Confessions of a Strava – Holic

“My first time riding a bike, I rode right into a pool on my pink bike.” -True story

“I do believe in love at first sight..Its when you get this fluttering feeling from deep down inside…Its when all you do is think about that special program and all you do is smile…Love at first sight is really true in this world…you just have to find the perfect gps program.”

After dealing with garmin connect and map my run for ages, Strava is my love at first sight. I do not think I could ask for a better program! Today has been a great day despite all odds at hand.

Here is my strava romance for today:
It was noon and the sun was out. The temperature read 82 degrees and Lilly was at the zoo for a birthday party. The felt called and wanted me to ride into the sun and towards the crazy strong wind. So I hooked up my strava and went for a ride. I never forget to bring my strava. I decided that the Pompey Rod and Gun Club is not the safest road for a biker. So I took to route 92 all the way around to Chittenango, NY. I rode up to the Fall. How beautiful they are.

I wanted to stop and stay for a while, but strava told me, “keep going because you are so slow and you will never be home by night fall.” I passed about thirty bikers. It was a club, no doubt. I wished I were with them, but I would rather be on the quiet hills. They all looked at me crazy with my half top. Yes, I am burned to a crisp.

So I continued along route 13 and past the gorge. I went into the village of Cazenovia. Last year I was nearly hit on my bike so I slowed down and took some detours and strava slowed down.

I kept going and going and realized I was so concerned about strava, I forgot my shot bloks. I hadn’t eaten lunch and I was starving as I went by the restaurants. I am such an idiot, I never put my emergency money in my kit. So many dos and so many don’ts at least my strava was at my side and my iphone. By mile 25 I wanted to jump into Cazenovia Lake, but I saw a sign that said, “Manlius is only 10 miles you lazy fool!”

I pushed and I pedaled with my dumb shimano shoes. I know I need new ones…this week will do just fine. My mile 30, a lady passed me on the bike and I tried to race her. I did not catch her, but I saw my home too. Ahhhhh home. In just 32 miles, I found my home. Then I went inside and said to myself, “there is noooooo chance I am going to go for a run now.”

This was a great ride, but I still have a lot to remember and learn about my bike. I was not smart to forget energy candy. I was not smart to forget vitamin water, but thank goodness I grabbed my second water bottle. It was soooooooooo hot today!

I am not 100% back to life yet, but after being out of work for four days, I am nervous about getting back to work and being too tired. This liver infection and strep took the life out of me!!!!

Here is my race schedule right now (I am hoping to get a coach so I might have to change this a bit):

APril 19- Flannery Pub Run Half Marathon- Mercersburg PA (I do not drink)
April 26- Flower City Duathlon 3.1 run 20 miles bike 3.1 mile run Rochester, NY
April 27- Flower City Challenge Half Marathon- Rochester, NY
May 4- Binghamton, NY Bridge 1/2 Marathon
May 11- Stiletto Stampede 5k Onondaga Lake Park NY
May 17- St. Michael’s Running Festival Half Marathon- St. Michaels Maryland
May 18- Marine Corps Half Marathon- Fredricksburg, VA (I am going to die of heat exhaustion)
May 31- June 1- Patriot’s Challenge 8k and Half Marathon Williamsburg Virginia
June 13- 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon Philadelphia, PA
June 14- New Paltz 1/2 Marathon New Paltz, NY
June 22- Ironman Relay -1/2 Marathon leg Jamesville, NY
June 29?? Catamount 1/2 Marathon Brattleboro, VT
July 13 – Portland Old Shipyard Half Marathon 2:15 Pacer
July 26-27??? Rock the Canyon 1/2 Marathon and Marathon PA Grand Canyon, PA
September 6- Bird in Hand Half Marathon Bird in Hand, PA
October 6- Wineglass Full Marathon- Campbell, NY
October 26- Marine Corps Full Marathon Fredricksburg, VA
February 6-7 Ragnar Relays Sarasota Florida to Key West Florida (sounds warm)



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