Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon- Portland Maine: #48/16

Run fast take chances?

I am excited to say I successfully paced for the Old Shipyard Half Marathon in Portland on Sunday. This was a great race and I had an amazing time!!!!!! I got to pace with another girl who lives in Boston, but is originally from Albany, NY. Her name is Jessica Feiden and she is also aiming to do her 50 states for running. Congrats!!!!!pace

Jessica and I paced the 2:15 pace group and we loved it! I had fun and I liked when the lady wanted to stay ahead of me so I asked her if she wanted me to hit her with the sign if I caught up to her? She thought I was funny!!!! I think there were a lot of wonderful people there and we all had a great time!!!!


This race has a beautiful course. I think both races I did this weekend had a great course. I liked running by the ocean even though I am not used to the salty smell.


Our time came in as 2:15 on my strava, which is not accurate because I followed my garmin 910x and it was 13.1 miles on the nose and the watch time read 2:14:33…so we made it in our pace goal time!!!!!!

For pacing I was given a hat, shirt, glass, free race entry, and a pacer shirt. I thought that was pretty sweet!!!!

I think number 550 brought me good company and good luck at this race!!!!! Everyone was so nice and I learned some good pacing tricks and it is bizarre because Jessica and I realized we are both signed up for a random race in Maryland and we will both be seeing each other soon! It is definitely a small world!

We both thought carrying the sign would be hard but I honestly forgot I had it at times. IT was a little slippery because it got hot out and we were sweaty. I think that my shirt was soaked at the end and I definitely need to work on wearing more clothes for pacing. I enjoyed the shirt and was excited to have an official “pacer” shirt!!!!! Jessica was an excellent pacer and we took turns carrying the sign and making sure we stayed hydrated. There were two guys who ran with us the whole way and I am so proud of them. I looked up their names but I do not want to share them without permission.

We were so proud of our work but I think we were both more proud of the finishers we helped. I made the one guy sprint the last half mile so he would beat his previous half marathon finish time. He saw someone walking at the last mile and said it isn’t worth walking. I told him I wanted him to finish ahead of the 2:15 because he was ready so I told him when he had half a mile left and said I want you to run. I made the other guy run too so they would both finish ahead of their goals. I did not see them after that but I am proud and so thankful that they had a great time. Pacing in a race has been a dream I have had and I am glad I can finally say I have accomplished this!!!!!!!! What a wonderful feeling.

This is the second time I have done this race. I have just realized this is the fourth half marathon I have done in Maine. I love Maine. I am glad I came for this and I look forward to coming back to MAine for more. There is one in September but I am trying to cut down a little for the sake of my knee.

This race had a lot of perks. When you finish, there is a live band, ice cream, kind bars, fruit, bagels, and pizza. There was even food for vegans!!!!! I think that is a plus. There is also Shipyard Beer! It is really a great race and I think it was a decent price. You get your bang for the buck. I think this was the fourth year they had this race and it just keeps getting better. I would not change a thing. There were plenty of volunteers and I think the pacing added some fun to it! I might be slightly bias but I think it went well and we had a lot of people smiling. It did get a little hot but they had misting tents along the way which is a definite plus!!!! The course was changed since I had run before and I liked this course better and even the hills. I love hills ha ha!!!!!
ship1This is my shirt, medal, and water bottle from the 2012 year. I think this is one of my favorite running shirts…I have not considered it for a throw away and I never will!!!!!

Here is from this year… I would never throw this shirt away!!!! The boys had different shirts and this is not going to be used for pajamas!!!!!

There is nothing not to love in this picture!!! I use the glass for my water (I am not a drinker). I love the shirt and I absolutely loveeeee the medal!

I was slightly jealous the other pacer had her friends with her. Next year I want to take people with me and I hope they will consider having me pace again!!!!! us

Here are some more pictures of us pacing!!!!


And here is a picture of the finish area, which I thought was cool!!!!!! This is a good reason to do this race!

Here is the part where you see what goes into running:

So Saturday I ran with just shoes. I chose not to wear socks because I took them off during my last race and I even contemplated taking my shoes off at the end of the race. Here is the aftermath of my feet and this is about four days later ha ha ha


It isn’t just about the medal that you win…it is all the work and effort you put into getting to that finish line.

I also went to the physical therapist tent at the expo for the shipyard and I had the lady look at my knee. I have a baker’s cyst so she taped me up!!!!!bakercyst

I don’t think some people realize just how much goes into running. It is a lot of work and we cannot afford to slack. When you are out there on a long run, it is just your mind keeping you going. I love biking, but when I want a break, I just let the wheels do the work. When I want to stop, I have to ignore the “I can’t” that goes through my mind. It is a big battle. For every blister, every ache, it just makes it that much harder to get to that goal of a finish line.

This past weekend I had my dream of pacing come true. Now there is only one other dream I really want with running besides my fifty half marathons, which should be coming up soon (and that means I have completed my New Year’s Resolution)!!!! I want Boston with all of my heart….

My medals are filling up and I am not sure how many I have but I know I want that Boston medal and I wont stop until I have one!!!!

I also got my oiselle singlet in the mail which is quite nice 🙂

Here is the new recipe I made this week: It is vegan!!!! Chocolate Chip, peanut butter banana oat cookies:
You can comment for the recipe because I have to look it up…

On a final note, Jessica and I are famous! I rented an awesome locker at this race. It was nice to not have to walk back to my car. I was getting my stuff and we got to get our picture taken for their website!!!!

What questions do you have for me? What are your goals? How are you working to meet them?



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