Confession Friday- Run, Bike, and be Merry

“I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind”


Today was my first day off from work for the summer.   I have been torn because I am supposed to work summer school now and I love doing group ride and having fun being “free.” 
I get to go see people, bike, and just get lost on the bike…it is great.  So today I rode with some people and I felt bad because I left the group I was riding with because they were so fast.  I just did not want to hold them back even if they said it was a no drop ride.  I know they wanted to go fast, but I did want to go with them.  It just seemed like the right thing to do and I had fun riding with the other guys.  I learned that the one guy was a pilot in the Gulf War.  That is pretty cool.  I am not sure what the other guy did but he was happy he was retiring.  It seems like a long ways away and I do not know if I will be fast on the bike when I retire.


I had a great time today and rode about 30 miles and had a speed of 16.5…it was a sweet ride.  I ended it by renting some roval wheels because I do not know if I want to buy a mountain bike or some new wheels for my new bike.  I do not know so if you have any advice let me know.
  I am torn between wheels and a Specialized Fate.  I cannot afford both. 


My running has been going well this week too.  Monday I did not run and Tuesday I went for a bike ride as a time trial and averaged 22.5 miles per hour for 22 minutes.  That was really nice.  Then on Wednesday I went for a run during lunch.  I finished my 5k in 23:10…it was really nice.  Then on Thursday my knee was bothering me so I did 2.5 miles at a pace of 8:04….I did the first mile in 6:07.  It felt nice.  Today I went for my nice ride and tomorrow I am going to go out and ride on my wheels I rented.  I hope they are nice…I do not know if I am ready to get some but I figure it is a good weekend to figure it out.  I am a little sad I do not have extremely exciting plans.  I am getting my hair cut so we will see what I come up with.


Hmmmm confession Friday…this is a toughy.  I am not sure I really feel like sharing my thoughts on the subject tonight.  I guess my confession would be that when I get bummed I tend to sign up for more races.  I do not think this is good because I am running from life.  I signed up for a bunch…I think I need to live life and just stay here.  I am torn about getting wheels, a mountain bike, a cyclo cross bike, or going somewhere for the week.  I know I should not go somewhere but I have this anxiety.  I freak out and want to run from things that bother me.  I went swimming for the first time in forever this week and I freaked out.  I almost drowned when I was little so I get nervous in the water.  I want to swim so bad that I do not think people realize how sad I get when I cannot swim.  It is torture because I truly love swimming…not as much as biking or running…but I do.  I would love to do the Lake Placid Ironman…but the swim is the first part and I would never make it. 


I wish things were different and I could be like almost every athlete out there.  I want to be noticed, which I have said before.  I want to be fast and unstoppable.  I wish it had been so easy in life.  Instead, I sit here on the couch, wondering what it is I am doing in life and where the road will take me.  Here is my updated schedule…



June 29- Catamount half marathon,   Brattleboro, VT

July 10- Deruyter 5k womans distance festival  6:30

July 12- Jamestown Half Marathon- Rhode Island

July 13- Old Shipyard Portland Half Marathon, Maine

July 20- Gillie Girl Triathlon (.5 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 5k run)

July 26- Half Marathon  Grand Canyon PA

July 27- Full Marathon  Grand Canyon PA

August 7- Tromptown Run 5k

August 9 and 10th open

August 23- Loop Around the Lake 15k Fulton NY

August 23- Turning Stone RAces 5k

August 24- Turning Stone Races Half Marathon

September 6- Bird in Hand Half Marathon

September 7-

September 20- Wicked Half MArathon- Salem, MASSACHUSETTS

October 5- Wineglass Full Marathon

October 20-

October 26- Marine Corps Marathon



Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut…I hope it doesn’t look too bad….here is a picture of what it looks like now….


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