Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon #50/#18!!!!

ben moore bib and medal

“Pain is temporary…Pride lasts forever.”

On Saturday, I finished my 50th half marathon.  I choose to run the Ben Moore Memorial half marathon in Annapolis, MD.  My cousin, Rachel, lives in Annapolis…When I realized this would be my 50th half I wanted to have Rachel with me.  This was our third half marathon. 


It was definitely a roasty one with a lot of hills!!!!

ben moore time ben moore elevation ben moore paceI finished in 1:57 but it was only because I really had to use the bathroom…I am not going to lie.  I was having trouble at the beginning of the race because of my knee.  I wanted to just do the 10k but there were so many emotions going through my mind knowing this was my shot at number 50.  I decided to stick it out…however, there were no bathrooms along the course (porta johns I mean).  I had to start going faster so I could get the idea out of my head.  However, I decided to give in and ran into the bushes at about mile 8.  Oops!!!!


rachyRachel did awesome!!!!!!  She was really busting it out there and she loved the hills.  She wishes there had been more ha ha ha !!!!!


rachel earShe was getting really hungry I think…ha ha  But we had a great time and we were looking forward to our pretzels from the British restaurant I think called ???  Union Jacks?


rachel katie Rachel is so good at the jump flash photography but it was clearly an epic fail for me…I can’t believe I am showing you this picture of me!

ben moore medalI liked the medal.  Ben Moore was a marine and a member of the Anne Arundel County Auxiliary for 20 years.  The proceeds went to the police!

eating medalsAlso making a guest appearance to cross of state number 10 in her 11th half marathon was Miss Jessica Feiden!!!!  Go Jessica!!!!  Jessica had a great time and just loved the hills too!  I am being sarcastic.  This race reminded me of the Syracuse Mountain Goat.  This was rather hilly, especially at the mile 12 marker…where it went uphill for quite a while.


eating our ben medalsI had to do that classic cliché photo where we eat our bling…sorry I made you girls play along!

And finally, here is my lovely, post race picture….finishing my 50th half marathon.

50This was a great race, though my knee officially wants some time off.  I am not sure where to go from here…but I will give it some thought.  I was a little sad that I did not end up with bib number 50, but it is not the end of the world!!!!!

Thanks for the great race and all of the volunteers!!!!!






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