Run For the Dream 8k

“Live the life of your dreams.”

Today I ran the “Run for the Dream” 8k.

I had a decent time and the race was great. I enjoyed running through Colonial Williamsburg. I did not PR…I am supposed to do the half marathon tomorrow but I am not sure I can run. I am drained. On a good note, I got to see Kristin!!!!! I will write more about it later….

Okay feeling better…I think it was just the sun…does crazy things to gals like me. I worry too much but I do not like to worry at all…So I saw Kristin today…she writes the blog “Stamped With A Heart.” You should read it…we went shopping, ate breakfast, and went to starbucks! I liked hanging out with her and wish I lived here. It is nice in Williamsburg, even if the race started near my old stomping grounds with my ex husband. I had a great time with Kristin but I should not have tried to do this race.

I cannot change the past so I need to stop trying to rewrite it.

This race was fun and totally worth doing, especially if you are not ready to make the leap to the half marathon and want to go farther than a 5k…It is worth it…Again, great medal, good food, and fun!!!


5 thoughts on “Run For the Dream 8k”

    1. I know I had a great time!!!!! I wish we lived closer or met earlier when I was down here all of the time…but I think I will have to come back more…maybe lilly can come too!!!!! How was the party? And we need a photo together!!!!! Next year you are running this too
      I walked off my starbucks because I took a wrong turn and I was so tired I ordered take out from Sals Italian ha ha ha

      1. Hehehe, well at least you got a nice walk in and omg, yum, Sals Italian!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! 😉
        I totally wish we lived closer, too!! YES!! But I know we’ll see each other and hey, I’m seriously thinking about taking a trip to New York sometime, so YAAY!! 😉
        The baby shower was fun! I wore the Victoria Secret dress and people commented on how cute it was!! Hehe!!
        I can’t wait to see you at the finish line tomorrow!!! XOXO!!!

    1. Trust me, I get it, you’ve been working hard!! I’m writing my post tomorrow, too!!! 🙂 🙂 XOXO!! Sorry you didn’t get to swim!

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