andrea, Judy, and Cynthia…They belong to the Half Fanatics…which means they are crazier than I am.


I am proud to confess I did not lose any clothes today and this is about all I ran in today.  It got really warm for me…story of my life.  When I started the mile run I turned into an oven because the temperature was 41, even though it was raining and snowing.

My time says 6:44 but the course was 1.1 miles…a little long and I finished the first mile in 6:15…I was edged out of first by a young girl…my friends said she cut the corners…oh well…I beat out another little girl by half a second.  I like my trophy, though first place was an airplane trophy…I am happy to place 🙂  this was not a pr for me…soon I hope!


I like the shirt and I think number 39 was my lucky number today…I will probably get 666 tomorrow ha ha ha!

ImageHere is my race data for the half marathon.  It was ridiculously flat, but I think the one mile sprint took the life out of me and the seven hour drive.  I did fine and I can see I went out way too fast…shocker!!!!!!


I also had trouble with the wind around the six mile mark.  It was on the runway and I felt like I was running against a fan.  When I got out of the wind, I felt like the flash!  It got really hot.


I made a mistake today too.  I drank the Gatorade.  I hate Gatorade.  The water stops were great though, since I am trying to not run with the weight of the water belt.  Tomorrow’s race only has four stops so I am a little worried. 

I am happy today to finish in under 1:50 but I am still not at my old time.  My time today was 1:49:32…I feel like a sloth…I am hoping to break 1:50 again tomorrow, though I am so tired.  My last two times on this course are 1:39 and 1:46…we will see…

ImageI like the medal…it is a nice airplane and there is a roadstrip for the ribbon.  I think I am going to be one of those silly people to decorate my Christmas Tree with all these medals…not this coming year but the year after…. 

ImageThe race food was great and I know a little girl who will be happy to have that whoopee pie when I see her…Lilly loves whoopee Pies…however you spell it…

This was a great race and it was well run!  Definitely on the bucket list and the price was great..I like the shirts…



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