Feeling Blessed

“We cannot rewrite the past. It’s done. You cannot change it. Instead, focus on the now. Live everyday to the fullest…”


I’m still sad that my season is inevitably over…. almost 99% sure. I go back to the doctor on Monday.

I think I’m sad because I long for more. It was amazing. I really lived life to the fullest and I hope I can continue….it was wonderful and my mind is always trailing off to these beautiful races!!! I also met a lot of wonderful people…I would name all of you but I don’t want to be in any trouble for forgetting anyone…I have to mention Cynthia, Andrea  and Judy..I’d mention Adam, Judy….but now all I can think about is the banana pumpkin smoothie!   I want one…than you for warming up to me!  I am rather shy, but I think you realize I am not so strange once you get to know me!  Just think, it I had never gone to the Oceans Run half in Rhode Island, we never would have met!

I am also excited to be a Oiselle member….it has become such a positive experience and the girls are wonderful!

I know I started out with some silly challenge….but it was a pretty incredible ride!

I will get it back…I hope…I should feel blessed that I was able to go and have good speed for a while….instead of being angry that I am injured, I should be happy for what I have had…it was amazing….and Boston…ill get there…just not today :-)……I need to listen to my body and advice..


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