Rock The Canyon! PA Grand Canyon Series

Reach for your dreams and never look back!!!!!

I have been rather discouraged lately because I found out I have a small tear in my meniscus and a bruised bone…Needless to say, my knee hates me right now. I did not know what to do so I have been taking it easy and my doctor said I could run but I should take it easy. I had this race series I had been training for. It was Rock the CAnyon, which is located in Wellsboro, PA. Everyone seems to be out of town for the Lake Placid Ironman and I wanted to do something challenging because I do not think I could ever swim 2.4 miles due to my hydrophobia.

But look at it here!!!! It is breathtaking.

This small town has so much to offer. It is an old town and it was like going back in time. movie
The movie theatre looked so old fashioned and there were even lamp posts on the streets.

italI ate at the Italian restaurant my first night and it was great. I asked for a table and some runners let me eat with them. I met some girls from a different town in Pennsylvania and one girl was doing the full and one was doing the half. They were camping and sounded like they were having a great time.

carThere was also an antique car show…Like I said, it was an old fashioned town. The Penn Wells hotel was supposedly really nice. I didn’t stay there but my new friends liked it…though the one girl I met from Skaneateles said her kids were scared because it looked like the halls from the movie “The Shining.”

The half marathon was well organized. I got on the first bus at 4:15 because I was nervous about being on time. I met seven other people. One girl had slept in a van at the hospital. I felt bad. It was dark out and we had a great time. The race started at 7 and we were off. I was third female and it was cold so I had to stop and take my bib off and put it on my half top. I should have known better but it was really cold. So I ended up slowing down and taking my time. I finished in 1:58….I wanted to be under two hours and not hurt my knee. I succeeded.

After the race, we were given nice medals and had to take the shuttle bus down the mountain. One guy wanted to run but that is just nuts!!!!!! I went back to the hotel and laid in the hot tub for a while. I went to lunch at the bagel shop, where I met a nice lady named Susan from Arizona. She lived in town and was all alone so I asked if she wanted to have lunch. The bagel shop was amazing and had the most amazing coffee…I loved it there and would love to go back.

After lunch I went to the grocery store and ran into another runner from Pittsburgh and was invited to dinner with a bunch of runners. He was nice and we were mostly running the full the next day. We went to the Wellsboro Inn. At this point I felt like I was eating my way through the town but it was all very delicious.

I went to bed and got up at 4 for the next race. I was on the second bus this time. I met a girl named Anna and her mother. It was her first marathon and her mom had run the half. Anna had never ran a marathon, yet she had ran a 50 miler…I found this amazing. Most of the people I talked to were ultra runners so I was excited and Pennsylvania has a lot of ultras!!!!!

So I rocked the canyon even though I hated life at mile three. I relaxed and took it easy. My knee is okay. I am sore but not really in the knee…it feels the same which means I was smart, though I am sure I would have been smarter not to run. I finished in 4:29…It was nice to see so many nice people and volunteers. This was a well organized race and I liked the runner’s packet. It is a beautiful course and definitely hilly. I like the hills though it was tiring after yesterday.

If you are into Ultras, I think you should try out this series!!!!!
Oh and here is the nice finisher bling:

I would like to take Lilly here to see the canyon. I also have to warn you that there is no GPS signal. I got lost on the back roads and managed to find the state of NY…but had to figure out how to get to Ithaca…it was not easy and there were a lot of Amish children on the way….oh and this was half number 49/17 so one more to go and I am asking the director for bib 50…and marathon number 3 (all have been hilly and in PA)


Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon- Portland Maine: #48/16

Run fast take chances?

I am excited to say I successfully paced for the Old Shipyard Half Marathon in Portland on Sunday. This was a great race and I had an amazing time!!!!!! I got to pace with another girl who lives in Boston, but is originally from Albany, NY. Her name is Jessica Feiden and she is also aiming to do her 50 states for running. Congrats!!!!!pace

Jessica and I paced the 2:15 pace group and we loved it! I had fun and I liked when the lady wanted to stay ahead of me so I asked her if she wanted me to hit her with the sign if I caught up to her? She thought I was funny!!!! I think there were a lot of wonderful people there and we all had a great time!!!!


This race has a beautiful course. I think both races I did this weekend had a great course. I liked running by the ocean even though I am not used to the salty smell.


Our time came in as 2:15 on my strava, which is not accurate because I followed my garmin 910x and it was 13.1 miles on the nose and the watch time read 2:14:33…so we made it in our pace goal time!!!!!!

For pacing I was given a hat, shirt, glass, free race entry, and a pacer shirt. I thought that was pretty sweet!!!!

I think number 550 brought me good company and good luck at this race!!!!! Everyone was so nice and I learned some good pacing tricks and it is bizarre because Jessica and I realized we are both signed up for a random race in Maryland and we will both be seeing each other soon! It is definitely a small world!

We both thought carrying the sign would be hard but I honestly forgot I had it at times. IT was a little slippery because it got hot out and we were sweaty. I think that my shirt was soaked at the end and I definitely need to work on wearing more clothes for pacing. I enjoyed the shirt and was excited to have an official “pacer” shirt!!!!! Jessica was an excellent pacer and we took turns carrying the sign and making sure we stayed hydrated. There were two guys who ran with us the whole way and I am so proud of them. I looked up their names but I do not want to share them without permission.

We were so proud of our work but I think we were both more proud of the finishers we helped. I made the one guy sprint the last half mile so he would beat his previous half marathon finish time. He saw someone walking at the last mile and said it isn’t worth walking. I told him I wanted him to finish ahead of the 2:15 because he was ready so I told him when he had half a mile left and said I want you to run. I made the other guy run too so they would both finish ahead of their goals. I did not see them after that but I am proud and so thankful that they had a great time. Pacing in a race has been a dream I have had and I am glad I can finally say I have accomplished this!!!!!!!! What a wonderful feeling.

This is the second time I have done this race. I have just realized this is the fourth half marathon I have done in Maine. I love Maine. I am glad I came for this and I look forward to coming back to MAine for more. There is one in September but I am trying to cut down a little for the sake of my knee.

This race had a lot of perks. When you finish, there is a live band, ice cream, kind bars, fruit, bagels, and pizza. There was even food for vegans!!!!! I think that is a plus. There is also Shipyard Beer! It is really a great race and I think it was a decent price. You get your bang for the buck. I think this was the fourth year they had this race and it just keeps getting better. I would not change a thing. There were plenty of volunteers and I think the pacing added some fun to it! I might be slightly bias but I think it went well and we had a lot of people smiling. It did get a little hot but they had misting tents along the way which is a definite plus!!!! The course was changed since I had run before and I liked this course better and even the hills. I love hills ha ha!!!!!
ship1This is my shirt, medal, and water bottle from the 2012 year. I think this is one of my favorite running shirts…I have not considered it for a throw away and I never will!!!!!

Here is from this year… I would never throw this shirt away!!!! The boys had different shirts and this is not going to be used for pajamas!!!!!

There is nothing not to love in this picture!!! I use the glass for my water (I am not a drinker). I love the shirt and I absolutely loveeeee the medal!

I was slightly jealous the other pacer had her friends with her. Next year I want to take people with me and I hope they will consider having me pace again!!!!! us

Here are some more pictures of us pacing!!!!


And here is a picture of the finish area, which I thought was cool!!!!!! This is a good reason to do this race!

Here is the part where you see what goes into running:

So Saturday I ran with just shoes. I chose not to wear socks because I took them off during my last race and I even contemplated taking my shoes off at the end of the race. Here is the aftermath of my feet and this is about four days later ha ha ha


It isn’t just about the medal that you win…it is all the work and effort you put into getting to that finish line.

I also went to the physical therapist tent at the expo for the shipyard and I had the lady look at my knee. I have a baker’s cyst so she taped me up!!!!!bakercyst

I don’t think some people realize just how much goes into running. It is a lot of work and we cannot afford to slack. When you are out there on a long run, it is just your mind keeping you going. I love biking, but when I want a break, I just let the wheels do the work. When I want to stop, I have to ignore the “I can’t” that goes through my mind. It is a big battle. For every blister, every ache, it just makes it that much harder to get to that goal of a finish line.

This past weekend I had my dream of pacing come true. Now there is only one other dream I really want with running besides my fifty half marathons, which should be coming up soon (and that means I have completed my New Year’s Resolution)!!!! I want Boston with all of my heart….

My medals are filling up and I am not sure how many I have but I know I want that Boston medal and I wont stop until I have one!!!!

I also got my oiselle singlet in the mail which is quite nice 🙂

Here is the new recipe I made this week: It is vegan!!!! Chocolate Chip, peanut butter banana oat cookies:
You can comment for the recipe because I have to look it up…

On a final note, Jessica and I are famous! I rented an awesome locker at this race. It was nice to not have to walk back to my car. I was getting my stuff and we got to get our picture taken for their website!!!!

What questions do you have for me? What are your goals? How are you working to meet them?


Triple Crown Jamestown, Rhode Island Half Marathon #47/15

If you run 100 miles a week, you can eat anything you want — Why? Because
(a) you’ll burn all the calories you consume,
(b) you deserve it, and
(c) you’ll be injured soon and back on a restricted diet anyway.
— Don Kardong


This is my favorite race photo!!!! I love running and I hope you can tell I enjoy it!!!!

I hopped in my car and headed to Jamestown for this amazingly beautiful race. I think that there is this huge perk about running races in new places. I remember my post about America being so beautiful. I confess the idea of a half marathon at 6:30 sounded awful!!! I was so excited when I woke up and the drive consisted of a nice view of the ocean. I told a girl who was struggling to do a destination race. Well, I hope she does. There is nothing better than running in a new place with amazing views and a huge crowd of people.


This was an amazing view!!!!! I have to admit at about mile twelve of the race I wanted to run into the ocean. There was a guy running near me who had on no shoes. I think my feet would feel like they were on fire!!!!!! I also forgot to mention the race photos were free!!!!

This course is definitely a personal record course!!!!!! I will have to come back and run it for a pr. I did not want to mess myself up for my pacing job on Sunday so I took it easy. If you look at my elevation chart and my pace, you can tell where I “took it easy.” I decided to take a break and use the bathroom…this is a no no for me but I wanted to make sure I would be alright for Sunday. I also stopped by the mile seven fruit stand and talked to the volunteers. I think it is important to thank volunteers because they are the reason we get to run and they are soooo important they deserve a medal too!!!


I was having a great start and then at mile two it felt like someone stabbed me in my knee. I actually had to stop and stretch and wonder what that was all about. My right knee has always been defiant.

I decided to go to the bathroom later and I stopped at the fruit stop to not only hang out for a second, but to see if there was any chance someone had kt tape…I think that is what it is called. Needless to say I am happy with my time, though I would like to have had a nice pr. My knee did not want one though. I let myself kill it in the end so I got back down to my pace. I had so much fun and I was a good girl and went right to the medical tent for ice. He was so busy that I just had him give me ice. I also met a celebrity there at the medical tent and had a blast. I will not name who and they did not run under their real name…I would not have either!!!!!!

Remember how I was telling you about the amazing sun coming up?
This is a great reason to run…

On the flip side, this was the line to get back on the bus to get to my car. The bridge was so backed up that so were all of the people. I was so happy to meet the celebrity that I did not get to the bus line and was therefore hurting in the line. I had to wait for a while but it was worth the wait.

The worst part about this line was that it wasn’t even the porta john line!!!!!! I had to wait until I got back to my car. However, I was so excited the store was still open that I got my tape for my knee. I got into my car and drove towards Maine and forgot I had to go to the bathroom!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I made it two hours and was happy to sight starbucks!!!!!

Overall I thought this race was great. I was a little concerned as a pacer for my next day race, that the 2 hour pacer ran the first mile in 7:30. I think that was too fast ha ha. I also thought that the 2:15 pacer should not have been near the 1:45 pacer….ummmmmm

I also felt bad for the people waiting in line and though I do think that there were a lot of problems with the bussing it was because everyone showed up at the same time and traffic was jammed and so people had to wait. I think that maybe the race start should be at 7. However, I think no matter what people would just come later and later. I think there is really not much you can do. I also liked the medals!!!! They are amazing!!!!! I would run for the medal again!!!!!!! It is also a bottle opener.

Bet you are jealous you don’t have a medal/bottle opener this nice?

Here is my bib and my new pajama top (a little too big). I take the kids clothes ha ha.

Anyone need a tech shirt?

I am also proud my friend Andrea was with me so I did not have to take a dumb selfie of me with my race medal. See here, look I finished!!!!!!

All in all, I hope I can come back and run this race again. I got it from groupon. I was not going to run this race but a girl could not run it and I contacted her. It worked out well and I went out to a nice place for dinner. I loveeeeeee food!!!!!!

I hope that I do not have to give up all the awesome food there is to eat!!!! I cannot eat salads on a regular basis.

So what questions do you have for me?

Catamount Half Marathon #14/46

I just got up this morning and realized I never did my race review.  I think I finally cooled down from the day.  It is still super hot, but I am feeling a little more alive.  The truth is, it was a great race even though it was hot. does a race series in New England.  Last year I did the Freeport Half MArathon and met my parents for the weekend.  That was interesting.  Lilly barfed halfway through the trip and my debit card stopped working. That was wonderful.  I was glad that I had cash on me.  Thank goodness!!!!!!!  So I ran that weekend and I was second in my age group.  I do not know if I won anything but oh well.


On June 29, I participated in the Catamount Half Marathon in Vermont. 
catamount shirt

This took place in Brattleboro and I had a great drive.  I saw a moose in Vermont on Route 7. 

It was a baby moose and I was not going to wait around for the mama moose.


When I arrived in Brattleboro, it was about 6 in the evening.  I finally got my hair cut for the first time in a year.
I felt a lot better with the hair gone but I hope I made the right choice.  I stayed at the Colonial Motel, which was really nice.  There was an indoor pool and spa.  I also could eat dinner there at the Tavern.  This was nice because I am always tired when I drive.  I get a little lonely so I was looking for a welcoming atmosphere.  My room was 85$ for the night, which was a great deal.  I was going to stay someplace else, but it was only about ten dollars cheaper and farther away.


I sat down to dinner and ordered Mushroom Ravioli. 

I am not sure it was Mushroom Ravioli…
I think I ended up with more of a soup but I forgot the name of it…it was amazing though!!!!!!  I thought the mushrooms were amazing and the noodles were great too.  I also had warm bread and it was delicious. 
I had some cooked vegetables and a flourless chocolate torte for dessert. catamountdinner

I know a lot of people ask what I eat before a race.  It was a little expensive but well worth the money.  If I had stopped on the thruway it would have cost just as much and been three times worse for me.  For breakfast, I at a wild berry muffin and a bagel I grabbed on the way.


I went to the Retreat in Brattleboro, which was where the race packet pick up was.

I am so silly.  I always get there way too early.  I was there at 7:30 and the race started at 9:00…I picked up my shirt and my number and sat in my car.  My friend Cynthia showed up and she did the early start for the half marathon at 8:00.  Then Andrea showed  up and started at 8:30.  I started at 9:00 and it was 75 out and it felt like 100 degrees!!!!!!!!! 
The course was really nice but I had trouble with the uneven road.  When you are running on the side of the road but you want to stay to the right, it is like running on two different levels.  There were six water stops and markings all along the course.  They had to change the course because the police did not want us to cross the route 30 highway.  This was a wise choice because it made the course really simple to follow and I did not feel unsafe.  There were some beautiful bridges we got to go through and I really enjoyed the dirt part of the course.  I keep saying I want to get into more trail running and I keep finding half marathons that end up on trails.
I like it.  I want to keep racing and this was a great course.  I would totally recommend it and I like the series.


I thought I was going to die on the uphill but I made it.

I forgot to mention right before mile three it turned into a strip show because I had to stop and take off my shoes. 
I took my socks and my compression sleeves off because I was way too hot!!!!!  I felt a lot better when I had just bare legs.  Then I had to work hard at getting some of the lost time back.  I figure I lost about two minutes. 



I won a nice pint glass that I will be giving to my cousin for her birthday.  I finished in 1:47.  I think that the clock was different because we had to wait for some girls in the porta johns ha ha.


After I got back to New York, I stopped in Rome and tried out some roval wheels size 40.  They were pretty sweet but I am no used to using them on the downhill.
I hope that I can try them out again so I can decide if I want them or not.  I am not sure and I want to try them again with company so I can see.  I also would not mind a mountain bike but I am not rich.  I like cyclo cross too….we will see…..



I tried out my new oiselle clothes this weekend. I really like the flyte shorts though they did not make me as fast as Kara Goucher. I also had the nice half top and I realllllllly liked it! I can’t wait to run in them again. I need to buy more. It was comfortable and I think it helped make it a lot less hot while I was running. When I finished it was more than 80 degrees. I drank three bottles of water and sat on the ground. I have trouble walking with my right foot because of the uneven pavement. I think I will survive. I am supposed to do some speed drills tonight. I got in touch with a good runner and was welcomed to a running group that meets Tuesday nights on a track. I need all the help I can get. I think I am a little disappointed that I did not go under 1:45 but I am hoping (hint hint) that my new coach will help me get there.
I need 3:30 to Boston Qualify. HELP!!!!!

He probably won’t even read this.