Thankful Thoughts

Today’s thought…”Why life an ordinary life when you are capable of living an extraordinary one???”

Today marks a week since I have gone on a run.  I know that does not seem like much, but for me it feels like a lifetime.  I am thankful for all of the running I have been able to do and I feel like I have truly lived an extraordinary life.  I think I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing if I try…there is no such thing as failure if you are willing to try.


I am so thankful for my little girl.  She came into this world too soon and was tiny.  She weighed 5 pounds and she has been the best thing in my life.  She is absolutely perfect.  She has those toddler tantrums but she is wonderful and I am happy to have her.  She lights up my life with her smile and bubbly personality.  She is an amazing gift!


I hope she always loves me and I am the best mom I can be every second!!!!!

I am thankful I am healthy, even though my leg is falling apart 🙂  There are people out there every day, sick or dying right this second.  So my thankful thoughts want me to remind you of that.


Go out and live a full life.  I want you to live today as if it were your last.

I am moving today and I am scared….really scared…but life is all about breaking the rules and taking the risks.  So break the rules (within reason) and have a wonderful day!!!!!


Oh The Places To Go…

“We must take adventures to know where we truly belong…”

I have been running since I was 26 years old…It hasn’t been that long, but I cannot remember what it was like not to run. I do not know why I did not take it seriously when I was younger.

I have been divorced for two years now and I often think about what I used to do before I was married. Everyone keeps asking why I haven’t changed my name back and I say, “I haven’t changed my name because my passport does not expire until 2017.”

Well, I need to stop talking about it and actually do something. Things happen in life for a reason and I know I cannot possibly understand why most of the time. I guess the motto is: “Shit happens.” I have been focusing on Lilly and running and I finally realize that I just need to breathe and live…I need to practice what I preach…I have an amazing job and a gift with languages. I think most people cannot say that they can speak more than two languages…am I fluent in all five of them? Heck no!!!! Can I get by in them? Yes, four of them…my Italian will only get me some smiles and some kind words for being polite…as I express that I am sorry for being late and ask where the bathroom is….I know more than that…

I remember when it first happened…I was in the elevnth grade in a small town and there was going to be a trip to Ireland…I had to go sooo bad so I started saving and working. I went to Ireland. My first plane ride was to Ireland!!!! I fell in love with the idea of getting out of Mexico, NY (New Haven to be specific), and seeing the world. My small town wasn’t the most friendliest to me…

When I was in college, I went to Europe to study French my junior year…It was a week after 9/11 and was really scary. I don’t think most people realize it, but I have traveled quite a bit alone…I must confess I want to fall completely in love with someone and travel everywhere…I was just talking at work to a teacher who is getting married about going to Iceland. I loveeeeeee Iceland and it is such an amazing place to go!!!!!

So you may ask, where have I been?

1. Canada (all over Canada…not just right over the border…New Brunswick, Quebec, Montreal, Ontario…
2. Ireland (one time)- Cork, Dublin, Killarney, Shannon….
3. France (Lived in the Loire Valley) Paris, Bloss, Chinon…everywhere
4. England (four times) Wales, Isle of Wight…pretty much all of England
5. Poland (Auschwitz and Katowice)
6. Germany (Berlin)
7. Denmark (Copenhagen)
8. Iceland (Reykjavik)
9. Ecuador (one month as a volunteer in Quito)
10. Mexico (Three weeks as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity) Mexico City, Tacuba.
11. Columbia (Bogota)
12. Dominican Republic (2 times) Puerto Plata
13. Italy (Naples, Florence, Rome)

Bahamas…St. John, St. Thomas…doesn’t really count ha but worth mentioning…

So this year since I have a lot of time to not run due to my knee…and my MRI is on November 3, I am thinking about taking an adventure…I cannot run much and may need surgery. I always thought I would see the world. Next year, I want to run the original Marathon in Athens, Greece…it is in November. I also want to see some new places…my eyes are set on a few…but if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear…thanksssss and happy adventures!

So my goal is to say good bye to my married name and take one last adventure. When I get home, I want to celebrate returning back to my maiden name…Phelps!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to get lost and find myself…that once adventurous girl who wasn’t afraid to see the world alone 🙂 watch out because here I come!

The Race That Wasn’t…Empire State Half Marathon and Relay

A Twin Thing

“To keep from decaying, to be a winner, the athlete must accept pain–not only accept it, but look for it, live with it, learn not to fear it.”


I have been side-lined since about three months ago…I confess I have been racing as you can tell…but I went from about 40 miles of running in a week…to under 5….

Number 2447….did not finish today…nor did it start.  I had every dream of racing today.  I should have been there.  The Empire State Half Marathon is one of my favorites.  I even won a plaque the inaugural year it came out…I was so excited that I will never forget how stoked I was to go up on the state and get my plaque.  I finished in 1:45…I improved since then.

empire 2

I like the shirts at the race.  I have two shirts from this marathon and I have my name on the…

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Boom Clap!!!! My Oiselle Flock Photo!!!


It feels awesome to be a member of the Oiselle Flock!!!!!!  I love every moment and I have met some awesome runners along the way and made many friends!


I was asked to try out the moto tights recently and they posted my picture on their website with my name!!!!!!!!!  Amazing!!!!!

I love the moto tights and they feel absolutely perfect…I want more of them…I love the feel and they fit comfortably!  I love the zip pocket.  As someone who has lost several keys running, a zip pocket is a must.  They feel really warm, but fit wonderful!!!!!  I cant wait to buy some arm warmers and a new jacket…but I do not want winter to come so I am procrastinating!!!!!


Visit    to see my pictures with the other flock members!!!  My five seconds of fame!


IMG_8118-001Manlius, NYoiselle team 2


oiselleteamsterGreen Lakes, NY



Running Wild- Wineglass Half Marathon #55 I think

“Running with my heart and the soles of my feet every day…I could get lost forever…”

skyThis weekend I finished my second Wineglass half marathon.  It was beautiful…It was everything a run should be from start to finish…I just wish my knee didn’t constantly remind me I am not invincible no matter how much I want to believe I am. 

mapThe course was incredibly flat and even downhill.  It had drama, excitement, and every chance for someone to set a pr.  I was there once.  I remember finishing in 2012 and my jaw dropped at my time of 1:37….but that wasn’t this weekend.  This weekend I proved that I could run for those who simply cannot…and for a while now I simply will not. 


medalI love the medal and it was great to wear my Oiselle singlet and pose for my post race picture.  I am tired of taking selfies so I had my moment at my sister’s house.  I enjoyed meeting up with Jennifer Brady.  She is a Oiselle member as well and she finished her marathon in 3:17!!!!!  I am so proud of her and I am extremely emotionally happy when I think about being a flock member.  For once, I feel like a huge part of an amazing team!!!!!!

splits time wineglasscup yrunner wineglassI switched from the full to the half and I was glad to be able to run the half.  My knee didnt cooperate, but I would do this race again in a heart beat.  I ran with the Syracuse Y runners.  I am considered a Y runner, but I am hoping to really feel like one.  I admit I am sad I cannot race for a little while, but this was a great weekend and it will go down in the books as a must repeat race…..

The champagne was pretty fantastic too!!!!!!!!!!  Go Oiselles!!!!!!! I also got to be on television too!!!!