Confession Friday- I’ve Got Some Goodies

Image“Running is one of the best solutions to clear the mind.”


CONFESSION FRIDAY!!!!!  What have you got to confess?????


     After traveling hundreds and even thousands of miles, I finally decided to write to Runner’s World today…I guess you can call it courage.  Why would I do such a thing?  Everyone has a story worth sharing and I want to share mine.  I doubt they will pick me but I decided life is too short to not take chances.  I will never know if I do not try and I can always try again.  I think running has changed my life and I have become a better person for it.

ImageIt feels strange to be home right now.  I feel like I should be driving somewhere because it is Friday and I am not really sure if I will be doing the duathlon tomorrow.  I guess it depends if I have the heart for it tomorrow.  I want to do it but I have never done the duathlon solo and I am afraid of failure…but I guess if I do not try it I will never know.  I confess that when I drive it gets a little boring on the open road by myself so I am addicted to the radio and would probably rock karaoke night.  I have started to put the window down and just get lost in the music.  I think I know every radio station.  I was thinking of sharing my running playlist tonight.  I do not know what you will think other than this is the most random music you have ever seen or never heard of.  I took the French music off to spare you.



Blackout- Breathe Carolina

Clarity- Zedd

Get Lucky- Daft Punk

Glowing- Nikki Williams

Hold On, We’re Going Home- Drake

Madness- Muse

Safe and Sound- Capital Cities

Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris

Tonight I’m Getting Over You- Carly Rae Jepsen

Ways To Go- Grouplove

Wasting My Young Years- London Grammar

Not A Bad Thing- Justin Timberlake

Spectrum- Zedd

Ain’t It Fun- Paramore

Latch- Disclosure

Magic- Coldplay


         I have changed my playlist over the past year and I am thinking of changing it again…I like these songs because they flow and sometimes they make me feel amazing.  “Latch” is my new favorite.  I love the beat behind the singing and it makes me feel amazing.  I want to think about a guy singing that to me.  When I run I sometimes am caught dancing.  Why the heck not? 


         When I bike it is the same thing.  I am sorry but nothing beats climbing huge ass hills with some good music.  Tomorrow I am not allowed to play music and I think that is the hard part.  I want to get lost on my ride and have fun.  That is why part of me wants to skip tomorrow and just go have a sexy ride on the hills. 


       Selfies????  I watched this video about the power of selfies.  I was never big into them but for some reason I find myself wanting to get into it more.  I think it can be a lot of fun if you do it the right way.  I watched this experiment about how taking pictures can make you feel more confident.  I thought it was bullshit, but I started to do it.  In the experiment they posted them on the wall and kids had to say positive thoughts about the girls.  It was a great experiment because the girls realized each other had self doubt.  By the end, I think they all had really good self esteem.  Why am I bringing this up?  When I was younger I had glasses and frizzy hair.  I was heavier and had braces in high school.  Girls used to pick on me and call me names.  I hope they have grown up and I am glad I don’t feel so hideous like they perceived me to be.  So I have been taking a selfie here and there lol. 


Tonight, I want you to put on your favorite shirt and take a selfie and look at it.  I want you to gain some self confidence and realize we are all completely beautiful.  I want you to take that confidence and realize that we are all capable of being beautiful both inside and out and imagine how amazing our world would be if we all did this????????


       Next confession:  

Image  Today I signed up to be a bone marrow donor.


I am not going to lie…I am rather nervous!!!!!!

My sister says I am nuts and that they drill into your hip or something but I am not thinking about it because I met someone today who had received a bone marrow transplant and if drilling into me saves a life then so be it.  Here is how you register.  The NMDP states that any relatively healthy individual between the ages of 18 and 60 can donate bone marrow. Potential donors complete a consent form and short questionnaire. Registrants must pay for and submit to a test of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) type. The NMDP Registry files the results and contacts you if a patient’s HLA matches yours. The Registry always needs donors, especially those of minorities

Read more:


Here is the procedure for donating:  If the Registry contacts you regarding a potential match between you and a patient, you will need to go to an NMDP-approved hospital for the procedure. Daily injections of a drug will increase blood-forming cells in your bloodstream. A doctor will use a hollow needle to withdraw marrow from your pelvic bones. You then may receive a transfusion of your own blood that you had donated previously

Here are the risks: After the procedure, you may feel a little soreness in your lower back for a few days. According to the NIH Clinical Center, your bone marrow should renew itself completely within four to six weeks.

Confession:  This is the part where I wish I had someone to come over.  I will totally do this and if there are two matches then I will donate again.  I know it might mess up with my season but if it saves someone’s life then it is worth the schedule change.  I will have to have a sitter for Lilly maybe.  However, the thought of a sore back makes me wish I had someone here…but I will get over it!!!!  It is for a good cause.  Like I said, meeting the wife of a guy who had a bone marrow transplant did it for me.  I wasn’t going to get my packet until race day but this was worth the drive.  If you are willing and able to donate, I encourage it and I promise to tell you how awful it is when I have to have it done.   Lol I hate drugs and didn’t want any when I had Lilly but I might take them up on it for this.


Anymore confessions tonight????  I had a great ride today and had to go to the bank.  It was nice out and a little too hot, but I ran to the bank and back and today I totaled 18 miles of biking and 3 miles of running.  Can that count as my duathlon??????  Happy Friday




6 thoughts on “Confession Friday- I’ve Got Some Goodies”

  1. Hello beautiful hair and beautiful girl!!! Woohoo, amaaazing pictures!! You’re rockin’ it!!! Ohhhh, how I love your playlist!!! Paramore, Coldplay…LOOOVE!!!

      1. My favorite band is Coldplay!! I’m also loving the song Say Something from A Great Big World. I love OneRepublic and Paramore, too! There are just so many bands I love!

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