Follow the Stars

“Dreams are like stars.  You may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.” -unknown

ImageIt is no mystery that I am doing the historic half in about a week…I know there’s a scary hill at the end and I hate it hahaha…but I know that if I stay focused I will be fine….that isn’t the problem.


This goal of 18 half marathons seems to be going well despite being sick, having numerous falls, and wanting to give up.  Honestly, I have moments where I am either shocked I made it this far or surprised I haven’t ended up in the hospital with all of the falls.  I think that deep down when you are determined there is nothing that can get in your way….or at least that is what I try to tell myself.  


After falling on the bike Monday to avoid hitting a car on a bad downhill on 173 in Chittenango, I am happy to be up and was able to run last night.  I definitely chipped a bone in my elbow, but it isn’t bad and I was fine running.  I just took it easy yesterday and hope my luck continues.   I have to admit I did not bike last night because I am nervous to go alone now.  I do not want to be in that situation again and the car did not stop….they were speeding anyways.   I think my bike is okay but I’m shaken just thinking about it.


I am determined to succeed and be a positive role model for my students and community.  I set out to do this to make it to 50 half marathons and gain confidence that had been missing for quite some time…and it has worked….but I must confess I am just an average girl at the end of the day who wants to hold someone’s hand or make dinner….confession?  I used to be a great cook.  I catered in college and I learned a few things…I still cater once in a blue moon…but I don’t cook like I used to.  I’ll make noodles or tofurkey.  


I do not drink anymore and I consider myself a pretty easy going person.  I think that because I spend a lot of time running and biking that I am invisible…but that is okay with me because I am doing what I love and if I follow my dreams then I will find my destiny or it will find me…..I have to believe that what someone I know said is right…that sometimes bad things happen to good people because we are strong enough to take it.  I like that better than thinking I was a horrible person in a previous life and I am making up for it now….


In any case, I went to Green Lakes yesterday.   It was really crowded…maybe everyone knows now that Tuesday is trail day hahahaha…trail running is a good endurance workout so I did a warm up of about a mile and then ran 6 miles… I had fun but can’t stand when people see you coming and still block the way…I’d also like to say thanks assholes to the two guys who felt the need to run me over almost as I was running the opposite way…Way to be gentleman…ps they were slower than me too….how do I know….?  I did two loops and caught up with them….




3 thoughts on “Follow the Stars”

  1. Grrrr, I don’t like when people are rude on trails, paths, etc!! Ugh, it really irritates me because it’s SO RUDE!!! There is no need to be like that- it’s called manners people! Sorry you had to experience that! I’m glad you’re okay after the bike fall and hoping you have many more great runs/bikes this week!! XOXO!!

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