Triple Crown Jamestown, Rhode Island Half Marathon #47/15

If you run 100 miles a week, you can eat anything you want — Why? Because
(a) you’ll burn all the calories you consume,
(b) you deserve it, and
(c) you’ll be injured soon and back on a restricted diet anyway.
— Don Kardong


This is my favorite race photo!!!! I love running and I hope you can tell I enjoy it!!!!

I hopped in my car and headed to Jamestown for this amazingly beautiful race. I think that there is this huge perk about running races in new places. I remember my post about America being so beautiful. I confess the idea of a half marathon at 6:30 sounded awful!!! I was so excited when I woke up and the drive consisted of a nice view of the ocean. I told a girl who was struggling to do a destination race. Well, I hope she does. There is nothing better than running in a new place with amazing views and a huge crowd of people.


This was an amazing view!!!!! I have to admit at about mile twelve of the race I wanted to run into the ocean. There was a guy running near me who had on no shoes. I think my feet would feel like they were on fire!!!!!! I also forgot to mention the race photos were free!!!!

This course is definitely a personal record course!!!!!! I will have to come back and run it for a pr. I did not want to mess myself up for my pacing job on Sunday so I took it easy. If you look at my elevation chart and my pace, you can tell where I “took it easy.” I decided to take a break and use the bathroom…this is a no no for me but I wanted to make sure I would be alright for Sunday. I also stopped by the mile seven fruit stand and talked to the volunteers. I think it is important to thank volunteers because they are the reason we get to run and they are soooo important they deserve a medal too!!!


I was having a great start and then at mile two it felt like someone stabbed me in my knee. I actually had to stop and stretch and wonder what that was all about. My right knee has always been defiant.

I decided to go to the bathroom later and I stopped at the fruit stop to not only hang out for a second, but to see if there was any chance someone had kt tape…I think that is what it is called. Needless to say I am happy with my time, though I would like to have had a nice pr. My knee did not want one though. I let myself kill it in the end so I got back down to my pace. I had so much fun and I was a good girl and went right to the medical tent for ice. He was so busy that I just had him give me ice. I also met a celebrity there at the medical tent and had a blast. I will not name who and they did not run under their real name…I would not have either!!!!!!

Remember how I was telling you about the amazing sun coming up?
This is a great reason to run…

On the flip side, this was the line to get back on the bus to get to my car. The bridge was so backed up that so were all of the people. I was so happy to meet the celebrity that I did not get to the bus line and was therefore hurting in the line. I had to wait for a while but it was worth the wait.

The worst part about this line was that it wasn’t even the porta john line!!!!!! I had to wait until I got back to my car. However, I was so excited the store was still open that I got my tape for my knee. I got into my car and drove towards Maine and forgot I had to go to the bathroom!!!!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I made it two hours and was happy to sight starbucks!!!!!

Overall I thought this race was great. I was a little concerned as a pacer for my next day race, that the 2 hour pacer ran the first mile in 7:30. I think that was too fast ha ha. I also thought that the 2:15 pacer should not have been near the 1:45 pacer….ummmmmm

I also felt bad for the people waiting in line and though I do think that there were a lot of problems with the bussing it was because everyone showed up at the same time and traffic was jammed and so people had to wait. I think that maybe the race start should be at 7. However, I think no matter what people would just come later and later. I think there is really not much you can do. I also liked the medals!!!! They are amazing!!!!! I would run for the medal again!!!!!!! It is also a bottle opener.

Bet you are jealous you don’t have a medal/bottle opener this nice?

Here is my bib and my new pajama top (a little too big). I take the kids clothes ha ha.

Anyone need a tech shirt?

I am also proud my friend Andrea was with me so I did not have to take a dumb selfie of me with my race medal. See here, look I finished!!!!!!

All in all, I hope I can come back and run this race again. I got it from groupon. I was not going to run this race but a girl could not run it and I contacted her. It worked out well and I went out to a nice place for dinner. I loveeeeeee food!!!!!!

I hope that I do not have to give up all the awesome food there is to eat!!!! I cannot eat salads on a regular basis.

So what questions do you have for me?


5 thoughts on “Triple Crown Jamestown, Rhode Island Half Marathon #47/15”

  1. Hey great story! I remember talking to you in the medical tent. The Med tech made us ice bags out of gloves, lol. I used mine to put on the top of my head because I was a little over heated… hope your knee is feeling better!
    Kati Papoosha

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