Monday Funday

ImageThe bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created. Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equivalent of three thousand miles per gallon.

~Bill Strickland, The Quotable Cyclist


My day started like this elephant…ha ha ha ….I wanted to bury my head in the sand and stay home lol…but I had to get up and get Lilly ready for school.  It was a great incentive because I knew the weather was good and once I got out of work I would hop on my bike and go with the wind. 


I went to work and I knew I would be giving a state test all day.  I wanted to shoot myself.  I had to give the listening test so I felt like Kevin Arnold’s teacher in “The Wonder Years.”  I had to read the same shit alllllllll day long.  I think I memorized it by the end of the day and could tell you what it says word for word but I am not allowed…doom doom doom.


So I felt bad because I have a student teacher.  It is the end of the year and it is crazy crazy.  She was really energetic and I am happy to have her.  I feel bad that she graduated from college and now has to student teach.  I consider myself pretty easy to student teach under.  She is a Master’s student at Syracuse University and I love the program.  She has already taught so I want her to have fun.


Alright, back to my funday.  So it is 4:30 and I am like the little kid at the toy store because all I can think is, “get home to my bike…gotta get home to my bike…”  So I went home and put air in my tires and oiled the chain…I need to oil the chain more often because it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!  I felt like the wind and I felt faster on the hills today….I still have some work to do but I think my lunch helped and my juice in take for the day…less coffee and more crystal light…I had a crystal light face at the end of the day…see I am a kid!


So I went for the most amazing 32 mile bike ride.  I did not like the bugs but the wind was awesome and the up hills seemed easier…I dread some hills and today I thought, “that was it?”  That was a great feeling.  I know I can probably go faster but I loved looking at the scenery.  I guess I wish it wasn’t so bad on my allergies…but this was by far one of the best rides I have ever had.  Ahhhhhhhhh life is good.  I hope I get to bike again later this week…I need to run and I do not feel so tired tonight…


It was hard to get home to an empty house so I confess I made non dairy chocolate cake for dessert….ha ha ha ha I am a kid at heart tonight…..yum yum….


This weekend I will be doing my double halfs….can’t wait…St. Michael’s on Satuday and Marine Corps Half on Sunday…xxxxxx two states off my list for the 50 half marathons in 50 states…I think I will never actually get all of them…I hear Hawaii is roasty….and I do not want to run near lava…..I would like to do the half in Iceland at some point…sounds nice…night night….what are your Monday funday routines and what races do you have coming up?



2 thoughts on “Monday Funday”

  1. It’s so cool that you love biking so much!!! That’s wonderful!!! I’m sure there is a freeing aspect to it that is incredible!! I’m glad you made chocolate cake for dessert!!! Delicious!!! XOXO!!!

    1. Hahaha the cake was my dinner….two weeks until Williamsburg! It was great but I get nervous ill fall or get hit…never feels that way running ha….today it’s supposed to rain so probably run…..I have two half marathons so I’m trying to prepare but I’m nervous ill die at the marine corps hill haha

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