All My Bags Are Packed

“Don’t look back…someone might be gaining on you.”


It’s Wednesday and I packed two bags for the weekend.  I figure it is easier to split up my race stuff so I am not freaking out the day before….I am already nervous about making the long drive alone.   It’s been such a crazy couple of weeks I wouldn’t even know where to start!    I can’t wait to go but there is a part of me that wants to stay here…….I dont know why…there is going to be no one here….

ImageConfession….I’m sad they delayed the opening of the rides at sylvan beach in New York because I want cotton candy hahahahaha and Lilly loves the rides….


Work is hectic and I just finished giving my NYSESLAT to my ESl students and it takes forever…the rooms are hot and the kids are mentally done.   I had kids melting down and crying….then I found out about building changes with administration.  I just can’t even begin to understand all of the changes.   I am not sure about summer school and it is irritating because I need to get a babysitter…..I don’t know how to sometimes handle the stress because it is so up and down up and down…down and up….


now you know why I run!


This week, biking has my heart.  I had a beautiful ride on Monday and hope to do it again.  I think it was nice to get out and see the country again.  I was born in the country so sometimes the city is a bit overwhelming.  I grew up in New Haven.  It’s a tiny town in New York.   I played in the woods, built forts, and loved the outdoors.  I used to bike to school.  I can’t get over how much life has changed in just a couple of decades.  It makes me sad.  We were like the Goonies!  Ever see that?  It’s a great 80’s movie.  


So I miss the country…I’d love to move back there but I am a single mother…I am nervous about being out in the country alone and I confess I am hoping to wait and maybe have someone to share that idea with…if I reach forty and I’m still alone, then why not?  


This weekend is going to be fun, overwhelming, and exhausting.  My cousin is graduating from college.  Go Rachel!  Shout out!  She is hoping to go to England next year to study forensics!  I think she will get in and I’ll go visit her….can’t wait….I’m proud of her and hope she has fun.


i want to meet up with her if I do not die on hospital hill in Fredericksburg!


here is to hump day….may you bring me a smile and good luck…….I confess it was lightening last night and there were sirens and I was a little freaked hahahaha I hate it…so Erie……I’m afraid having two cats hasn’t made me any less lonely….I miss Lilly and I feel like I’ve been alone forever hahahaha ha.  It has its perks but I’m such a giver and enjoy company….it is making me crazy…..I should enjoy the now but I look forward to the later…


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