Trail Running and Mountain Biking…and a race I do not know if I can do…

“The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

ImageI cheated for today’s Selfie!!!!!  I did not get a chance to take one but I wanted you to see the trail I ran on today…this is the Erie Canal.  I am so jealous because there is a huge race along the Erie Canal that I would love to do but I would totally lose my job!  If you are interested in it, let me know how it is so I can do it when I retire in about 18 years…here is the link:


I have been running on the canal for a long time and I keep saying I am going to run the whole darn thing…well maybe it is my chance…I should focus on the parts that I have not done yet, but I will at least do part of it…there is a list you can get on to be given priority when the registration opens next year…cant wait cant wait!!!!!

ImageThis was a little hard to take but I saw this heron on the trail today.  It was really hard to get his picture because he kept looking for fish.  He was not cooperative.


I had a great time and I need to sign up for more trail races.  I prefer trail races that are rugged and they are fun.  I am really really hitting myself for selling my mountain bike.  I had a $600 mountain bike and I sold the damn thing and would love to be riding the trails at Green Lakes and the Erie Canal….it is so much fun to get muddy and bumped up.  I am a total tom boy and love to get dirty and rough….I think that is a good thing….I do not mind dressing up and looking nice for a guy, but I want him to know I do not sit pretty and watch.  You are taking me with you !!!!!!!!!!!  I actually signed up for a race series.  I am going to be running a trail half marathon on a Saturday and a full marathon on a Sunday.  I know the bonus third medal sounds nice, but I want to do it for fun.  I had to beg for a second night at the hotel I am staying at, but luckily, they had something.  I am sure I got the last room because it is the only hotel around…..thank goodness.


I do not know a lot about cyclocross and other mountain bike races, but I think that is something I would like to get into besides more bike racing…I love running but I need to change it up once in a while…I think it will be amazing!!!!!  If you have any ideas about some good down and dirty trail races or bike races that are dirty….let me know!!!!!!!! 

ImageThis is what my mountain bike looked like…booooo I miss it but a boy bought it and I am sure he had some fun!


Moving on….here is a little something you might not know about me…I have hydrophobia, which you know if you have been following me.  This happened because I had a snapping turtle experience when I was a kid and I am trying to work through it….I am afraid I will drown and I love to swim so this is really a bit tragic…well I grew up in a small town and we have a lot of turtles.  Since today is National Turtle day, I wanted you to know I am one of those crazy people who stops to help turtles.  I have ran numerous snapping turtles across the road because let’s face it, people are assholes.  It is not okay to run over a turtle….never ever ever ever!!!!!

ImageI never carried one this big, but I would block it with my car so it would not get hit…you can wait to drive for two minutes while this big, massive turtle goes across the road.  What did it ever do to you????  I should hate snapping turtles, but I do not.  I think they are pretty cool!!!!!!!  I have all of my fingers still too.  I think the turtle appreciated the help because it didn’t get hit and it got to the pond faster.  On another note, we used to have a couple of turtles named Heman and Sheira.  I know I know….We let them go and they lived happily ever after I hope.


Other confessions…hmmmmm I already wrote last night but let me think…….


Run For The DREAM!!!!!!!

Here is the link:

I am running next weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia.  This will be half marathon number 12 in my quest for 18 half marathons to make it to number 50 before the New Years.  I am doing great and I have more than 18 half marathons I have signed up for along with three full marathons and I have the Corporate Challenge and The Run for the Dream 8k.  Someone asked me today if these races benefit anything….Of course.  The Run for the Dream benefits two school systems in Virginia.  It is nice to support a cause.  Every race I do does go to support something.  It is nice to help out and support different events around the east and south. 


Course Map for the 8k



Here is the half marathon course map:


This looks like a pretty cool race series and I think it is neat to have the “Patriot’s Challenge.”  If I complete both races I get a third medal for completing the gauntlet.  This is a neat idea…since I run half marathons all of the time I am looking forward to sprinting the 8k. MY best 8k is 35 minutes and 36 seconds.  I do not know how I did that but I bet if I put my heart into it I could make it happen.  I am sure of it…if not that time, something close. 



My hotel is nice and it is a sponsored hotel for the race.  I get to walk to the race start from my hotel.  The hotel features breakfast, a pool, bike rentals, and all sorts of goodies.  I cannot wait!



Here is the thing.  I am absolutely excited about this race series.  However, I want good luck.  I want to go so bad but I hope I get some good luck before I go.  I do not want to fall, have my windshield cracked, nor do I want a huge rainstorm that causes accidents all the way to the state of Virginia.  I am tired of driving alone.  I am happy to report that my hair is fine lol!!!!!  I am taking biotin and making sure I eat enough.  Lol no guy will like me now because I will be gaining weight ha ha ha ha ha ….

So confession?  I am going to need a kick in the ass to go.  Why?  Because I do not know how much more of all of the happiness I can take!!!!!  I want to have a guy at the finish line…ready to kiss my sweaty face, even though I stink and look like shit!  Why?????  Because even though I am running slow as shit, I have the ambition to start and finish….even after waking up at the ass crack of dawn and getting out in the cold to run 13.1 miles…Also, this race was one I was supposed to do but didn’t do.  Do you ever have those regrets in life that you do not seem to get over.  Well, a few years ago, I was supposed to run in the inaugural Run for the Dream.  I had a plane ticket, a hotel, and had already registered for the races.  I had issues with my patella and went down with my ex boyfriend…boyfriend at the time.  Well, I managed not to run the races because he said it would be better for my knee…so it was the race series that never happened…he would have been at the finish…truth is I do not think he wanted to watch and that was why he talked me out of it. 


Is it stupid for me to hope that maybe if I stick with my ambitions and be the best person I can be, maybe my dreams of happiness will come true?  Does it happen?  Is it possible?  If I complete my New Years Resolution, will I get my New Years Eve Kiss when the ball drops????  Or will it be another year I go to bed alone or work? 


I hope this is the best year of my life!!!!!!!!! 



4 thoughts on “Trail Running and Mountain Biking…and a race I do not know if I can do…”

  1. Ohhhh, trail running is fun!! I’m beginning to like it more and more!! You should totally sign up for a trail race!! You’d have lots of fun!!!
    When my husband is riding, he ALWAYS stops and carries turtles to the side of the road so that they will not get hit!! We do the same when we’re running!!! They’re so cute!!!
    Also, can’t wait to see you next weekend!!! Yaaay!!! Go Williamsburg and Go YOU!!!! Hehe!!!

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