Unity Rochester Flower City Challenge Half Marathon- Half number 40 and #8 this year

Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. Racing is where I get mine.”
– John Trautmann

ImageToday, I decided to start with a post race picture because I finished half marathon number 40 and I felt like I was 40 when I finished.  Well, I think I felt 40 more at the beginning when I hit my wall before mile 3.  That was a first and it really sucked!!!!  That was the only time I stopped for a second to catch my breath!!!!!  I looked awful and wanted to celebrate number 40 by not scaring you away first!!!!!   


Here is what I looked like after I finished:  (Keep in mind I woke up at 3:50 to drive two hours because I wanted to pretend I lived at home for once…bad idea)

ImageWhy am I eating my medal?  That is an awesome question.  I am so glad you asked.  I was sick earlier this month, if you remember?  Well, I was vegetarian before I was sick and I guess after I started to feel better I carbed up and my pants filled out a little.  I went from 117 to 122…Then, I went on vacation and ate my face off.  I am in love with crusted pecan pancakes…yummmmm…I thought I was in love with cashews.  I am sorry cashews, but it isn’t working out.  I think pecans are so tasty.  I think if I were ever into Valentine’s Day and I were dating someone, I would rather have pecans than chocolate…They are healthier and well maybe chocolate covered pecans.  Okay, back to the medal.  I left the house at 4 in the morning and had a gallon of coffee but did not really think to myself, “Hey idiot!!!!  Maybe you should eat something.”  Well I had my honey stingers, the little pomegranate ones that are so tasty…but that was it.  So what fueled me through this race today, the idea that my medal was edible.  Not really, but it was worth a shot.

ImageThe first thing I learned about today’s half marathon was that it isn’t flat.  However, I did not think it was too terrible.  I liked the spectators.  My favorite sign was, “I love your stamina.  Call me.”  That was cute.  I think my allergies were bothering me so much that I could not read all of the signs.  My eye lids get puffy and I get all congested. 

Image  See, my one eye is open more than the other….yippie for allergies!!!!!

Moving on!!!!!  So not flat but not bad.  I have seen worse…Pennsylvania!!!!!

ImageThe course map, which was a nice course and went through a gigantic cemetery for about three miles it felt like.  I also liked the trail section, which reminded me that this course is very similar to the Rochester Half Marathon course in September.  There is a full marathon too. 

Image Here is my pace and I know it is huge but I feel like you would otherwise need a magnifying glass…I think my pace was decent except I still am sucky and slow compared to last year and what is up with the extra half a mile on this course?????

ImageConfession???  Halfway through the race I heard my name called out over my running music.  I could not figure out how the h someone knew my name…duhhhhhhh Beth it is on the race bib…ha ha ha they fooled me…I was still alone but it was nice to have people cheer for me…next time I would love it if they could throw me munchies!!!!!! They served gu….YUCK!  It tastes like rotten jam.

ImageAnd I am proud that my love of strava still shows me as the course record holder even though I know there were 35 other girls who were faster in my age group and I was number 595 with a time of 1:51…Though I hit mile 13 on my watch at 1:46….I finished and my time was 1:51 with a run of 13.6….but the best part is I feel great.  I think getting up at the —- crack of dawn made me sleep through a little of the race and when I woke up and finished, I felt like I could keep running.  That is good.  This means I need to start doing longer runs….gulp.


So today’s race was great.  There is a sketchy picture of me and you can tell I was hungry.  Image

I would totally do this race again.  The course music was awesome.  There were bag pipers and drummers and all sorts of different groups.  I liked the guy playing Chariots Of Fire music as you run up the giant -ss hill.  Ha ha…that was great.  I liked all of the signs I could read before my allergies flared up…Thanks Spring!  I thought there was plenty of water and the volunteers were awesome…many thanks for all of your work.  I liked the support cyclists…I should do that sometime.  I thought the roads were blocked off great and there were plenty of police officers…and I liked the University Of Rochester crowd that cheered us on…not sure if they may or may not have been drinking, but they were a great group of kids. 


I wish I had done the duathlon so I need to put this on my list for next year….If it falls on a weekend I have Lilly I would love a sitter please, please, please, because I need to redeem myself for that race.  All of the races (not sure about the 5k) had finisher medals…and I am not sure about the (duathlon and Triathlon relays).  I am sad I missed out on a duathlon medal because they looked as awesome as my medal from the half marathon.  It is a “tight” medal.  It might be one of my favorites and the ribbon on it is my favorite color!  You will hopefully see me next year!!!!  The cost when I paid was $100 for both races and you get nice shirts…think about all of the support, the medals, and the good cause….this is a pretty great deal.  I would like to do the triathlon, but I do not own a kayak so if you have one you might want to spare for a day, let me know….I love kayaking. 

ImageSo I am not quite at 40 miles for this week but I have biked this week so I will take it…I certainly do not feel lazy!!!!!!!!!


Here are my stats this year:  I have ran 431 miles this year and biked 174.5 miles….


ImageIn November, I was dumped in a text message so this whole mission has been to reach 50 marathons this year and to fall in love with myself because I was tired of feeling sorry for myself.  Running has been an extremely positive part of my life.  I signed up for this race “The Delaware Canal Half Marathon,” right after I was given that reality check.  I am actually smiling and someone knew deep down I sucked at selfies so they took my picture….thanks random stranger.  So I set out on this mission and it started after January…I am going to run 18 half marathons….I was at 32…and why not?  How would this be possible???  Uncle Sam…no shocker and not a secret.  I am a teacher and I just had every cent taken out so I could get some of it back…so this is why my goal started in March…I got my taxes back in February…I tried to sign up for The Lake Effect Half Marathon but I was too late and had to sign up in person…but I was in Maine the day before lol….

Races Accomplished:

1. Chambersburg Half Marathon, PA     (1:55)              2. The Ocean’s Run Half Marathon   South Kingstown, Rhode Island  (1:51)

3. Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon, NY  (epic fall 1:58)     4.  Syracuse Half Marathon, NY  (1:48)

5. Race The Runways, Maine  (1:49)    and                  6.  Ithaca Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon (1:55) sick!!!!!!

one mile run (6:15) 2nd overall

7. Flannery’s Pub Run Half Marathon, PA (1:54)               Trout Run 5k- Deposit, NY   3rd overall  (3.3 miles) 23:39

second age group 

8.  Unity Rochester Flower City Half Marathon, NY  (1:51)  13.6 miles 


8 down and ten to go…..What is next?    (All Subject to health and if I get a coach and they say heck no!)


9. Greater Binghamton Bridge Half Marathon, NY-  May 4

Stiletto Stampede 5 k  Onondaga Lake Park, NY  May 11

10. St. Michael’s Distance Festival Half Marathon, Maryland- May 17

11. Marine Corps Half Marathon, Virginia  May 18

12.  Patriot’s Challenge Run for the Dream, Williamsburg, Virginia   8k and 1/2 Marathon May 31-June 1

13.  1/2 Sauer and 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon- Philly, PA   June 13

14. New Paltz Challenge Half Marathon, NY   June 14

15.  Ironman 70.3 Syracuse Relay Team Scared Hitless   Half Marathon Leg- June 22

16.  ????  Catamount Half Marathon  Brattleboro, VT  June 29

17.  Jamestown Rhode Island Half Marathon, Rhode Island   July 12

18.  Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon, Portland Maine- July 13  (Pacer for the 2:15 group)

19.  PA Grand Canyon Half Marathon and maybe rock the canyon full marathon  July 26

—–August 9- Can You Survive The Y Ride?  Sunbury PA  25 mile bike race….???

20.  Bird In Hand Half Marathon, PA  September 6

21.  October 5  Wineglass Full Marathon   Bath NY

22.  Marine Corps Marathon  October 26,  Fredricksburg, VA

Andddd then I hibernate




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