Off The Road…Erie Canal

“I could never resist the call of the trail.”  Buffalo Bill


Today it was raining and I did not know if I felt like running outside, but something inside of me was thrilled. I have been going through bike withdrawal and I get my new specialized Amira on Friday. I am so excited, but I have been missing cycling. I am almost there. I got out of work and it started to rain harder and harder the more I drove. I was disgusted. Then I realized this was a blessing because it meant I would not get too hot. I did not feel well at work today and had a huge headache. I think it is just stress and all of the end of year garbage. I teach full time and I am counting down the days. Summer is so close I can smell it.

I drove to Fayetteville and parked at my old spot. This is where my adventure began. Do you ever get that feeling when you run that you feel amazing? Do you ever feel lost in the run? No matter how far you go and how you feel, it is like the watch stops and you are lost in the moment! That was me today and it was absolutely beautiful.

My goal was to do 12-18 miles but I did not bring water or shot bloks with me. I knew the rain would help so I just decided to go. Not long after I started, I ended up stopping my watch just shy of a mile because I came upon a little creature: canalturtle I do not know why but when I go to the canal, I sometimes see a lot of snapping turtles. They are cute, but I would not want one as a pet. The poor guy bolted for the canal. I felt bad I scared him.

I continued on with my run and ran into the heron. I love herons. They remind me of my grandfather. Whenever we spotted herons he would want to see them. He would actually get in his car and look for them. I once ran a half marathon on the Delaware Canal because the medal had a heron on it. It makes me think he is watching me. canalheron2 I wanted to take a picture of the heron taking off, but it was rainy and he was fast!!!!

As I was running, I got to the road I had to cross. I could not believe what I saw. There was a car on fire! I was tempted to take a picture for you to see, but I did not want to be that jerk who takes photos of something that is not such a good thing. So I kept running. It was the right thing to do.

canal map


Here is the map of where I ran. Altogether, I ended up running 9.4 miles. I had a great time. I turned it into two different runs. One was 4.8 miles and one was going to be about 4.5 miles, but my phone ran out of battery and I had to fiddle with it.



I was having a great time and came across six snapping turtles when my phone was about to die. I managed to get some model poses from one of the turtles and then my phone blacked out. It figures because it was crazy!!!!!!! I have never seen so many turtles storming the canal path!!!!! They were so big too!


So I may not have reached my goal today, but I feel pretty amazing. I loved seeing all of the animals out on the canal and it makes me remember just how much I prefer the canal. The only downfall is there are no hills. I love the canal and the nice path it lends. I love seeing all of the runners and we do not know each other but we become “regulars.” I even got to run for a few seconds (I stress seconds) with Fred Joselyn…Do you know who that is? Probably not because he is so fast that you missed him. He is really fast and he even ran the Olympic marathon trials. I cannot remember how well he did but I know he did great. I do not know him, but I know the face. It was nice that he said, “hello.” I guess since I do not know him I figured he was antisocial when it came to running. It was nice to prove me wrong.

So I have a confession. When I was younger I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. I know I will never be able to do that but it is fun to get out there and capture animals and share them on Facebook and my strava account with people. I love wildlife and hope that people take good care of the animals out there. It was a gift to see all of these animals today. I felt like it was a pure treat for me and I cannot wait to go back. I almost went back after my phone charged. I feel so good that I cannot believe I ran today. I guess I should run faster then!!!!!

I am a small town girl and I love the outdoors. I am definitely a tomboy. I love hanging with the boys, camping, and just loving every bit of nature there is out there. We live in a beautiful place and I want to get more into trail racing. This weekend I have two half marathons that take place a lot on trails. Whenever I run and go on a trail, my mind is at peace. When I was going through a lot of stress and difficult times in my marriage, I ran the canal. I thought about it today. It really is the best place to get lost and forget about anything and everything bad in this world. I love the trails and the lack of cars. It is nice to see people having fun on bikes or couples going on romantic walks. I wish life was like this every day. We become too dependent on technology. I know I track my runs on my watch, but I am trying really hard to become less focused on technology.

I could get lost on the trails every day. No matter how much I wish I had someone to run with me or be at my side…or to make me dinner when I get home from a long day, the canal makes me just beyond happy.

I took Lilly on it the other day. We jogged to the beach. I hope she loves to jog with me when she gets older. canalnap

Here is a cute picture of her at the beach: canalbeachbaby

Last but not least:
Here is a recipe for Non Dairy Blueberry Chocolate Cake….yum yummmmmm

1 cup water
1.5 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 pint blueberries
4 tablespoons of cocoa
1 dash of baking soda

heat the oven to 350 and bake for 32 minutes

It is amazing…I have not tried raspberries, but I think that sounds good too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Off The Road…Erie Canal”

  1. I love those “in the moment” runs, I always wish they lasted forever, I really don’t want to stop running during those.
    Two back to back half marathons again… I am so impressed by how much and how fast you run!

    1. Thanks…I don’t feel that fast so it is good to hear…I wish I hadn’t stopped running because now I’m so tired and have to work all day…I just hope I have the energy to go run again lol

  2. Wow Beth, seriously great runs and I love how “at peace” you seemed during your adventures. I love that you take pictures of animals. I love it so much!!! Turtles are so, soooo cute!!! You would make an awesome National Geographic photographer!!! That’s for sure!!! 2 half marathon!! WOOHOO!!! Trai running is growing on me, too!!! Hope you are having a great week so far!!! XOXO!!!!

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