Run For the Dream 8k

“Live the life of your dreams.”

Today I ran the “Run for the Dream” 8k.

I had a decent time and the race was great. I enjoyed running through Colonial Williamsburg. I did not PR…I am supposed to do the half marathon tomorrow but I am not sure I can run. I am drained. On a good note, I got to see Kristin!!!!! I will write more about it later….

Okay feeling better…I think it was just the sun…does crazy things to gals like me. I worry too much but I do not like to worry at all…So I saw Kristin today…she writes the blog “Stamped With A Heart.” You should read it…we went shopping, ate breakfast, and went to starbucks! I liked hanging out with her and wish I lived here. It is nice in Williamsburg, even if the race started near my old stomping grounds with my ex husband. I had a great time with Kristin but I should not have tried to do this race.

I cannot change the past so I need to stop trying to rewrite it.

This race was fun and totally worth doing, especially if you are not ready to make the leap to the half marathon and want to go farther than a 5k…It is worth it…Again, great medal, good food, and fun!!!


Monday Funday!

“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.”
–Priscilla Welch, Master Marathon Great

It is Memorial Day today! Something about that ticked inside me today! Most of the men in my family have served the country, along with my aunt Linda and cousin Rachel! People have fought hard over the years to give us freedom and many have paid with their lives.  I need to stop feeling sorry for what I do not have and start being happy for all that I do have!!!!!


I have a beautiful little girl and a lot to offer!  I am full of life and ambition. I will never be truly “bored.” I am a thrill seeker and these races have been a huge confidence booster!     I should stop feeling lonely because I will not always be lonely. I refuse to believe that I will end up alone in life because I am a decent person!!!!  I love teaching, no matter how hard it is at the end of the day.  I have cried every year, but at the end of the day I know my little naughties like me.  There are days when I wonder what else do I have to offer?  I speak a bunch of languages and I enjoy writing.  I love running and biking and am always trying to get everyone into one of the two!!!!  I cannot wait to go hiking and hope Lilly is my best friend for life!!!!  I won’t push her, but I would love it if she ran or biked!  It would make me soooooo happy!  She is my number one fan.  I suppose if I had it to do over, I would have been a good asset in the military.  I’m proud my father served and made it through Vietnam…I would otherwise not be here.  I could not take a life.  I would love to have been a messenger in wwII, but I could not end someone’s future no matter what and I feel sorry for the people who have had to throughout history!  My dad does not talk about it but I am sure it must have been hard.  


I hope someday, the idea of war is just a past time and that finally everyone gets along!  It sounds nice….”peace.”  


I remember traveling to Europe a week after 9/11 and living in France.  Everyone was so nice and it really did hurt my feelings that (and I don’t want to offend anyone but) the Iranian next to me told the teacher he did not want me to speak because I was American.  That was the first time I looked at him as an Iranian.  The teacher did not know what to say and the other Americans in the class were just as upset.  I wrote the teacher a note and did not return to class for the rest of the week.  I do not look at people as being “French,” “German,” or “Iranian.”  We are all just people trying to succeed in life.


Sometimes I wonder how we have gotten so advanced in life, but still have never found a way to all get along?  For the rest of my time and any other time after, I hid my nationality and didn’t speak much English!  It’s a shame…


So I have woken up to this idea that I’m going to keep running and biking….and living every day to the fullest!  I want Lilly to be proud of me and I don’t see how this idea could fail!!!!  I will not let work get to me and will continue my quest to know America!!!  I can’t wait to get to Alaska and explore the West!!!!!  I have been to California and New Mexico!  There is so much to see and people have fought so hard to keep it ours!  


ImageI wish it was mandatory for all Americans to go to the American cemetery in Normandy, France. It is sad and beautiful.  They play American church music all of the time and that is all you hear.  I cried but I was thankful.  I went to the beaches too and there is a d day boat there…. Normandy is definitely a must see.  My grandfather was there when they stormed the beaches!!!

ImageOn another note, I went for about a 4 mile run today and had to save a turtle!!!! It was a painted turtle and he was adorable!!!! It messed up my run but he was worth it!!!! He would not say hello but I snagged a couple of good pictures!!!! It was a busy road so I am glad I came when I did!!!! Lucky little guy!

A car came by but I pointed to the turtle and he was good. I would have been really mad an taken his license plate down if he hit it!!!  I think painted turtles are protected…well he is hopefully safe now…. I’m happy I helped. Love the excitement in running…


I am starting the runners world streak where you run 40 dad in a row… Bring it!  I am going to eat less non dairy cake and more veggies!!!


Next weekend ill be in Williamsburg for “run for the dream.”  Ill be wearing my amazing Oisellle clothes, which I hope to become a part of!!! I want to be an Oisellle athlete and positive role model!!  


And hopefully along the way, a guy will see how awesome I am…maybe he alway does :-). 

Live it up!


Trail Running and Mountain Biking…and a race I do not know if I can do…

“The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

ImageI cheated for today’s Selfie!!!!!  I did not get a chance to take one but I wanted you to see the trail I ran on today…this is the Erie Canal.  I am so jealous because there is a huge race along the Erie Canal that I would love to do but I would totally lose my job!  If you are interested in it, let me know how it is so I can do it when I retire in about 18 years…here is the link:


I have been running on the canal for a long time and I keep saying I am going to run the whole darn thing…well maybe it is my chance…I should focus on the parts that I have not done yet, but I will at least do part of it…there is a list you can get on to be given priority when the registration opens next year…cant wait cant wait!!!!!

ImageThis was a little hard to take but I saw this heron on the trail today.  It was really hard to get his picture because he kept looking for fish.  He was not cooperative.


I had a great time and I need to sign up for more trail races.  I prefer trail races that are rugged and they are fun.  I am really really hitting myself for selling my mountain bike.  I had a $600 mountain bike and I sold the damn thing and would love to be riding the trails at Green Lakes and the Erie Canal….it is so much fun to get muddy and bumped up.  I am a total tom boy and love to get dirty and rough….I think that is a good thing….I do not mind dressing up and looking nice for a guy, but I want him to know I do not sit pretty and watch.  You are taking me with you !!!!!!!!!!!  I actually signed up for a race series.  I am going to be running a trail half marathon on a Saturday and a full marathon on a Sunday.  I know the bonus third medal sounds nice, but I want to do it for fun.  I had to beg for a second night at the hotel I am staying at, but luckily, they had something.  I am sure I got the last room because it is the only hotel around…..thank goodness.


I do not know a lot about cyclocross and other mountain bike races, but I think that is something I would like to get into besides more bike racing…I love running but I need to change it up once in a while…I think it will be amazing!!!!!  If you have any ideas about some good down and dirty trail races or bike races that are dirty….let me know!!!!!!!! 

ImageThis is what my mountain bike looked like…booooo I miss it but a boy bought it and I am sure he had some fun!


Moving on….here is a little something you might not know about me…I have hydrophobia, which you know if you have been following me.  This happened because I had a snapping turtle experience when I was a kid and I am trying to work through it….I am afraid I will drown and I love to swim so this is really a bit tragic…well I grew up in a small town and we have a lot of turtles.  Since today is National Turtle day, I wanted you to know I am one of those crazy people who stops to help turtles.  I have ran numerous snapping turtles across the road because let’s face it, people are assholes.  It is not okay to run over a turtle….never ever ever ever!!!!!

ImageI never carried one this big, but I would block it with my car so it would not get hit…you can wait to drive for two minutes while this big, massive turtle goes across the road.  What did it ever do to you????  I should hate snapping turtles, but I do not.  I think they are pretty cool!!!!!!!  I have all of my fingers still too.  I think the turtle appreciated the help because it didn’t get hit and it got to the pond faster.  On another note, we used to have a couple of turtles named Heman and Sheira.  I know I know….We let them go and they lived happily ever after I hope.


Other confessions…hmmmmm I already wrote last night but let me think…….


Run For The DREAM!!!!!!!

Here is the link:

I am running next weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia.  This will be half marathon number 12 in my quest for 18 half marathons to make it to number 50 before the New Years.  I am doing great and I have more than 18 half marathons I have signed up for along with three full marathons and I have the Corporate Challenge and The Run for the Dream 8k.  Someone asked me today if these races benefit anything….Of course.  The Run for the Dream benefits two school systems in Virginia.  It is nice to support a cause.  Every race I do does go to support something.  It is nice to help out and support different events around the east and south. 


Course Map for the 8k



Here is the half marathon course map:


This looks like a pretty cool race series and I think it is neat to have the “Patriot’s Challenge.”  If I complete both races I get a third medal for completing the gauntlet.  This is a neat idea…since I run half marathons all of the time I am looking forward to sprinting the 8k. MY best 8k is 35 minutes and 36 seconds.  I do not know how I did that but I bet if I put my heart into it I could make it happen.  I am sure of it…if not that time, something close. 



My hotel is nice and it is a sponsored hotel for the race.  I get to walk to the race start from my hotel.  The hotel features breakfast, a pool, bike rentals, and all sorts of goodies.  I cannot wait!



Here is the thing.  I am absolutely excited about this race series.  However, I want good luck.  I want to go so bad but I hope I get some good luck before I go.  I do not want to fall, have my windshield cracked, nor do I want a huge rainstorm that causes accidents all the way to the state of Virginia.  I am tired of driving alone.  I am happy to report that my hair is fine lol!!!!!  I am taking biotin and making sure I eat enough.  Lol no guy will like me now because I will be gaining weight ha ha ha ha ha ….

So confession?  I am going to need a kick in the ass to go.  Why?  Because I do not know how much more of all of the happiness I can take!!!!!  I want to have a guy at the finish line…ready to kiss my sweaty face, even though I stink and look like shit!  Why?????  Because even though I am running slow as shit, I have the ambition to start and finish….even after waking up at the ass crack of dawn and getting out in the cold to run 13.1 miles…Also, this race was one I was supposed to do but didn’t do.  Do you ever have those regrets in life that you do not seem to get over.  Well, a few years ago, I was supposed to run in the inaugural Run for the Dream.  I had a plane ticket, a hotel, and had already registered for the races.  I had issues with my patella and went down with my ex boyfriend…boyfriend at the time.  Well, I managed not to run the races because he said it would be better for my knee…so it was the race series that never happened…he would have been at the finish…truth is I do not think he wanted to watch and that was why he talked me out of it. 


Is it stupid for me to hope that maybe if I stick with my ambitions and be the best person I can be, maybe my dreams of happiness will come true?  Does it happen?  Is it possible?  If I complete my New Years Resolution, will I get my New Years Eve Kiss when the ball drops????  Or will it be another year I go to bed alone or work? 


I hope this is the best year of my life!!!!!!!!! 


Adventure and Sorrow…Confession Friday and Throwback Thursday

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”  -William Feather


I look at Lilly every time I see her and I am proud of what a great little girl she is.  She is truly wonderful and she is innocent in every way…I love when she tells me she misses me and I get excited that she asks to go to the playground of for a jog with mommy.  I hope to buy a tent and take her camping this summer too.  I want her to be one of those race kids out there who loves hiking and just plain fun outside.  I hate television, video games and all that technology has done to the younger generations.  It is funny that no one seems to write in cursive anymore and we do not have to teach it.  What is happening?


I went for a run on Tuesday at 5:30 in the morning and it is my new adventure.  I enjoy running into deer and other rodents around the neighborhood.  It is a beautiful course.  I love running by the creeks and on the quiet hills.  I wish I could do this every day…just get lost in the woods. 


I am enjoying my time out in Manlius, but it is taking its toll.  I have a commute to work, but that is not the problem.  I feel trapped.  I would love to buy a house or be able to move.  I have given up a lot and I always thought that when you got divorced, it meant getting your freedom back…it doesn’t.  I no longer feel owned or afraid, but I feel trapped.  Racing all these places is my escape and a chance to feel truly free…but then I have to go back.  Truth is, I would probably never move away from here, but I would like to live in Chittenango or some place where I feel more at home.  I like Manlius, but I want a house and my own little back yard.  I want a garden and maybe a swinging chair.  I want Lilly to have a swing set.  I want to be free. 



I am completely happy when I run.  Look at me at mile 11…or 12…It is like I am full of life.


Before I know it, Lilly will be old enough to drive and I will realize life has been passing by me slowly. 

I want it to slow down.  It is going by too fast and she is already four.  I cannot believe it.  I do not know what to think or do.  I do not know what to say.


This is Lilly and Hoser.  I miss Hoser so much.  Hoser was like a child to me and I do not get to see him anymore.  You have no idea what that feels like.  It is painful.



Throwback Thursday- “The Prime Time Crime.”  1996


     I grew up in a small town.  I was quiet and I liked to help out around the house.  I had glasses and crooked teeth.  When I got older I was in drama club and I had a job…but I was never noticed.  The more I started to act in school, the more I came to life.  I was a good girl and I got good grades.  When I went to College, sure I had those stupid moments, but I was a good student.  I worked and went to class all of the time. I wanted to succeed.  I got my first teaching job in Watertown and I went to graduate school.  I did not really date much and I never went out.  When I got married I drank more and I have made it a point to cut down and have stopped drinking.  I try to run and live life to the fullest….but this is the hard part.  I feel invisible most days.  I feel let down.  How am I supposed to tell Lilly that great things will happen and she will have an amazing time in life if she is determined? I feel like I have been pretty good, but those great moments in life just haven’t happened.


Confession Friday-  I am afraid of dying before I get my happy ending….


I need to keep having these great races and nice bike rides….but sometimes I am tired of being strong….I should have been stronger…I should have fought for the house or for furniture…have you ever taken the poverty quiz where it asks if you could pack and move in 24 hours…I did…there are things I will always miss and never see again…but life is more important…Work has taken its toll too…I feel invisible there too…I want to be noticed and I do when I run.


I want my happy ending….I want my life to be a great adventure…


Historic Marine Corps Half Marathon- half number11/43 Virginia

“If I am still standing at the end of a race, hit me with a board and knock me down because that means I did not run hard enough.”  Steve Jones.

ImageToday, I was that runner you should have hit with a board.  I do not know what happened.  I was running really awesome and then I hit mile ten and boom.  I think that the water stops are not helping.  I have this great pace and good breathing going on and then I stop for water.  I am not used to it because I used to carry the dreadful water belt.


Today’s race was the Historic Marine Corps Half Marathon and I was so excited.  I had to get up early and get there and I was so nervous.  The race is in Fredericksburg and I was so worried about parking but it is at Central Park and there was even a STARBUCKS!!!!!!!  Bonus!!!!

ImageMy number is 890, as shown to the left and I was given an extra small shirt that is rather nice.  However, I do not think it is small enough.  I am interested to know if there is a place to donate good tech shirts such as this one?  I will most likely hold onto it but the one I got yesterday is big as well.

ImageIt was really dark when I arrived at the start and I was sad to learn that Wegmans does not open until later in the day.  I had nooooooo coffee and I forgot to bring my wallet with me when I left the car because I wanted coffee in a major way.  I will have to come up with a solution for my next really early start race.  This race started at 7:00, but we had to line up at 6:30…there were about 6,000 people in the half and there were three thousand in the 5k and 3000 in the 10k.  I think there were enough bathrooms and the race was extremely organized.  It was like they were expecting a lot of people or something.  ha ha….


ImageHere is my map of the race course courtesy of Strava!

ImageHere is the elevation chart…it was nice until the infamous “Hospital Hill.”

ImageAccording to Strava and my garmin 910x the course was a little long.  When I looked at other data, it said 13.3…I think because you had to weave in and out of runners, it added to the distance.  I was all excited when my Strava App said 1:44 for mile 13…then I didn’t see the marker for another half mile ha ha ha….that sucked.  It is a big race so it is bound to happen.

ImageIf you look at my pace, I was doing really well until mile 10.  I think if I did this race again, I would not run St. Michael’s the day before.  Although, I felt like I had a lot of energy today despite running a half yesterday.  I think my body is just adjusting and getting used to the activity.  I actually am debating on going back out for more exercise.  I know it makes me crazy, but I feel great.  I can’t believe how great I feel given the fact that I just drove seven hours.  It makes me wish I had gone to my cousin Rachel’s house since she graduated from College and got accepted into a program in England.  I am so proud of her!!!!!!!!  She is into forensic science!


ImageThe medal is pretty amazing.  This might be one of my new favorites…though I do not have a favorite.  If you are wondering, the guy on the medal is Hugh Mercer.  He was a friend of George Washington and he was a physician and soldier.  He lived from 1722-1777.  He was a big symbol in the American Revolution…I find it interesting that he is Scottish too.  You can read more about him at:


I would love to share some of the pictures from the race because we went through historic Fredericksburg and I saw so many amazing places.  I liked the historic park and the buildings were beautiful.  I liked the flag at the end over the road that you had to run under.  However, I realized in all of my running today that I should be thankful for what I have.  Today I was inspired by a blind runner who was using the crank wheel I think it is called.  He had no legs and had to have another person wheel next to him and hold onto the wheels.  He must have been so scared on the down hill and he is so brave.  He is no doubt a soldier and I am proud of him and his accomplishment today.  Anything is possible if you put your heart into it….

This was a great race.  I would like to do this race again but only if I have someone to go with me.  I am getting tired of going alone.  Well and I already did this race.  I like exploring.  It was not expensive either.  I paid less for this race than St. Michael’s and the hotel I got here in Spottsylvania was cheaper than the one I got in Cambridge Maryland. 


With all of my traveling this weekend, my favorite songs of the weekend were by Calvin Harris and Justin Timberlake.



Not a Bad Thing

Love Never Felt So Good:




Race Schedule:

May 30- Run for the Dream 8k  Wiliamsburg, VA

June 1- Run for the Dream Half Marathon Williamsburg, VA                 (Patriots Challenge)

June 14- 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon  Philadelphia PA

June 15- New Paltz Challenge Half Marathon  New Paltz   NY

June 22- Ironman Syracuse Half Marathon Relay Team

June 29- Catamount Half Marathon    Brattleboro, VT

July 12- Jamestown Half Marathon   Rhode Island

July 13- Portland Old Shipyard Half Marathon Pacer  2:15

July 26- PA Grand CAnyon Half Marathon Wellsboro PA

July 26- PA Grand CAnyon Full Marathon   Rock the Canyon

August TBD

September 6- Bird In Hand Half Marathon   PA

October 5- Wineglass Full Marathon   Bath NY

October 26, Marine Corps Marathon

St. Michael’s Running Festival- Maryland #10/42

Finland has produced so many brilliant distance runners because back home it costs $2.50 a gallon for gas.  ~Esa Tikkannen, 1979
ImageYesterday, I drove to St. Michael’s, Maryland.  It is a small island in Maryland and I had to make sure I knew how to get there because if I missed the road closure, I would miss the race.  There is only one road that leads into the town.  Otherwise, oops that would have been a long ride for nothing.

ImageNow, I knew I had a long drive and I had to take Lilly to daycare.  I wanted to make sure she had a little extra TLC with me because she was really sensitive this week.  I tried to get her to take a bath and she sat on the toilet and started to cry.  I asked her what was wrong.  She said, “mommy, I just miss you a lot.”  I wanted to cry because I love her so much and I miss her all the time too.  So we snuggled and I got her ready for school and we had some girl time.  I think I needed it too.  I have been having a really hard time leaving her this year.  she does not want to go and she always gets sappy and cries.  It breaks my heart.  Unless you have been in the situation, you have no idea what it is like.  Before I got out of my situation, I had only been away from her for two nights.  So I hate leaving her…In any case, it was national bike to work day but there was a downpour and the only biking was done in this photo above.  Yes, Elephante (French) was riding to work….I miss my bike and I cannot wait to sell it and get a new one.  That will be nice.


ImageSo today I got up at 4:30 in the morning because I knew it would be hard to find parking and I needed to scoot out of the race scene to find my car.  It was great and I had some Dunkin Donuts coffee and a bagel before the race.  I also had a “kind” bar, which was a good thing because there was one runner who was not so kind and I kept my mouth shut and let him enjoy his day…I will tell you about it in a second.  The lady at Dunkin Donuts was kind of sad because she did not know about the race and was working.  I hope I inspired her to do it next year.  She said she hated her half marathon and did not think she wanted to do another one.  This race also offers a 10k and a 5k.  I wish she had known.  I saw the look on her face.  She wanted to quit and come with me ha ha ha next year. 


The race I did was the half and the start time was 7:30.  However, I found out the 10k started at 7:30, which backed up our start to about 8:00 am.  I was not concerned but there were a lot of people and you were only encouraged to go up front if you would finish in an hour and fifteen minutes…ummmmmmmm not me.  So I think that when the start happened, I waited about two minutes before I crossed the chip line.  We heard the national anthem and I was surprised there was a prayer.  Then I was reminded that St. Michael’s is a very catholic place…hence the name ha ha ha.  It is a beautiful town. 

Here is the link to the course map:

The course description was flat and fast…and they are not kidding!!!!!!  I think there was a small speed bump in the road and that was the only elevation the entire way.  I do think you could qualify for New York City and other great races, but you must line up closer to the front.  I spent about two miles just shuffling back and forth and I think that is why my watch read 13.5 miles and not 13.1….it wasn’t because I wanted to add on to my distance.  I think I spent about half a mile on the sidewalks.  It is fine, but I think it was a little too crowded and people were just standing wherever…it was a big race and I completely understand.  I am also glad I did not run into the sign that said half marathon keep to the right and 10k keep to the left.  I was really close.


ImageI am really looking beat in this picture but I feel great.  This was a great course and I saved some energy for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon tomorrow.  I am excited for that, but I wish I could come back and just do this by itself so I can “kill it.”  Maybe next year…maybe not….


I like their shirts and they are small…I wish they were a little smaller but it is not quite so bad ha ha….I like the color a lot!!!!!!!

The bibs were nice too!!!!!!

ImageHere is my strava drama….The map and my times for each mile…pretty easy and the elevation says 0 ha ha ha …..

ImageHere is the pace chart and I think it is funny…can you figure out where I went for water?????  The big lines that go up are the water stops…they had excellent water stops and more than one place to get some gel if you needed it.  I chose to not bring my shot blocks and I did not take any gel.  I think gel is gross.  I know a lot of people like it but noooo thank you!

ImageI love that there is no elevation and my calories are about 100 per mile, though I do not really care about calories.  I had a great time and smiled and thanked the volunteers. 


The medals were great.  I like the shiny ribbon and the blue is sparkly.  I think that this is a great race and I would love to do it again but I do not want to pay as much money next year.  I liked that the race raced about $50,000 for charity.  I liked that the head of the Boston Marathon was there.  He must be British????  He sounded like Simon Cowell on American Idol lol….


So the agitation….there was a male runner who decided to spit.  The spit hit the wind and hit me in the face.  Then he is clearing out his nasal passages with his fingers and all of the snot went on me.  I wanted to vomit and it was the most disgusting thing ever.  He did it so much that no one wanted to run near him.  We kept our distance and I do not think he even noticed.  Then, it gets worse.  He decides to stretch and flap his arms out but nearly hits a girl in the face…..rule number one…don’t be that runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am trying to spice things up a little with my blog.  This was my tenth half of the season and my 42 half marathon.  I have been looking around and seeing a lot of things I want to warn runners about….new runners…the dos and don’ts…I think that I am going to do a race that is just for fun at some point and break allllllllllll of the rules….


Dos and donts…and superstition…did you know????

1.  It is bad luck to wear the race shirt in the actual race….

2.  Wearing a backpack of water is a really bad idea…

3.  Wearing brand new shoes for the first time is a bad idea.

4.  It is great that you want to match your friend, but make sure you practice in the clothing if you have never worn that particular brand.

5.  Make sure you hydrate properly.

6.  If you are vomiting before the race, you should probably reconsider the starting line.

7.  From experience too, if you get heat stroke and sick in the race, you will not regret dropping out. 

8.  Running backwards for the last mile is a good way to get hurt and not finish the half.

9.  Eating something for the first time before a race is most likely not a good idea.

10….I am sure there is one but I cannot think of it right now.


Oh I am glad I did not get beat by the guy jump roping the entire race…but I think he is nuts…


Tomorrow is my second half of the weekend and I feel really good today.  I hope it is fun and not overwhelming and that I get to leave after and maybe get home in time to bike.  I miss home…..



This has all been a great experience and I am enjoying all of the places I would otherwise have never seen.  I like the places I go and I think this has given me more appreciation for the goodness throughout the USA…it makes me happy to see so many people hard at work helping out good causes.   I think this is absolutely want life is all about. 


However, I am getting to the stage in this journey where I am supposed to fall in love with myself…well I am feeling really confident and I feel like my body is in shape…but I need to be careful.  I hope and think that I am fine but I was all worried about my hair and what to do with it while running.  I think it was a jinx.  I finally asked for help about it.  Well, I do not know if it is just because I have been changing my diet or stress or straightening my hair, but I noticed my hair was thinning a lot.  I asked for help with it.  I stopped straightening my hair so I hope I look alright because I feel more attractive with straight hair…but the truth is my hair is really curly.  I am also taking biotin and doing some hair treatments…you know since I never get my hair cut and I have not had it dyed in who knows how long.  If you have any other ideas I would be greatly appreciated.  I hope I stop it because I would be really sad to lose my hair…..I think this is worse than when I had the infected liver.  I did not want to share this because I am nervous and want so badly to not be alone anymore…I do not look good in hats either.


So aside from my hair thinning, I am realizing how incredibly jealous I am of all of the people at the finish line…for other people.  I want so badly to have that feeling….It is funny because I have never been kissed on New Years and I cannot decide what is more important…I know there is a lot going on in the world and that makes me a little selfish but it is the list of to dossssss that has me so caught up.  I want to have someone there when I finish, just like I hope to find someone who I can be at the finish line for…I know that I love to race, but I also want to be there for someone else…to show him how proud I am…I have met so many people but I realize that if I am getting more confident, it is time to start thinking about what is next…if I run away all of the time and do not go out or make myself available, I will never have that experience of being with someone..and (no offense if you met someone on a dating website) I do not want to friggan meet someone on or or another dating website and it is like facebook knows and sends all these suggestions and I want to tell Facebook to screw off!!!!!  In any case….I want to be kissed on New Years and I want to have someone at the finish line…

I am often asked about which races are my favorite…it is hard to choose one.  The Freeport Half Marathon was a great race because I got to see my parents and Lilly at the finish line.  Shannon watched Lilly while I ran at Turning Stone and I won 2nd.  I also placed at Freeport too.  I definitely do better….but I do not think I have found my absolute “favorite” yet.  When I do, I will let you know. 






All My Bags Are Packed

“Don’t look back…someone might be gaining on you.”


It’s Wednesday and I packed two bags for the weekend.  I figure it is easier to split up my race stuff so I am not freaking out the day before….I am already nervous about making the long drive alone.   It’s been such a crazy couple of weeks I wouldn’t even know where to start!    I can’t wait to go but there is a part of me that wants to stay here…….I dont know why…there is going to be no one here….

ImageConfession….I’m sad they delayed the opening of the rides at sylvan beach in New York because I want cotton candy hahahahaha and Lilly loves the rides….


Work is hectic and I just finished giving my NYSESLAT to my ESl students and it takes forever…the rooms are hot and the kids are mentally done.   I had kids melting down and crying….then I found out about building changes with administration.  I just can’t even begin to understand all of the changes.   I am not sure about summer school and it is irritating because I need to get a babysitter…..I don’t know how to sometimes handle the stress because it is so up and down up and down…down and up….


now you know why I run!


This week, biking has my heart.  I had a beautiful ride on Monday and hope to do it again.  I think it was nice to get out and see the country again.  I was born in the country so sometimes the city is a bit overwhelming.  I grew up in New Haven.  It’s a tiny town in New York.   I played in the woods, built forts, and loved the outdoors.  I used to bike to school.  I can’t get over how much life has changed in just a couple of decades.  It makes me sad.  We were like the Goonies!  Ever see that?  It’s a great 80’s movie.  


So I miss the country…I’d love to move back there but I am a single mother…I am nervous about being out in the country alone and I confess I am hoping to wait and maybe have someone to share that idea with…if I reach forty and I’m still alone, then why not?  


This weekend is going to be fun, overwhelming, and exhausting.  My cousin is graduating from college.  Go Rachel!  Shout out!  She is hoping to go to England next year to study forensics!  I think she will get in and I’ll go visit her….can’t wait….I’m proud of her and hope she has fun.


i want to meet up with her if I do not die on hospital hill in Fredericksburg!


here is to hump day….may you bring me a smile and good luck…….I confess it was lightening last night and there were sirens and I was a little freaked hahahaha I hate it…so Erie……I’m afraid having two cats hasn’t made me any less lonely….I miss Lilly and I feel like I’ve been alone forever hahahaha ha.  It has its perks but I’m such a giver and enjoy company….it is making me crazy…..I should enjoy the now but I look forward to the later…