A Tale of Two Races

“When you have any measure of doubt you have already failed before you have started.” -me

ImageToday was supposed to be my big transition to duathlon races solo.  I have done relays but I want to do solo events.  Today was the Rochester Duathlon and I not only overslept, but I just had doubt.  The idea of being tired and driving two hours and having a 20 mile bike ride with traffic not closed!!!! I was scared.  I do not shift well and my bike sucks!  I feel slow and I need to get better and know my bike before I get all duathlon crazy.  Truth? I would like to do a half ironman but I need to conquer the bike and the scary swim.  My friend Kim is going to throw me into the water this summer and I am going to do a triathlon!!!

So I woke up hating my failure and laid around until 10:30.  I looked at cnyrunning.com

There was a 5k in Deposit, Ny at 2pm….I decided I am not a quitter so I made myself throw on clothes, grab my wallet and run for it.  


It was the hardest little place to find down past Binghamton!!!!  It is off 17 east by a lake I can’t remember!  It starts with the letter o!


the race was called the “Trout 5k” and was a charity run for the town!  What a great cause.  There were maybe 100-125 runners…. Ummm no idea.  

There were no chip times but it was pretty fair and there were white arrows to help us out!  I started off in second and then third….the little girl went out faster than I did so she pulled back and the lead girl was close to me.  I was about sixth out of everyone.  My first mile was 6:23 and my second was 7:30…. I run too fast at first.  I reached 1.5 miles at ten minutes……oops.  Anyhow, I lost steam over the bridge and the trail section.  I finished the third mile in 7:49 and the last .3 in 6:30 pace…..the course was a little long so my time was 23:39 with a pace of 7:10….. I had the little girl pass me just at the finish but it made her day and I was happy with my spontaneous race time!  I won a trophy!


on a side note- I hate being alone.  Between yesterday and today I have been at home where it is so quiet.  It is nice to a point….but I look forward to the noise….I wish I had a dog!  My cats hate me lol.  




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