Flannery’s Pub Run 1/2 marathon #39/#7

“Remember to run with your head, heart and personality, but don’t forget to smile and inspire.” -me

Today’s run I thought would be a disaster after my awful hotel that kept me up. I almost skipped.  I got to the race In greencastle and made the first shuttle.  I went to Mercersburg, PA.  Then, I met some nice ladies and got my chip.  I hate shuttles because it felt like forever to get to the start.  When you see the finish and ride to the start, it sort of sucks!!!


There were over 200 runners and everyone was friendly.  The money goes to fun sports in town! What a great school event!!!  There were plenty of volunteers and 8 energetic water stops filled with the kids we are raising money for.  I still want to start my girl running group. 


This races was extremely hilly, especially at the end. I said some bad things to the hill at mile ten. It looked like a mountain.  I did not get Gatorade until mile 11 and I hateeeee Gatorade.  Oh well!  The race was beautiful I wish I had taken pictures.  As much as I liked the near by Chambersburg Half Marathon in March, this race was great!!!


I want to run it again! My time wasn’t the greatest but since I have been sick I decided to just have fun and I finished in fourth place again!!!!!! Stupid fourth but my legs aren’t tired and I ran like I meant it hahaha.  I must have been okay because people stopped me to say I was really trucking!  If the hills weren’t so scary at the end, I would have been sub 1:50. I finished in 1:54:23Image…. Beautiful race!!!!Image


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