Ironman relay Syracuse #13 half

I am waiting for a full team picture since our biker had to be roped into a picture! Our team name was “scared hitless.”  Kim rocked the swim in 27 minutes! She is amazing, fast, and a wonderful 20 year old…she liked the pro Australian today. We must find her one!!!!


aaron rocked the bike in 3 hours flat! He said it was, “rough.” By the look on his face, I think it was an understatement!!!!


i started the run and forgot to hit my watch. Once again as team captain I vote myself weakest link.  I had a great time though I went out too fast. I thought my time was 1:48 but realized I didn’t remember the watch. It was 1:50.  I’m disappointed because I wanted to get us 3rd place.  My first mile  was 6:15…. Too fast…. On the downhill I made up some time but I really need to get my speed back. I’m a little scared that I have lost it for good.  I don’t want much in life but I want to be strong.

I need to get ten minutes off my time so it’s going to be ambition, dedication, and a lot of hurt…makes it hard when I’m alone. My back and knees hate me now 😦

 I did have the finish of a lifetime.  For a brief time, I was that girl who sprinted like there was no tomorrow.  I miss it…. I think with all of the people out there and friends cheering me on!!!! That sure helped.  I did not ask so ill leave you nameless but shout out to someone on the run course!!!! You were inspiring and did the whole race…. But still had energy to cheer me on!!!!! You are friggan amazing and rock! Thank you so much.  I owe that awesome finish to you!  



12 thoughts on “Ironman relay Syracuse #13 half”

  1. Way to go!!! Way to go!!! Sounds like a fabulous day and a wonderfully fast race!! You guys rocked it!! Congrats!!! I’m glad you were happy and felt alive and well!! Awesome to hear Beth!!! Awesome to hear!!! XOXO!!!!

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