A Wish

I’m just now realizing it has been a year…a long year of being single. image It flew by and I made it. It is refreshing not to imagewonder if he is going to break up with me right befoimagere Thanksgiving or text me that it is over. I thought I loved him…but I’m happy this year and being alone I  have learned so many things and become such a strong person.

“A true love knows no distance…” We never really got over that… It was always about him, his money, his jobs, and his dog… There really wasn’t an I in the us….

So I finally came to grips with this…. It never was love… It was a year and a half…. Perhaps a complete waste. I was depressed and not knowing what to do with myself.

This has a lot to do with running….bare with me.

So I turned to my running and met my goal of 18 half marathons and reaching 50…. I’m now at 56 half marathons and I have done 25 since I made that resolution….perhaps my knee wouldn’t be so bad and perhaps it would. I had an amazing time and I will always be grateful….I want to explore the amazing, beautiful country and keep meeting new people. I’ve always been  that shy, awkward girl…

. But being in Oiselle and getting my photo in a national ad!!!! Wow!  It is amazing what happens when you believe in yourself!

my other goal this year was to fall in love with myself… Someone once said you cannot give your heart to someone until after you love yourself…it’s true! You need to be the best person you can be!

So I must confess to you that I am 34 years old and I have never ever been kissed at midnight on New Years Eve…I am far from 12 but every girl has that cheesy wish! My wish might not come true this year but I hope there is a chance.  I love being independent but with a bad knee, it sucks.  I can barely get my laundry into my apartment on the third floor!  I see all these cute couples walking on the parkway.  I am such a stubborn, anti social, but I know what I want….and it is not to be old and alone.  I want that person next to me who always whispers good night…. I want to finally fall in love with a guy!  I enjoy traveling and seeing so many places…but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go with someone…and I believe….somewhere…sometime….he will find me….this is such a silly post….but the doctor told me running is no longer good for me and I really suck at knitting…..I go for an MRI tomorrow…I’m scared and wish I weren’t alone…. Wish me luck 🙂


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