A Late Confession Friday…Can you keep a secret?

“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.”  – Anna Uhlich

ImageYesterday I went for the most amazing bike ride.  I was really slow, but it is one of my favorites.  I love Pratt’s Falls.  It is absolutely beautiful and I consider it one of New York’s great little secrets.  A lot of people do not go here and I think it is a shame.  I love watching old couples sit on the benches by the little stream there.  Yesterday, I saw a father biking with his little girl.  I want to take Lilly there someday.  I love it there.  It is not far from my place.  It is just off Route 20 in Pompey.  It is a must see.

ImageThis is similar to the photo I took last year.  I think this is the best spot to get the classic “bike and falls” shot.  I wish I had removed the water bottle but I am not that picky.  I used to be into photography.  I miss those late nights in college where I would spend hours developing film to just get it right.  I love black and white and it is becoming a bit of a pastime.  It is too bad.  Sometimes I see a lot of black and white just in the world in general. 

I wanted to bike today:

ImageIt was such a tease to be able to bring my bike to work with me, hoping I would get a nice ride at the end of my long day.  It rained…oh boy did it rain.  I did not get to ride today so I was glad I squeezed in 15.5 miles yesterday.  I confess it wasn’t so bad after the half marathon.  I wish I could have just rode all day. 


I confess that biking is my first love, even though I have had a longer relationship with running.  I have heard often enough that most runners turn into bikers when they can no longer run.  When I was out from running for a while, I turned into just that.  I loved biking.  This year is a bit frustrating with the weather.  I am hoping to buy a trainer so I do not have to miss out on biking all winter.  I also wish I could be biking right now.  Instead, I am faced with the quiet evening at home,  It is so yucky outside, I do not want to run.  My knees hurt a bit today so I do not want to put any endurance on them.


     So what is my big confession?  It is not the most exciting, but I think it is rather neat.  I think if I had to pick something I like about myself, it is my eyes.  I feel that when you look at someone and see their eyes, it is like looking into their soul.  I think eyes are amazing and they tell a lot about a person.  I have always had good intuition, but I think the eyes tell a lot about the life someone has lived. 

     My eyes are blue and I was excited that Lilly has my eyes.  I am going to show you one of the most unflattering pictures of myself…but after confessing to someone recently that my eyes change color, I think I may have actually caught it on camera.  You can tell me.  My eyes are really blue, but can change to a really turquoise color…not always at the same time.  I think today only one changed color and I caught it…you can be the judge, and I apologize for the scary picture ha ha ha…ImageMy right eye decided to stay blue, but my left wanted to be different.  I am not sure why it happens.  I think it depends on the mood I am in.  I was very serious this morning and I noticed it in the mirror.  Since I had brought it up last week, I wanted to share this.  I hope that there is nothing wrong with my eyes because it happens.  I know that when I was growing up I had horrible vision and my left eye was -9.5 and my right was -7.5,   I also scratched my cornea really bad and felt like that was the worst pain ever.  I later had PRK and have better vision now.   I know that this is not an exciting confession, but I think it is kind of a gift.  The only thing I do not like is now that I have shared it, you will always know when I am being really serious…which is not often.  Horrible horrible picture…ha ha…


“I have looked into your eyes with my eyes.   I have put my heart near your heart.”  Pope John XXIII


On a happier note, here Is a picture of me pretending to fly…Image



9 thoughts on “A Late Confession Friday…Can you keep a secret?”

    1. Naughty!!!! I could run there it is so close! You have to go. If you take Waterville road it is right off there…or go broadfield to Waterville…it is so nice… I think I am going to start using it as my long runs

  1. That’s awesome that you love biking SO much!! I feel the same way about swimming. I’ve had a longer relationship with swimming so it will always be close to my heart! I love running, though…but swimming is quite magical, too!! Great post and pictures!!

    1. Thanks that is sweet of you…I am not usually serious but I have to let my ex have Lilly for spring break coming up so I have been a little sad. I like my eyes…I get them from my mom and the kids at school love them because they all have brown eyes. I don’t have anyone to take a better picture hahaha so I try but def not one of my best

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