Tomorrow Is Race Day and My Shoes are Falling Apart!!!!!

“I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.”
Ronald Rook

ImageI ran five whole miles this week..  I am in desperate need of some new shoes!!!!!  I figured it out and I have about 600 miles on each of my shoes I bought last year…ouch!!!!!  I am running my ninth half marathon tomorrow.  So my goal is to get some new shoes before my tenth half marathon…but I have nooooooooo idea what to get so please help me!!!!!!

Today I lost a toe nail.  It was gross and black and in my 8 years of running has never happened.  Last night I went for a bike ride and decided to go for a run after.  Well, I get about a mile into it and my ankle is killing me.  So I ran home.  Today I stretched and ran two and a half miles and my ankle still bothered me.  I am crossing my fingers it isn’t going to get worse.  This would really make my race season suck!


ImageI had a great ride yesterday. marathon9bikeride I actually had an amazing ride!!!!! I want to go again but I should not ride until after the race tomorrow!!!!  I did really good on the climbs and I think I am a good climber.  It started to rain, but that is fine.  I loved the ride so much I did not care….I think I get faster as I keep going even with the hills lol.


ImageSo why am I taking a selfie?????  I am sad my toe nail fell off and my ankle is bothering me ha ha…I have been cleaning all day and tending house lol…I feel like I need to be uplifted so I am sticking to that article about taking a picture to feel “beautiful.” 

I went out to brunch and had some great coffee at a place called “Pewter Lane,” which is in Cazenovia.  I wish I could move because Chittenango, Oneida, and Cazenovia are so nice…but I like my little balcony and it is a good place I live in.  I can’t wait to have a house someday…in the meantime, I will wish for new shoes that do not suck!!!!!!!

Wish me luck tomorrow….I do not want to have any issues…thank you Tylenol ahead of time….ughhhhhhhh I want to bike so bad…why do I race????  I need some good bike races…


Please send me some bike races and good shoe ideas??? LIGHT WEIGHT PLEASSSSSSSE!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Race Day and My Shoes are Falling Apart!!!!!”

  1. Ouch to your toenail and good luck tomorrow!!! You can do it!!! I hope your ankle starts feeling better!! I’m sure it will!! I’m so happy you’re loving biking!! Sounds fun!!

    1. I might be loving it a lot more than running soon if my ankle doesn’t stop bothering me…I just need some new shoes but I have tried saucony kinvara, brooks pure connect and pure cadence and they are too stiff and heavy…I need something that is super light and flexible…I like to have a lot of motion when I run and cant feel like my feet are stuck in place…I have also tried asics and hateeee them and I have tried mizumo and the wave inspire were not horrible but I want my brooks green silence!!!!!!!!

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