2/3 of the Way There

Getting lost to find myself has been the hardest and best thing I have done…in a long time!!!!!!

ImageI have been getting some “shit” about posting selfies…but I am by myself for races so it is hard to get a picture and I am not one of those people who likes to ask for a photo opportunity…Luckily, my friend was there and Kristin could take the picture…so here is a “non” selfie….I am sure I will still hear something.  Throughout my life, it has been hard enough gaining confidence, but I am writing this blog to share my experience with people and if you want a non selfie come and take a picture of me at a race so I do not have to do it myself!!!!!  Trust me, I would rather someone else take it.


So today marked my 2/3 of the way through my challenge of 18 half marathons this year.  I have to admit I am getting more sad because I am closer to finishing and what happens next?  Will there be more selfies heaven forbid?  I will still run and still blog, but it will not be as exciting.  I remember finishing my first half and I didn’t want to do another….now they are pure joy.


I am proud of myself…there I said it…I do not care if it makes me cocky.  I work hard and I am ambitious.  I meet a lot of neat people along the way and I get lost…ohhhhhhh I get lost.  Today I was on 695 and took a wrong turn.  I was supposed to take 395 north and ended up in downtown DC!!!!!!!  I am proud that my fear of congested traffic has died.  Image  I was so close to the Lincoln Memorial and I went by the Holocaust Museum…this is why I need to have someone with me lol…


So I have gotten lost a lot and I think I have gone through Gettysburg a lot since March….maybe it is a sign.


What will happen next?  Well I looked at my schedule and I have a flaw.  I am supposed to run these races under 2 hours but I found out that my 18th race is the Shipyard where I will be pacing 2:15….sooooooo what do I do?  Do I still count it because it will be my 18th, or do I null that one and count the next race?  What do you think?   I will have to do something to recap my races after 18…I think that as much as I wish I had bought a new bike, this is a great experience and I would not change it…I wish I had company and I would love to have company at other races…but what an adventure!!!!!!!!!!!


I posted my bike for sale and think I might be selling it this week…I am sad…but I will be getting another bike soon and I will make new memories

So I forgot to mention a few things that happened today…I was driving and realized wouldn’t it be awkward if you got pulled over with the song, “I Shot the Sheriff,” playing? I was in an area with a lot of people getting pulled over and that was playing….Also, people like to slam on their brakes!!!! I also realized some songs are just good…here is my song of the drive:

Jake Owen: Beachin


One thought on “2/3 of the Way There”

  1. Ohhhh man, I’ve totally been lost lots before!! Haha! I know it’s never fun, but you’re right, what an adventure!! I’m so happy for you!! You are running some great places and having great times and adventures!!! Very cool!!! 🙂 🙂 XOXO!!!

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