Monday Funday!

“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.”
–Priscilla Welch, Master Marathon Great

It is Memorial Day today! Something about that ticked inside me today! Most of the men in my family have served the country, along with my aunt Linda and cousin Rachel! People have fought hard over the years to give us freedom and many have paid with their lives.  I need to stop feeling sorry for what I do not have and start being happy for all that I do have!!!!!


I have a beautiful little girl and a lot to offer!  I am full of life and ambition. I will never be truly “bored.” I am a thrill seeker and these races have been a huge confidence booster!     I should stop feeling lonely because I will not always be lonely. I refuse to believe that I will end up alone in life because I am a decent person!!!!  I love teaching, no matter how hard it is at the end of the day.  I have cried every year, but at the end of the day I know my little naughties like me.  There are days when I wonder what else do I have to offer?  I speak a bunch of languages and I enjoy writing.  I love running and biking and am always trying to get everyone into one of the two!!!!  I cannot wait to go hiking and hope Lilly is my best friend for life!!!!  I won’t push her, but I would love it if she ran or biked!  It would make me soooooo happy!  She is my number one fan.  I suppose if I had it to do over, I would have been a good asset in the military.  I’m proud my father served and made it through Vietnam…I would otherwise not be here.  I could not take a life.  I would love to have been a messenger in wwII, but I could not end someone’s future no matter what and I feel sorry for the people who have had to throughout history!  My dad does not talk about it but I am sure it must have been hard.  


I hope someday, the idea of war is just a past time and that finally everyone gets along!  It sounds nice….”peace.”  


I remember traveling to Europe a week after 9/11 and living in France.  Everyone was so nice and it really did hurt my feelings that (and I don’t want to offend anyone but) the Iranian next to me told the teacher he did not want me to speak because I was American.  That was the first time I looked at him as an Iranian.  The teacher did not know what to say and the other Americans in the class were just as upset.  I wrote the teacher a note and did not return to class for the rest of the week.  I do not look at people as being “French,” “German,” or “Iranian.”  We are all just people trying to succeed in life.


Sometimes I wonder how we have gotten so advanced in life, but still have never found a way to all get along?  For the rest of my time and any other time after, I hid my nationality and didn’t speak much English!  It’s a shame…


So I have woken up to this idea that I’m going to keep running and biking….and living every day to the fullest!  I want Lilly to be proud of me and I don’t see how this idea could fail!!!!  I will not let work get to me and will continue my quest to know America!!!  I can’t wait to get to Alaska and explore the West!!!!!  I have been to California and New Mexico!  There is so much to see and people have fought so hard to keep it ours!  


ImageI wish it was mandatory for all Americans to go to the American cemetery in Normandy, France. It is sad and beautiful.  They play American church music all of the time and that is all you hear.  I cried but I was thankful.  I went to the beaches too and there is a d day boat there…. Normandy is definitely a must see.  My grandfather was there when they stormed the beaches!!!

ImageOn another note, I went for about a 4 mile run today and had to save a turtle!!!! It was a painted turtle and he was adorable!!!! It messed up my run but he was worth it!!!! He would not say hello but I snagged a couple of good pictures!!!! It was a busy road so I am glad I came when I did!!!! Lucky little guy!

A car came by but I pointed to the turtle and he was good. I would have been really mad an taken his license plate down if he hit it!!!  I think painted turtles are protected…well he is hopefully safe now…. I’m happy I helped. Love the excitement in running…


I am starting the runners world streak where you run 40 dad in a row… Bring it!  I am going to eat less non dairy cake and more veggies!!!


Next weekend ill be in Williamsburg for “run for the dream.”  Ill be wearing my amazing Oisellle clothes, which I hope to become a part of!!! I want to be an Oisellle athlete and positive role model!!  


And hopefully along the way, a guy will see how awesome I am…maybe he alway does :-). 

Live it up!



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